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AUT Research Highlights Heroic Surfers

08 Jun, 2023
AUT research has found surfers are one of our beaches most effective lifesavers, saving 1,274 people last year alone.

AUT academics team with music star BENEE

24 May, 2023
Kiwi musician BENEE has collaborated with AUT neuroscientists and Youthline on a new single, scientifically designed to help manage anxious feelings.

AUT academic stars in new Three TV show

24 May, 2023
Dr Elizabeth du Preez is an on-screen mentor for psychotherapist Amanda Cox in Three’s new ‘Couples Therapy NZ’ show, based on the US version.

Celebrating AUT’s Nurses

12 May, 2023
On the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, it’s time to reflect on the part AUT and our nurses play in Aotearoa.

Single concussion linked to violence

04 May, 2023
New AUT research shows even a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) like concussion significantly increases the risk of criminal behaviour.

AUT stroke team wins PM’s Science Prize

02 May, 2023
The National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences (NISAN) team has won the 2022 Prime Minister’s Science Prize - the first ever received by AUT.

Helping hand for cyclone-hit communities

10 Mar, 2023
Mel McAulay, Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine, lent a helping hand after Cyclone Gabrielle wreaked havoc across the North Island.
WF WG sky tower

HRC career development awards

29 Nov, 2022
Seven AUT research projects have received funding in the Health Research Council’s (HRC) annual Career Development Awards.

New professors and associate professors

17 Nov, 2022
AUT is delighted to announce the promotion of 15 of its academics to the position of Professor and 30 to Associate Professor.
Professor Valery Feigin

AUT expert awarded Liley Medal

09 Nov, 2022
Professor Valery Feigin has been recognised for his role as lead author of the most comprehensive study of the world’s stroke burden and its risk factors.
Marsden group photo

Marsden Fund success for AUT

09 Nov, 2022
The Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences had two grants approved with total funding of $1.6 million in the 2022 round of Marsden funding.

Record ranking for AUT

12 Oct, 2022
AUT has claimed its highest-ever place among New Zealand universities in the latest global rankings.

Depression in Pacific adolescents

30 Sep, 2022
A new study uses network analysis to demonstrate how connectedness with family, friends, and school can prevent depression in Pacific adolescents.

Treating the stigma of chronic pain

15 Sep, 2022
AUT researchers found that people will conceal their chronic pain to avoid ‘being seen as drug-seeking, lazy, or mentally unstable’.

Over 10 million sought help for gambling

22 Aug, 2022
A systematic review, published in the scientific journal Addiction, has found that globally one in every 400 adults has sought help for gambling problems.
Associate Professor Jacquie Kidd

AUT provides expertise in equity

29 Jul, 2022
Associate Professor Jacquie Kidd is the Equity Lead on a five-year HRC funded project exploring accessible interventions for osteoarthritis.
Margaret Sandham

Assisted dying and nursing care

22 Jul, 2022
AUT-led research highlights the need to support nurses, procedurally and psychologically, as they increasingly encounter assisted dying.
Katie Palmer du Preez

Families affected by gambling

21 Jul, 2022
A Ministry of Health funded report on problem gambling shows that more can be done to develop a whānau inclusive offering.
Maria Bellringer

Therapy shown to reduce gambling harms

07 Jul, 2022
A Ministry of Health funded report examines the long-term effectiveness of counselling treatments for gambling disorders.
nGVS balancing on log

HRC funding boosts nGVS research

06 Jul, 2022
AUT-led neurological rehabilitation project investigates brain stimulation intervention for inner ear-related imbalance and blurred vision.
Nicola Kayes

Five Questions: Professor Nicola Kayes

04 Jul, 2022
We asked Nicola five questions ahead of her Inaugural Professorial Address
Hon Marama Davidson (left) and Dr Claire Gear (right) with members of the Atawhai research rōpū and study participants.

Atawhai: Responding to family violence

17 Jun, 2022
AUT-led research is making it easier for healthcare workers to respond to family violence, by connecting primary care services with community knowledge.
Professor Lester Levy

Five questions: Professor Lester Levy

01 Jun, 2022
We asked Lester five questions ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
A screenshot of the video showing a cartoon depiction of a Samoan island.

Samoa Language Week 2022

31 May, 2022
Episode two of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability – is live.
Erica Hinckson

Creating healthy and sustainable cities

16 May, 2022
A ground-breaking study has benchmarked urban planning policies that promote health and sustainability in cities around the globe.
A school aged girl eating chips and a donut out of a lunchbox.

