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With everything easily accessible on campus - from cafés to study spaces, and sports facilities, it's easy to enjoy your time as an AUT student and make the most of your time with us. Find out what's on campus and how to find your way around AUT.

Around campus: see what AUT is like

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Making friends at AUT

It’s easy to meet new friends and make social connections while you’re studying at AUT. Some of the ways to meet people include:

Walking friends at AUT

AUT Wallet: pay for services

The AUT Wallet is your personal account while you're studying at AUT – you can top it up easily via the AUT App, online or on campus, and use it to pay for shuttle bus rides or buy items in some campus food outlets.


Opportunities and careers

Whether you’re looking to develop your employability skills, want to network with industry contacts or are interested in going on a student exchange, AUT offers lots of ways you can gain valuable experiences for your CV.


Download the AUT App

Download the AUT App

Stay up to date with what’s happening at AUT and download the AUT App. The app contains everything you need, including the latest news and upcoming events. You can download the app as soon as you receive your AUT network login.

Download the app from:



AUT’s student association, AUTSA, advocates and represents the interests of all students at AUT. AUTSA is a proud supporter of the AUT Orientation, and you can connect with them on campus. As an AUT student, you’re automatically a part of AUTSA and have access to all the services and resources they offer.

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