Health, Physical Education and Outdoor Learning department

The Health, Physical Education and Outdoor Learning department is part of the School of Sport and Recreation at AUT.

Graduates from the health and physical education and outdoor learning programmes work in many fields, including teaching in schools, working in health and sport related industries, working in health promotion or in outdoor pursuit centres, or working as adventure tourism operators or in adventure tourism management.

Undergraduate study in health, physical education and outdoor learning will give you a solid grounding in this area.

Industry associations

We work closely with a large number of organisations including:

  • Primary, intermediate and secondary schools
  • Regional Sports Trusts (RST’s)
  • Bigfoot Adventures
  • Sir Peter Blake Marine Education Recreation Centre (MERC)
  • Sport NZ
  • Kelly Sports

Our people

Our teaching team are constantly active in research, and you can find their most recent research publications on staff’s academic profiles below.

Yvaan Hapuku-Lambert
Hanne Mellsop
Arana Rakena

Contact us

Kylie Thompson
Head of Department & Head of

Health and Physical Education
Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 6205

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Resources for health and PE teachers

To help teachers and coaches refine their teaching methods, we've created a number of helpful contemporary skill learning resources that can be downloaded to help you achieve the best learning outcomes.

View resources

Prof John Cronin
Kristen Spencer
Ameya Kagali
Patria Hume and Hannah Wyatt
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Prof John Cronin
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20 Jan, 2022
Moving with small weights increases your strength as effectively as lifting large loads, AUT professor John Cronin explains wearable resistance.
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Top play – it's all in the eyes
01 Dec, 2021
AUT research at the U21 Hockey World Cup taking place in India aims to improve player decision-making and provide more goal opportunities.
Ameya Kagali
Post-grad realises sports medicine dream
11 Oct, 2021
An AUT degree has enabled Dr Ameya Kagali to realise his dream of working with athletes, serving as chief medical officer to the Indian Paralympics team.
Patria Hume and Hannah Wyatt
AUT experts solve All Blacks red card
13 Sep, 2021
AUT sport scientists pivotal in red card dismissal for All Black.
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Feeling the Tokyo Heat
15 Apr, 2021
Top Kiwi athletes training for the Olympics under AUT’s Professor Andrew Kilding and other sport scientists.