School ban on sugary drinks won't help

11 May, 2022
Professor Grant Schofield thinks a ban on sugary drinks in schools will do nothing measurable and, at worse, it borders on virtue signalling.
Eleanor Holroyd

The legacy of lockdown

04 May, 2022
A new study, which examines the impact of COVID-19 on community healthcare workers in Aotearoa, shows that the negative effects were long-lasting.
Te Tiriti: Two perspectives

Te Tiriti: Two perspectives

15 Mar, 2022
Q+A with ‘Te Tiriti-based futures + Anti-racism 2022’ event organisers – Heather Came (Pākehā activist-scholar) and Eridani Baker (Māori student-activist).
Lead author of the study Dr Margaret Sandham.

Predicting changes in clinical status

21 Feb, 2022
New research in palliative care shows that machine learning can predict changes in patients’ clinical status, enabling early medical interventions.
Lecturer in Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Dr Lorenzo Garcia

Sharp tools reduce infection

03 Feb, 2022
Researchers have uncovered a link between the sharpness of surgical implements and the risk of post-surgery infection.
Professor Daniel Shepherd

Deprivation a poor predictor of health

02 Feb, 2022
An AUT study shows that the perceived amenity of your neighbourhood is a better predictor of health-related quality of life than socioeconomic status.
From left to right, Professor Alice Theadom, Assoc. Prof. Gwn Lewis' and Professor Patria Hume.

Health report: NZ male ex-rugby players

01 Feb, 2022
AUT study commissioned by World Rugby to better understand the longer-term impacts of sport’s participation and to inform welfare advances.
Researchers as pictured Top row, Left to Right: Dr Tago Mharapara, Dr Janine Clemons, Assoc. Prof. Katherine Ravenswood, Dr Lesley Dixon. Bottom row, Left to Right: Dr Nimbus Staniland, Mrs Stacey Gillard-Tito, Ms Talei Jackson, Prof. Gill Kirton.

Interdisciplinary team wins health grant

26 Jan, 2022
An interdisciplinary team of AUT researchers has won a major grant from the Health Research Council.
Prof John Cronin

Small weights strong impact

20 Jan, 2022
Moving with small weights increases your strength as effectively as lifting large loads, AUT professor John Cronin explains wearable resistance.
Supreme Winner Delta Waterways Team - Judges Q&A

AUT X Challenge 2021 – The Final Pitch

09 Dec, 2021
Eight teams pitched to win at X Challenge – The Final, competing for a share of the $20,000 cash prize pool and over $10,000 of goods and services.
Heather Came

Public Health Champion 2021

26 Nov, 2021
Associate Professor Heather Came has been named this year’s Kāhui Hauora Tūmatanui Public Health Champion.
Daysha Tonumaipe'a (left) and Dr Dianne Wepa (right)

Funding for emerging researchers

23 Nov, 2021
Three AUT researchers have been acknowledged at the Health Research Council’s annual Career Development Awards.
Good design-disability

Good design can normalise disability

17 Nov, 2021
Harnessing the lived experience of disabled people is key to changing the face of disability and design at both a societal and personal level.
AUT postgraduate student and firefighter Josh Darby

A firefighter wellbeing project

16 Nov, 2021
Firefighter and AUT student, Josh Darby, is part of a core team leading a $500,000 project to improve the psychological wellbeing of firefighters.
Dong-Xu Liu

Epigenetic research in breast cancer

15 Nov, 2021
The International Breast Cancer Consortium for Epigenetic Discovery will be announced at the opening of the AUT-hosted Breast Cancer Research Symposium.
Associate Professor Jacquie Kidd

Barriers for Māori with prostate cancer

26 Oct, 2021
The Oranga Tū project funded by Movember has mapped ‘the cancer pathway’ for Māori men and their whānau after diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Dr Alayne Mikahere-Hall

Child and youth mortality rates

11 Oct, 2021
Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee co-chair Dr Alayne Mikahere-Hall says ‘a higher priority must be placed on reducing shameful statistics’.
A screenshot from the video showing a hand dialing emergency services on a smartphone.

Pacific language videos: Tuvalu

28 Sep, 2021
To acknowledge Tuvalu Language Week, episode six of this year’s AUT Pacific Language Week video series has been released.
Maria Bellringer

How much, how often, how many?

