Disability support services

​If you have a diagnosis, disability, impairment or medical condition, AUT can support yo​u to ensure that you're able to participate as fully as you can in learning.

Our friendly staff proactively case manage and offer support to every Deaf or disabled student at AUT – from assistive technology and sign language interpreters to advice on accessible routes around campus and assistance with managing the study load.

New to AUT?

If you let us know that you have a disability when you applied to AUT, someone from our Disability Student Support team will reach out to you to talk through your needs.

Why let us know?

Students who have a diagnosis, disability, impairment or medical condition, and access our support at AUT have achieved higher rates of success in their studies than students with no disability.

You'll not be penalised or judged by letting us know - we want all students to reach their academic goals and life potential.

Connect with Disability Student Support

Hear from our students

Masika Alexia Paky

Masika Alexia Paky

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and Microbiology
“Because of the stress of uni life, I wasn’t doing so well and my grades were taking a hit. I reached out to the disability student support team at AUT, and they were able to support me to help reduce the stress. This allowed me to bounce back and power through the rest of my degree.”
Macallum Burrows

Macallum Burrows

Bachelor of Business in Management & Entrepreneurship and Innovation
“As a student with dyslexia, I was attracted by the extra support services AUT offered. I’m so grateful for all the assistance I received throughout my studies. The staff at AUT focus on you as an individual.”
Victoria Lessing

Victoria Lessing

Bachelor of Arts in Education and Business Management
“English is not my first language – New Zealand Sign Language is my preferred language – and AUT fully understands that and has supported me if I wished to submit an essay in New Zealand Sign Language or needed extra time to complete my assignment or essay. I appreciate that AUT has provided New Zealand Sign Language interpreters and notetakers to help me succeed.”

See some of the ways we can support you

Every student is part of AUT's community
Our students with disabilities are an important part of the AUT community
Connection through languages
Our team can connect you with sign language interpreters to support your studies, and your interpreter may even be a graduate of AUT’s NZSL interpreting programme
Accessibility on campus
AUT is committed to providing an accessible environment for our students
lecture theatre
We can offer advice on how to manage your study load or help you discuss your specific needs with your lecturers

Contact us

Disability support talking with student

Need help or have a question?

Contact Disability Support Services

Phone: +64 9 921 9210
Email: disability.office@aut.ac.nz

Disability Action Plan

Learn more about how we aim to support students by checking out AUT’s Disability Action Plan, which is based on an ongoing programme of engagement between AUT, and our disabled and Deaf students and staff.


The equity code of practice

We're committed to equity of access and opportunity for students, staff and visitors. AUT supports the principles of the Kia Ōrite Code of Practice for an inclusive tertiary environment, which enables students with impairments to achieve fully.

Kia Ōrite Code of Practice