Resources for physical education teachers and coaches

To help teachers and coaches refine their teaching methods, staff at AUT's Health, Physical Education and Coaching department have created a number of helpful resources that can be downloaded to help you achieve the best learning outcomes.

Learning to learn

As educators we need to be constantly thinking about whether we're enabling our students to be critical consumers of knowledge, are we allowing them to experience contemporary theories and practices, or are we delivering content because it's just ’what we have always done’? Physical educators around the world are looking at the way students explore and experience skill acquisition, acknowledging the all-important relationship between the performer and the environment, and challenging the more traditional linear approaches to skill learning.

This Learning to Learn resource has been developed by Michelle Cleaver at Westlake Girls High School and Mo Gleeson at Long Bay College, in conjunction with Dr Sarah-Kate Millar from AUT, and with supporting funding from the Auckland branch of PENZ, to help teacher navigate the theories of a dynamical systems approach to skill learning. It's made up of a series of ‘units’ in which teachers can find :

  • Suggested lesson outlines
  • Presentation for teaching purposes
  • Student activities/handouts
  • Teacher readings
  • Teacher videos (tutorials delivered by Dr Sarah Kate Millar)
  • Assessment resource for Achievement Standard 1.6
  • Student exemplars for Achievement Standard 1.6

With the change to NCEA Level 1 imminent, the assessment resource may be redundant, however the critical concepts that make up this unit we hope will still be useful to PE teachers who wish to explore a more contemporary performer-centred approach to skill acquisition.

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