28 Sep, 2021
New global gambling guidelines could help reduce related harm post-lockdown.
David Rice

EEG Neurofeedback trial for chronic pain

23 Sep, 2021
The world’s biggest clinical trial using Electroencephalography (EEG) Neurofeedback as a therapy to manage chronic pain has been launched in New Zealand.
Professor Valery Feigin

Changing weather heightens stroke risk

08 Sep, 2021
New data from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study shows that low ambient temperature is an increasing stroke risk factor around the world.
WF WG sky tower

AUT climbs up the global rankings

02 Sep, 2021
AUT continues to climb up the global university rankings joining the University of Otago in second place in NZ and the top 250 universities in the world.
Shanghai ranking

AUT’s Clinical Medicine first equal

06 Aug, 2021
AUT’s Clinical Medicine has been ranked joint first place amongst New Zealand universities.
HES Maori Celebration of Graduation

The mahi behind Māori graduates

05 Aug, 2021
In the midst of a global pandemic, unprecedented health sector reform and cultural change, Māori health students are still graduating.
Dr Heather Came

Realigning competencies with te Tiriti

02 Aug, 2021
A new study examines regulated health professions’ competency documents and their compliance with te Tiriti.
People under magnifying glass

Supporting Research Recruitment - August

02 Aug, 2021
Can you help our research with impact? Find out about current research at AUT and recommend projects to friends and whānau who may want to get involved.
Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo

AUT Pacific youth mental health study

27 Jul, 2021
HRC-funded study aims to improve mental health services for New Zealand’s Pacific youth.

Pacific language videos: Kiribati

14 Jul, 2021
It’s Kiribati Language Week in Aotearoa and episode three of this year’s AUT Pacific Language Week video series has been released.
Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright NZ award winners 2021

08 Jul, 2021
Congratulations to 2021 Fulbright New Zealand scholarship award winners, AUT staff member Jenni Tupu and AUT alumna Hariata Tai Rakena.

How body movement changes in pregnancy

05 Jul, 2021
New project to build a greater understanding of the changes pregnant women undergo in body size, shape and balance.
Te Hotonga Hapori

Housing redevelopment impact

14 Jun, 2021
AUT has begun research on how urban housing redevelopment affects people’s wellbeing.
Professor Fiona Brooks

New Dean for Faculty of HES

08 Jun, 2021
Professor Fiona Brooks has been appointed to the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences.
The title screen from the AUT Samoa Language Week video, saying "Stroke: Busting the Myths, Episode 2"

AUT Pacific language video series: Samoa

01 Jun, 2021
To acknowledge Samoa Language Week being celebrated in Aotearoa, the second episode of this year’s AUT Pacific Language Week video series has launched.
Professor Zac Morse

Five questions with Professor Zac Morse

31 May, 2021
We asked Professor Zac Morse five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
HRC 2021

HRC Emerging Researchers First Grants

28 May, 2021
AUT picked up one third of Health Research Council Emerging Researchers First Grants this year.
Professor Alice Theadom

Five questions: Professor Alice Theadom

25 May, 2021
We asked Professor Alice Theadom five questions about her research following her appointment to Professor.
Dr Radilaite Cammock and Daysha Tonumaipe’a

Using ‘food havens’ to reduce obesity

13 May, 2021
A new concept in food environments, the food haven, aims to reduce high obesity rates among Māori and Pacific peoples.
A screenshot from the videos showing a plastic brain.

Busting the myths around stroke

11 May, 2021
A Pacific language video series by AUT is highlighting key facts around stroke, in an attempt to bust the myths around this neurological disease.
Screenshot of the video saying "Stroke: Busting the myths, Episode 1"

Pacific language videos: Rotuman

10 May, 2021
AUT has launched the first of nine episodes in this year’s Pacific Language Week series.
Dr Mangor Pedersen

AI Lead on Australian Epilepsy Project

04 May, 2021
AUT cognitive neuroscientist, Dr Mangor Pedersen, is the AI Lead on the ground-breaking Australian Epilepsy Project (AEP).
Dr Heather Came

New authority may transform Māori health

22 Apr, 2021
Dr Heather Came and Adjunct Professor Dominic O’Sullivan weigh-in on the establishment of a new Maori health authority in The Conversation.
Associate Professor Maria Bellringer

