Why study at AUT?

AUT believes education is an individual pursuit, not an institutional product. While we offer qualifications, we see them as a formality to far greater personal outcomes.

It’s the deeply human characteristics of curiosity, creativity, connection and collaboration that are the new global currency, and are at the core of our teaching philosophy. It’s these skills, and ways of thinking, that ensure our students thrive in a world of rapid technological change.

Exceptional learning experiences

  • As New Zealand’s university of technology we encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Our teaching is creative, interactive and responsive, characterised by contemporary approaches, technologies and resources.
  • Our students become inquiring and agile thinkers, and communicate with a broad understanding of the world.
  • Academic staff are research active and at the forefront of their disciplines.
  • We're world ranked in 13 subject areas, including being ranked in the top 50 in the world for sports and hospitality and tourism.

Global employability

  • Our perspective is firmly global - 48% of our academic staff are international and our students come from 140 different countries.
  • Each year, 5,000 international students study at AUT.
  • Our alumni now live and work in 80 different countries.
  • We have 5,000 industry partnerships world-wide.
  • We're proud of our inclusive, vibrant and collegial culture.
  • New Zealand is ranked top in the world for preparing students for their future, and Auckland is the third best city in the world to live.

Innovative and relevant research

  • AUT has collaborated with 140 countries; with the most highly cited research from our collaborations with the USA, Australia, UK, China and Germany.
  • AUT has research institutes and centres in a broad range of specialities including space research, big data, artificial intelligence, physical activity and nutrition, sustainable tourism, robotics, ecology, indigenous language revitalisation and financial forecasting.
  • We deliver excellent research that is both interdisciplinary and project-led.
  • Our research addresses issues facing the environment and society, and our discoveries are widely used.
  • Postgraduate students contribute to and learn from these research discoveries.
  • AUT is the fastest growing postgraduate destination in New Zealand; our doctorate numbers have almost tripled since 2009.