Student lounges and other spaces

As an AUT student, you have access to student spaces like lounges, study areas, prayer rooms, and baby feeding and changing areas.

Student lounges

You’ll find student lounges across all AUT campuses. Facilities vary from lounge to lounge but these are a great place to relax, catch up with friends, play games and prepare some kai.

City Campus lounges

You’ll find student lounges and social spaces on most levels of WF, WG, WQ, WZ, WA and WH buildings on the City Campus including:

AUTSA student lounge in WC202
Facilities: All-day breakfast, kitchen, microwave, fridge, TV, couches, air hockey table, vending machine, giant games, chill zone and powerpoints for charging
Hours: 8am-7pm, Monday to Friday

AUT's student union offers more than just student lounges – find out how else they can help you.

AUTSA website

WH building – WH219
Facilities: ​Hot water, microwaves, study tables
Hours: 8am-5pm​​, Monday to Friday

North Campus lounges

Student lounge in AS135 / AS136 / AS115
Facilities: Couches, hot water, sinks, microwaves, tables, chairs
Hours: 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday

South Campus lounges

You’ll find student lounges and social areas in MA, MC, MD, MH and ME buildings on the South Campus including:

AUTSA South Office and student lounge in ME109
Facilities: Kitchenette, hot drinks, TV, PlayStation 4 and board games
Hours: 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday

Find out more about what AUT's student union can offer you – including giveaways and free food!

AUTSA website

Study spaces on campus

We have study spaces available on all AUT campuses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Bookable study spaces can be booked until 10pm during semester time.

City Campus study spaces

You’ll find casual study spaces on most levels of WF, WG, WQ, WZ, WA and WH buildings on the City Campus.

Bookable study spaces include:

North Campus study spaces

Bookable study spaces include:

  • Level 2, AL building (postgraduate only) – 16 individual computers available.
    Book computers on the North Campus
  • South Campus study spaces

    You’ll find casual study spaces in MA, MC, MD, MH and ME buildings on the South Campus including:

    • Level 1, MC building (MC101)
    • Level 2, MC building (MC205)
    • Level 2, MA building (MA202) in Tech Central
    • Level 2, MA building (postgraduate only) – seven individual computers available
      Book computers on the South Campus

    Study spaces in all AUT libraries

    AUT libraries offer collaborative study areas, silent study areas, group study rooms, study computers (booked and walk-up) and printers/photocopiers.

    The library on each campus is open:

    • Monday to Friday, 8am-10pm, during semester time
    • Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm

    Studying in the library

    Access/swipe cards for study spaces

    Undergraduate students
    Undergraduate students do not get access cards unless your faculty has made arrangements for you to have swipe card access to specific facilities you need for your studies (such as engineering, computer sciences, and art and design students). To organise this access, please discuss this with your faculty who can then organise access cards with AUT Security.

    Postgraduate students
    All postgraduate students can get access cards. Contact the Graduate Research School reception during office hours to request access. Each postgraduate study room is accessible by swipe card access only and monitored by AUT Security and Emergency Management. These rooms are currently accessible by swipe card every day from 6am-11pm.

    Postgraduate study rooms

    Other student spaces on campus

    We have spaces on campus to support your personal and cultural needs while you’re studying with us.

    Wāhi Tiaki Pēpi – parenting and nursery rooms

    We have private rooms for feeding and changing babies at all three AUT campuses.

    Baby feeding rooms

    • City Campus: WA421, WA building (level 4); WB134, WB building (level 1); WF105A, WF building (level 1); WF819A, WF building (level 8); WF920C, WF building (level 9); WF1019A, WF building (level 10) and WS333*, WS building (level 3)
    • North Campus: AE102F, AE building (level 1) and AL207, AL building (level 2)
    • South Campus: MB106, MB building (level 1)

    *Also a baby changing room

    Baby changing rooms

    City Campus:

    • Female baby change area – WF1019A, WF building (level 10); WF819A, WF building (level 8)
    • Male baby change area – WF105A, WF building (level 1); WF920C, WF building (level 9)

    North Campus:

    • All gender baby change area – AL130B, AL building (level 1)

    South Campus:

    • All gender toilet and baby change table – MB102C, MB building (level 1)

    Child-friendly parents’ rooms

    If you’re a student parent, you can bring your children to dedicated whānau rooms at the City and North Campus libraries, so you can study while your children play.

    • City Campus: WA421, WA building (level 4)
    • North Campus: AL207, AL building (level 2)

    Other ways AUT supports student parents

    Childcare and parenting support

    Fono rooms / Vā Pasifika spaces

    There are a number of Vā Pasifika spaces on campus for Pacific students, which you are welcome to use for studying, group assignments or just relaxing.

    Our Vā Pasifika spaces are open daily at all three campuses, and our team of navigators (Pacific student mentors) are on hand to help you out from 12pm to 6pm each weekday during semester.

    Where to find our Vā Pasifika spaces

    • City Campus: WA301A, WA building
    • North Campus: AE125, AE building
    • South Campus: MC214, MC building

    Other support for Pacific AUT students

    Pacific student support

    Multifaith rooms

    Multifaith rooms are for students of all faith groups to use for prayer, meditation, reflection or faith-based workshops. Find out where they are and how you can book them.

    Multifaith and spiritual support

    Muslim prayer rooms

    There are Muslim prayer rooms on the City Campus and North Campus for AUT Muslim students. The rooms have separate spaces for men and women, and washroom facilities. Find out where these are, when they're open and how to get access.

    Multifaith and spiritual support

    Whānau spaces​

    There are​ a number of rest, recreation, and study spaces for Māori​ students.

    City Campus:

    • WB302, WB building

    North Campus:

    • AE101a, AE building

    South Campus:

    • ME101, ME building

    Other support and services for Māori AUT students

    Māori student support

    At the North Campus library there are collaborative and individual study areas, computers and printing facilities available
    You’ll find student lounges, whānau, fono, study and social spaces across the South Campus
    Use the kitchen facilities in WG building (City Campus) to prepare your lunch or refill your drink bottle while studying close by (©Simon Devitt Photographer)
    Choose from group or silent study areas at the City Campus library
    Relax or catch up with friends in the student lounge in one of our newest buildings (WG) on the City Campus

    Campus maps

    You can download maps of AUT’s campuses below.

    Food and retail on campus

    Find out where you can buy food and drink, textbooks, AT HOP cards and AUT merchandise on campus.

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