Changes in gambling behaviour and health

22 Apr, 2021
As people move towards risky or problem gambling, they are more likely to move away from organised groups, according to a new AUT study.
Professor David Nicholls

Five questions with Prof. David Nicholls

19 Apr, 2021
We asked Professor David Nicholls five questions about his research following his recent appointment.
Associate Professor Gwyn Lewis

Ethnic inequity in chronic pain services

19 Apr, 2021
A new study shows that Māori, Asian and Pacific peoples experienced poorer patient outcomes compared to Europeans.
Professor Ineke Crezee

Five questions with Prof. Ineke Crezee

09 Apr, 2021
We asked Professor Ineke Crezee five questions about her research ahead of her Inaugural Professorial Address.
Ngatepaeru Marsters (left) and Teresa Krishnan (right)

Te Ara ō Hine – Tapu Ora

30 Mar, 2021
Under a new government initiative, AUT will work to increase the number of midwives in our Māori and Pacific communities.
Professor Jarrod Haar, Professor Patria Hume, Professor Denise Wilson

New Royal Society Te Apārangi Fellows

16 Mar, 2021
Three AUT academics have been elected as Fellows to the Academy of the Royal Society Te Apārangi.
Women academics at AUT

Celebrating AUT's women academics

08 Mar, 2021
Today is International Women’s Day. Read a sample of the research from AUT’s women academics who are working to improve the lives of women in our society.
Daniel Shepherd

More help needed for parents

23 Feb, 2021
A new study examines the mental health of parents of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Dan Tautolo

PHANZ Pasifika Award

11 Dec, 2020
Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo has been recognised for his outstanding achievement and leadership in Pacific public health.
New AUT Professors

New Professors and Associate Professors

30 Nov, 2020
Nine academics have been appointed to the position of Professor, effective from 1 January 2021. 19 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
Prof Mark Orams and Governor General

Prof Orams recognised at Blake Awards

24 Nov, 2020
Prof Mark Orams and Governor General of New Zealand Dame Patsy Reddy
Dr Sione Vaka

AUT Pacific researchers win HRC funding

23 Nov, 2020
Five Pacific researchers have received 2021 Pacific Health Career Development Awards’ from the Health Research Council (HRC).

A quiet activist

17 Nov, 2020
Ayan Said has walked alongside migrant and refugee communities for a decade, unpacking a deeply cultural and sensitive issue, and holding space for change.
Dr Cassandra Fleming

AUT success with Marsden funding

12 Nov, 2020
Two AUT academics have won 2020 Marsden funding for research projects.
Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo

Language fluency and mental disorders

28 Oct, 2020
A study of Pacific mothers in New Zealand reveals that being fluent in both English and Pacific languages may decrease the likelihood of postpartum mental
Screenshot from AUT's Niue Language Week video showing a woman waking up with her hand on her head, in front of the Niuean flag.

Pacific language videos: Niue

21 Oct, 2020
This week is Niuean Language Week and to celebrate AUT has launched a Niuean instalment of its Pacific language video series.
Professor Denise Wilson

Election 2020: Māori Health

14 Oct, 2020
AUT Professor of Māori Health, Denise Wilson, looks at how far policies targeting Māori will go towards improving Māori health equity and outcomes.
Screenshot of AUT's Fiji Language Week video

Pacific language videos: Fiji

05 Oct, 2020
It’s Fiji Language Week in Aotearoa, and to celebrate, AUT has launched the Fiji episode in its Pacific language video series.
Professor Nicola Kayes

Understanding changes in grey matter

01 Oct, 2020
An AUT health design project aims to alleviate the uncertainty that older people experience as they navigate changes to their memory and thinking.
sugary drink

Carb cut could improve COVID-19 outcomes

30 Sep, 2020
Simple diet changes can reduce Covid-19 potential impact says an AUT author in the British Medical Journal.
A man and a woman from Tuvalu smoking.

