Research and development services

At AUT, our research creates opportunities and develops solutions, products and ideas for organisations and businesses. You might have a prototype you want to test, or perhaps you'd like to partner with us to help confirm proof of concept for a new product.

We're solving real-world problems for today, and tomorrow – from brain injuries and earthquake safety to stabilising bone fractures, designing optimal COVID masks, rebuilding aquaculture businesses and more. Our research encompasses a wide range of disciplines.

Our transformational research

Our research covers a a range of fields, and is often multidisciplinary – bringing experts from different fields together to create optimal solutions. From feasibility testing using machine learning algorithms to fabricating prototypes, our research can create opportunities and develop solutions, products and ideas for organisations.

Our Industry Research team is part of the University Research Office.

How we work with you

We partner with you to:

  • Scope your research and development requirements
  • Find the right research expertise at AUT to work with you
  • Structure projects to meet your R&D requirements, budget and timeframe.

Our commercialisation arm

We also provide a seamless transition from IP generation to IP licensing by working closely with AUT’s IP commercialisation arm, AUT Ventures.

AUT Ventures website

Contact the AUT Research Office

Our Industry Research team is the first point of contact for clients and partners needing access to AUT’s research expertise, skills and facilities.

Gary Putt

Gary Putt
Phone: +64 9 921 9398
Mobile: +64 21 502 232