AUT research is focused on real-world impact, and we're proud of our reputation as a leading research university and have been awarded five stars for research by QS. We have more than 60 research centres and institutes delivering innovative research – from artificial intelligence and robotics to ecology and public health. Our research addresses issues facing the environment, society and the world, and also feeds back into the classroom to benefit our students.

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Latest university research

Garden Herbs

Can smells influence what you buy?

Using scent strategies to nudge consumers toward more wholesome food options is an under-explored opportunity to improve public health outcomes.
Child sitting in dark

Atawhai shifts family violence response

Health sciences
An AUT-led project recently published its findings that aims to transform thinking and outcomes in health care responsiveness to family violence.
Interns for NASA

AUT student Axl Rogers heads to NASA

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
He’s been a cleaner, mowed lawns and worked as a builder, but now Axl Rogers is close to completing a PhD in astrophysics and is jetting off to NASA.
Podcast Picture

NZ largest podcast study: Podcast Summit

Communication studies
At the upcoming NZ Podcasting Summit on May 11, Lewis Tennant will share his new research-the most comprehensive study of Aotearoa's podcast landscape yet.

Our world-leading researchers

You can see some of our expert researchers below. Want to see more researchers? Refresh this page to see different academic staff or search for a researcher.

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Hannah Buckley

Professor Hannah Buckley is interested in the changes in biodiversity and ecosystem function that occur with restoration, and the social drivers and financial trade-offs of planting trees into farmland.

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Deborah Heke

Dr Deborah Heke is known for her expertise in Indigenous methodologies and practices, with a particular interest in prioritising the knowledge systems of Māori/Indigenous women.

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Scott Duncan

Professor Scott Duncan uses cutting-edge technology to extract and visualise complex time-use compositions related to physical activity, sleep, transport and multidimensional wellbeing.

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Jack Chen

An expert in chemical synthesis and supramolecular chemistry, Dr Jack Chen researches stimuli-responsive systems with exciting possibilities for the development of smart materials.

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Xiaowen Yuan

Professor Xiaowen Yuan is exploring the potential of agricultural resources to create bio composite materials for energy storage, construction and medical applications.

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Rita V. Krishnamurthi

Professor Rita Krishnamurthi is an expert on dementia, stroke and epidemiology, and was part of the team that won the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Science Prize.

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Mangor Pedersen

Associate Professor Mangor Pedersen has significantly contributed to the ability to model brain dysfunction in people with epilepsy and traumatic brain injury.

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Nicola Kayes

Professor Nicola Kayes is known for her expertise in mixed methods rehabilitation research, with enduring partnerships with a diversity of rehabilitation providers.

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Gail Pacheco

Contributing to social good through better decision-making is what drives Professor Gail Pacheco.

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