Pacific language videos: Tuvalu

28 Sep, 2020
The Tuvalu instalment in AUT’s Pacific language video series – ‘Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures’ is out now.
colourful vegetables

Eating healthy is hard on a Covid budget

24 Sep, 2020
More of us are now facing food insecurity - with children, Pacific peoples and Māori the most impacted, writes Emeritus Professor Elaine Rush.
Keith Tudor

Reimagine wellbeing together

22 Sep, 2020
AUT Professor of Psychotherapy, Keith Tudor, discusses wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness Week (September 21-27).
*get over yourself* by Alyssa Pua (2020 Best Awards Finalist (Graphic))

AUT 2020 Best Awards finalists

18 Sep, 2020
Thirty-six projects from AUT are finalists for the 2020 Best Awards.
Heather Came

The public sector ethnic pay gap

17 Sep, 2020
A new study reveals significant ethnic pay disparities within the top tiers of New Zealand’s core public sector and district health boards.
Screenshot of the AUT video, showing a Tongan family eating a meal around a table.

Pacific language videos: Tonga

07 Sep, 2020
The Tonga episode in AUT’s Pacific language video series – ‘Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures’ has been released.

Study reveals low stroke awareness

03 Sep, 2020
A national survey shows that stroke is not recognised as a major cause of death. It also reveals low-level awareness of stroke among Pacific peoples.
Paro Seal

Robot hygiene important too

26 Aug, 2020
AUT nursing lecturer Dr Rhona Winnington, underlines significance of cleaning for robotic support pets used to support people with dementia.
Professor Valery Feigin

Stroke screening has no real effect

25 Aug, 2020
Professor Valery Feigin says a radical change in stroke prevention and treatment is needed in the current global health and economic crisis.
Cartoon depiction of a health professional checking a child's ear.

Pacific language videos: Cook Islands

03 Aug, 2020
The Cook Islands episode in AUT’s Pacific language video series – ‘Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures’ – is out now.
Keith Tudor

Pioneers of 'Co-creative TA' celebrated

24 Jul, 2020
AUT Professor of Psychotherapy, Keith Tudor, has received the 2020 Eric Berne Memorial Award in Transactional Analysis (TA).
Professor Valery Feigin

World Brain Day 2020

22 Jul, 2020
New Zealand’s most cited scientist features in a series of interviews with global experts for World Brain Day.
Assisted dying

Assisted dying referendum

21 Jul, 2020
NZ’s law lacks necessary detail to make a fully informed decision, says Dr Rhona Winnington.
Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo with his child on his knee.

Fathers, let’s think of the kids

17 Jul, 2020
Spending quality time with our children and being involved in their lives will help them through these uncertain times.
A child sitting on their father's shoulders, looking at the sunset.

Pacific language videos: Kiribati

13 Jul, 2020
The Kiribati instalment in the AUT Pacific language video series – ‘Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures’ – has been released.
Rhona Winnington

Assisted dying and social consequences

29 Jun, 2020
A new case study highlights the stigma associated with assisted dying and patients feeling obligated to terminate their own lives prematurely.
Valery Feigin

A Declaration on the stroke 'pandemic'

10 Jun, 2020
Professor Valery Feigin has co-authored the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) Declaration on Global Prevention of Stroke and Dementia.
Alice Theadom

Helmets, head injuries and horse power

04 Jun, 2020
A new study of equestrian concussion shows that the basic function of riding helmets is misunderstood.
AUT Logo

AUT confirms investigation took place

02 Jun, 2020
AUT confirms harassment complaint was formally investigated
Text on a woven Pacific background: "Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures".

Pacific language video series

08 May, 2020
A video series by AUT will highlight the Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study’s work in shaping resilient futures for Pacific communities.
Liz Binns

Physio for older adults from a distance

01 May, 2020
AUT researchers have developed an exercise programme for housebound older adults, to prevent loss of mobility and independence during COVID-19.

Webinars tackle racism in Aotearoa

05 Mar, 2020
An innovative new event creating open access resources for Tiriti education and the fight against racism is taking place from March 21-30 2020.

How adolescents define well being

03 Mar, 2020
Tweens see family and friends as the surest way towards wellbeing
Professor Valery Feigin

Nearly everyone at risk of stroke

25 Feb, 2020
Professor Valery Feigin at AUT suggests that categorising people into ‘low, moderate or high’ risk of stroke should be abandoned.
Dental Clinic

High-carb food a cause of tooth decay

07 Feb, 2020
An AUT study is recommending changes to eating guidelines for young people to reduce New Zealand’s epidemic of childhood tooth decay.
Dr Heather Came

Policy requires te Tiriti compliance

05 Feb, 2020
Dr Heather Came advocates a new tool for evaluating health policy in relation to te Tiriti o Waitangi.

AUT professor named ISBNPA president

31 Jan, 2020
Professor Erica Hinckson has been elected as President of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.
Emeritus Professor of Nutrition, Elaine Rush

