Pacific student support

Are you a Pacific student studying at AUT? We got you! Our Pacific student wellbeing and success team offers guidance and advice – from Pacific people for Pacific people – to help you navigate your university journey; no matter what stage of your studies you’re at.

We offer a holistic approach to support you in your studies, so that you can stay the course and cross that stage at graduation.

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Contact our Pacific student success consultants to book an appointment.

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Our Pacific student success consultants

Isabella Rasch

Isabella Rasch

Pacific Student Success Consultant
Faculty of Culture and Society
Faculty of Design, Engineering and Creative Technologies
021 819 647

Tony Solomona

Tony Solomona

Pacific Student Success Consultant
Faculty of Business and Law
Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences (including sport and recreation)
021 2286 332

Villages: visit our Vā Pasifika spaces

Come and study in our Vā Pasifika spaces, meet others in your faculty and receive the support to set you up for success at university.

Our Vā Pasifika spaces are open daily at all three campuses, and our team of navigators (Pacific student mentors) are on hand to help you out from 12pm to 6pm each weekday during semester.

Where to find our Vā Pasifika spaces

  • South Campus: MC214, MC building
  • City Campus: WA301A, WA building
  • North Campus: AE125, AE building

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In pictures: celebrating our Pacific community at AUT

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Oceanian Leadership Network

Indigenous navigation histories across Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa, the Pacific, speak of the wayfinding spirit, navigational prowess and immense strength of vision indigenous voyaging ancestors held. In heading out into the open ocean with the stars, swells and winds as their guide, these voyagers set their sights on extended horizons, the possibility of a better future and new opportunities for social exchange.

AUT’s Oceanian Leadership Network (OLN) aims to nurture new generations of student leaders who are locally grounded and oceanic in outlook. As a community of mission-focused students – ‘navigators’ – the OLN collaborates with AUT’s Office of Pacific Advancement to shape and deliver our programmes and initiatives.

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Office of Pacific Advancement

We’re committed to the wellbeing and success of Pacific communities at AUT and beyond. Our programmes and initiatives cover the student and staff experience, academic research development, impact and engagement, advocacy, and community-based collaborations and partnerships.


Celebrating Pacific Language Weeks

Watch our series of videos celebrating Pacific languages on YouTube, featuring some of our Pacific alumni and research from across AUT.

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Join one of the Pacific clubs on campus

Find out more about clubs and associations for Pacific students at AUT:

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