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Find out how you can check or verify an AUT graduate’s qualification details, including by using our graduate database.

Request a copy of an academic document

A graduate’s results are recorded as official academic documents: parchments (or degree certificates) and academic transcripts.

If you’re a third party – like a prospective employer – you can ask the graduate to share certified documents with you online via My eQuals, a digital verification service.

AUT issues authentic certified copies of documents to My eQuals. When you access them online, their authenticity is guaranteed and only AUT can modify them.

Find out more about verifying or sharing AUT credentials

Search the graduate database

You can do a basic check of a qualification if you know the graduate’s full name.

Qualifications Granted to Students

This website has been provided so that interested parties can ascertain the qualifications granted to individuals by AUT University.

Records cover from 1991 to the current date, but it should be noted that some records prior to 1996 may not be displayed. Please also note that names are displayed as recorded in our database and these may have changed since being recorded by the University.

To enquire about a person who has a formal qualification from the University, but whose name is not listed, please contact Records Registry by email

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