Big bodies need big servings of 5+ a day

14 Jan, 2020
New study recommends greater variety and colour in food dietary guidelines, and serving sizes in direct proportion to body size.
Dr Ali Seyfoddin

Medicinal cannabis research

13 Dec, 2019
AUT and Zeacann Ltd have received approval from the Ministry of Health for medicinal cannabis research and development.
Professor Valery Feigin

Plan to mitigate neurological disorders

11 Dec, 2019
Professor Valery Feigin leads global strategy to bridge the gap between growing burden of neurological disorders and overstretched health resources.
Professor Denise Wilson

Empathy needed to reduce family violence

04 Dec, 2019
AUT report finds that agencies and services designed to aid wāhine Māori in unsafe relationships often contribute to their entrapment.
Valery Feigin

New accolades for most cited scientist

21 Nov, 2019
AUT’s Professor Valery Feigin has been elected as both a Fellow of the Royal Society Te Apārangi and a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Dr Cath Conn

Disrupting the public health workforce

18 Nov, 2019
New Zealand's public health workforce is rapidly changing in response to local and global trends, including new technologies and widening inequities.
QS stars 2019

AUT gets 5 QS stars in all categories

13 Nov, 2019
AUT has received the maximum five stars for the first time in every category according to the global education analysts QS in their recent results.
New Professors announced in 2019

New Professors and Associate Professors

07 Nov, 2019
AUT has announced the promotion of 12 leading academics to the position of Professor. A further 15 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
Valery Feigin

Leading the world in stroke prevention

29 Oct, 2019
This year’s World Stroke Day campaign encourages everyone to use the free Stroke Riskometer mobile app developed at AUT by Professor Valery Feigin.
Professor Max Abbott

World Mental Health Day

10 Oct, 2019
AUT is hosting the first of many events that will take place globally over the next 24 hours.
PIF Study Director Dr El-Shadan Tautolo

Study of Pacific people comes of age

07 Oct, 2019
For nearly 20 years, an AUT study has been tracking the development of 1,400 Pacific children.
Professor Keith Tudor

AUT celebrates 30 years of psychotherapy

24 Sep, 2019
Professor Keith Tudor reflects on ‘talk therapy’ – where we’ve been and why we need more.
THE Rankings Sep 2019

AUT moves up 50 places in world rankings

12 Sep, 2019
AUT is now in the top 1% of world universities and in the top 50 for research citations.
Woolf Fisher AUT scholarship Awards ceremony

19 first in family scholarships awarded

05 Sep, 2019
19 AUT students were awarded Woolf Fisher First-in-Family AUT Scholarships at a celebration event at the AUT South Campus on Thursday 29 August.
Professor Stephen Neville

Making rural New Zealand age-friendly

29 Aug, 2019
Research from the AUT Centre for Active Ageing adds the voice of rural-dwelling older people to recommendations for age-friendly communities.
Dr Brenda Flood portrait

AUT podiatry partnership with DHB

19 Aug, 2019
AUT and Waitematā DHB have teamed-up to provide trainee podiatrists with experience in the diagnosis of foot-related complications from diabetes.
Dr Lance O'Sullivan

Mobile medical clinics a world first

29 Jul, 2019
Dr Lance O’Sullivan, AUT Māori Entrepreneur in Residence, has revealed his plans to launch 200 mobile drive-through medical clinics across NZ by 2021.
Professor Stephen Neville

Five questions: Prof. Stephen Neville

22 Jul, 2019
We asked Professor Stephen Neville five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Dr Brenda Flood

Student collab enhances patient care

19 Jul, 2019
AUT Integrated Health (AIH) provides primary healthcare, specialised services and programmes for the community.
Professor Denise Wilson

Ethnic disparities in child protection

19 Jul, 2019
AUT research shows that Māori children are almost four times more likely to be placed out of home by child protection services.
Professor Valerie Wright-St Clair

Five questions: Valerie Wright-St Clair

03 Jul, 2019
We asked Professor Valerie Wright-St Clair five questions about her research ahead of her Inaugural Professorial Address.
Professor Lester Levy

New chair in digital health

05 Jun, 2019
Dr Lester Levy joins AUT as its new Professor of Digital Health Leadership
62% increase in AUT researchers

62% increase in AUT researchers

30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world
Associate Professor Alice Theadom

