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This is your central hub for all things Pacific at AUT. Here you will hear stories of our staff and students at AUT, discover our engagement with communities, and learn more of the research that impacts the lives of our Pacific people.

"Oceania is vast, Oceania is expanding, Oceania is hospitable and generous, Oceania is humanity rising from the depths of brine and regions of fire deeper still, Oceania is us. We are the sea. We are the ocean." - Epeli Hau'ofa

News from AUT’s Pacific community

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Rotuman Language Week 2022

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
The first episode of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability – has been released for Rotuman Language Week.
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2022 Pacific Language Weeks

AUT is proud to participate in the 2022 Pacific Language Weeks series. This year’s theme is ‘sustainability’.

Collective support on journey to success

AUT's UniPrep programme equips Auckland school leavers with necessary skills and tools for transition into university.
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A Pacific Feminist Agenda

Art and design
AUT’s latest sponsored exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery’s Declaration: A Pacific Feminist Agenda opens on 26 March.

Meet some of our Pacific students

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Annette Tiaiti

After almost two decades of supporting postgraduate students, Annette Tiaiti was ready for a new challenge and enrolled in AUT’s Master of Teaching and Learning.
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Lucy Tuave

Her working life is all about sport, says sport and recreation alumna Lucy Tuave who is now the digital communications executive at New Zealand Rugby League.
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Claudette Herman

Growing up, she didn’t know many lawyers who looked like her, says AUT law alumna Claudette Herman who is now working as a solicitor at Wells & Co.
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Jerry Walker Anis

His interest in economics began when he was attending high school in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, says Bachelor of Business student Jerry Walker Anis.
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Shaye Va

Her love of the ocean is what encouraged her to study science, says Shaye Va who completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Marine Biology.
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Angelitsa Nekelo

Throughout her time at AUT she found inspiration and support in her peers and lecturers, says Angelitsa Nekelo who is working as a graduate accountant for KPMG.
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Tali Tanuvasa-Titimanu

After observing how hard teachers work to support vulnerable children, she was inspired to become a teacher too, says education student Tali Tanuvasa-Titimanu.
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Ainda Piako Kepon

She wants to help the women and girls of Papua New Guinea, says Master of Public Health student Ainda Piako Kepon who came to AUT as an international student.
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Shae Parsons-Wanoa

For Shae Parsons-Wanoa studying communications at AUT is a bit of a family tradition – she is the fourth AUT communication studies graduate among her siblings.
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Te Wai Rua-Cowan

As someone who loves the arts, writing and digital marketing, studying English and new media studies was the perfect fit for her, says Te Wai Rua-Cowan.
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Rosemarie Tioti O’Connor

She has always admired people who work in the hospital, says Rosemarie Tioti O’Connor who came to AUT from Kiribati to study medical laboratory science.
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Arti Anjana Singh

She is fascinated by how technology can be used by businesses to improve systems, processes and the way people work and live, says Arti Anjana Singh.
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Marryanne Galumalemana

She is glad she had the courage to follow her dream to become a teacher, says Marryanne Galumalemana who completed a Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching).
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Chantelle Huch

Sport and recreation alumna Chantelle Huch loves making a difference to her community through her role as a Pacific community coordinator at Sport Waitakere.
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Jerry Wells Hagaria

His goal is to help communities reduce disaster and climate risks, says Jerry Wells Hagaria who came to AUT from the Solomon Islands to study health sciences.

Oceanian Leadership Network

Our Oceanian Leadership Network is an inclusive interconnected group of students from different faculties, schools and campuses across AUT.

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Office of Pacific Advancement

We’re committed to the advancement of the Pacific communities in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands through education, research, professional training, academic opportunities and partnerships.

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Student support

AUT offers a wide range of support through the Student Hub, and students can also be a part of the Oceanian Leadership Network. Pacific students can study or relax in the fono rooms on campus, and the Māori and Pasifika Postgraduate Student Wananga Series is a chance for postgraduate students to get together.

We also offer a number of scholarships for secondary school students, including AUT Find Your Greatness Scholarships for Pacific students.

UniPrep programme

UniPrep is a four-week programme designed to make it easy for high school students to transition into university life. You’ll meet other high school students, as well as a wide support team of navigators who are current university students.

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