Social interaction impaired by mild-TBI

17 Apr, 2019
AUT research shows that even a mild brain injury can impair social cognition, which may cause difficulties in communication, relationships and employment.
An old person's hands with a walking stick

Digital divide for aged care residents

26 Mar, 2019
A new study funded by InternetNZ shows that aged care residents are dependent on family and friends to keep them digitally connected.
They Are Us image - illustration by Ruby Jones

Christchurch tragedy

15 Mar, 2019
The tragic event in Christchurch today devastates us. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their friends and families.
Taking notes

Marginalisation on health policy groups

08 Mar, 2019
A new study, which explores Māori and Pasifika leaders’ experiences on government advisory groups, indicates ongoing inequities in the development of New Z
Dr Pani Farvid

Education key to fight gender inequality

08 Mar, 2019
Dr Pani Farvid recommends an educational primary prevention approach that seeks to stop the manifestations of gender inequality before they occur.
Associate Professor Dong-Xu Liu

Boost for breast cancer treatment

01 Mar, 2019
Study discovers potential new tool to help doctors select the best treatment.
Isaac Warbrick

Fat-shaming in public health

01 Feb, 2019
Dr Isaac Warbrick argues that societal and institutional racism affect nutrition, physical activity and weight loss in indigenous communities.
Professor Valery Feigin

Young adults at risk of stroke

23 Jan, 2019
Almost one in four people aged 25 years are at risk of developing a stroke during their lifetime, according to a new scientific study.
AUT Edge Award winners

Gaining skills for the workplace

14 Dec, 2018
Auckland Council are proud to sponsor the overall achievement prize for the AUT Edge Award, an extra-curricular employability award at AUT.
A model of a brain

NZ has the world's highest MND mortality

28 Nov, 2018
The Global Burden of Disease study reveals that New Zealand’s rate of mortality from motor neuron disease is 2.2 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.
Professor Richard Siegert

Researching inflammation and depression

26 Nov, 2018
Auckland University of Technology has won a Marsden Grant of $827K to investigate the relationship between inflammation in the body and depression.
Professor Valery Feigin

Global Burden of Disease Brain Summit

26 Nov, 2018
International researchers, health professionals and policymakers will gather at AUT on November 27.
Professor Max Abbott

Oral therapy student intake to increase

21 Nov, 2018
AUT is increasing oral therapy student intake three-fold to help meet the oral health crisis.
AUT's logo

AUT ranked #1 in NZ for health subjects

09 Nov, 2018
AUT has climbed in the THE World University Rankings published today. The rankings by subject place AUT first in NZ for its health subjects.
Synchrotron to be used in research

Five AUT Marsden Fund grants

08 Nov, 2018
Five projects led by AUT researchers have been granted funding totalling $3.58 million in new research for the university, in this Marsden Fund round.
AUT's new Professors

New Professors and Associate Professors

01 Nov, 2018
AUT has announced the promotion to Professor of seven senior academics. A further 16 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
The Sustainability Taskforce at the Roadmap launch

Minister launches sustainable blueprint

24 Oct, 2018
The Minister for Climate Change, the Hon James Shaw officially launched AUT’s Sustainability Roadmap on Friday 19 October.
Professor Max Abbot

World Mental Health Day 2018

10 Oct, 2018
Youth mental health has been recognised as a priority in New Zealand, but more needs to be done says Professor Max Abbott
WF WG sky tower

THE rankings place AUT in NZ top three

27 Sep, 2018
AUT has significantly improved in global university rankings published today by the Times Higher Education.
Professor Valery Feigin

Professor honoured for stroke prevention

14 Sep, 2018
Professor Valery Feigin won this year’s Excellence in Stroke Award for his ground-breaking contribution to stroke prevention.
AUT students sit in the WG lecture hall

AUT 2019 domestic and international fees

13 Sep, 2018
Tuition fees for new domestic students, and for domestic and international students currently enrolled in a programme will increase in 2019.
Vice Chancellor Derek McCormack

ISBS honours AUT Vice Chancellor

12 Sep, 2018
Vice Chancellor Derek McCormack’s championing of sports science has been honoured with the Inaugural ISBS 2018 Conference President’s Award.
photo of Jed Montayre

Nursing: from picket lines to policy

05 Sep, 2018
Dr Jed Montayre, from the School of Clinical Sciences, is heading to Switzerland for the Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI) Policy Programme.
Dominic O'Sullivan

Indigenous health: power & politics

02 Aug, 2018
AUT recently hosted a public conversation on indigenous health with visiting political scientist Dominic O’Sullivan.
Dr El Shadan Tautolo

Pacific youth at risk if mothers gamble

09 Jul, 2018
AUT research sheds light on the intergenerational effects of gambling among Pacific families.

Debunking perceptions of safety

04 Jul, 2018
A collaboration between AUT’s Midwifery department, Auckland District Health Board and Birthcare led to the opening of three refurbished birthing rooms.

AUT and PharmaCann collaborate

02 Jul, 2018
AUT has partnered with PharmaCann New Zealand Ltd to research the development of medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand.
Dr Isaac Warbrick

What Māori men think about exercise

22 Jun, 2018
AUT research looks at what motivates Māori men to be physically active.

Microsoft takes AUT student across globe

19 Jun, 2018
Second-year Bachelor of Health Science student Jackie Chan is travelling across the globe as a Microsoft Student Partner.
Associate Professor Gwyn Lewis from AUT’s School of Clinical Sciences

Disparity in chronic pain services

12 Jun, 2018
AUT research highlights ethnic disparities in attendance at New Zealand's chronic pain services.
Dianne Lummis (Programme Leader, Child and Adolescent Psychology) and Mariana Torkington (Lecturer, Psychotherapy and Counselling).

New clinic delivers vital support

21 May, 2018
AUT has launched a new psychotherapy clinic dedicated to improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of children and their families.
Professor Grant Schofield, Dr Caryn Zinn and chef Craig Rodger

New book sheds light on fasting

20 Apr, 2018
We’re fatter and sicker than ever before – and according to a new book, the answer to this modern scourge could lie in the age-old practice of fasting.
Professor Duncan Reid

4 questions with Professor Duncan Reid

13 Apr, 2018
We asked Professor of Physiotherapy Duncan Reid four questions about his research at the time of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Radilaite Cammock

Fijian reproductive health worse in NZ

28 Mar, 2018

A new study shows that indigenous Fijian women living in New Zealand are not benefitting from the higher level of resources available.

Edmond Fehoko at AUT South Campus

Kava drinking research highlighted in global report

14 Mar, 2018

AUT PhD student, Edmond Fehoko, continues to garner international attention with his master’s thesis on the experiences and perceptions of New Zealand-born Tongan males participating in the faikava or kava drinking circle.


AUT increases presence in QS subject rankings

01 Mar, 2018

New global rankings show AUT now has 13 subjects ranked, with two of them featuring in the top 50 in the world.

Active aging small

Newly announced patrons help tackle loneliness in older kiwis

19 Feb, 2018

Sir Bob Harvey and Professor Max Abbott (CNZM) have been appointed as co-patrons of the Silver Line Charitable Trust New Zealand.

AUT Health officially opens

12 Oct, 2017

AUT Health, Auckland University of Technology’s clinical services hub based near AUT North Campus, was officially opened by the Vice-Chancellor yesterday. He was joined by North Campus Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences, Professor Max Abbott, as well as staff, industry partners and neighbouring health providers.


AUT helping students build mental strength

10 Oct, 2017

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has marked Mental Health Awareness Week with the release of a new Resilience App for staff and students, the first of its kind by a New Zealand university.

Money not the key to Kiwi happiness, but it’s a start

25 Sep, 2017

Money may not buy happiness but material conditions are a significant factor in determining quality of life, according to a visiting academic.

Bath University’s Professor Suzanne Skevington is speaking the 2010 Quality of Life Conference which starts today (February 22-24) at AUT University and will discuss how material conditions affect quality of life and the implications this has for social policy.


New fatigue fighting tool offers MS patients hope

07 Sep, 2017

A new app is now available to help those with multiple sclerosis (MS) cope with fatigue. The app, MS Energise, launched last week and uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles to help users self-manage the fatigue they experience as a result of their condition.

Radilaite Cammock

Māori and Pacific Early Career Academic Programme

02 Sep, 2017

A new generation of Māori and Pacific lecturers is taking up residence at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

The 2018 Early Career Academic Programme offers up to six Māori and Pacific scholars their first, full-time, permanent appointments as research-active lecturers.


Rural medicine school well intended but misplaced

29 Aug, 2017

National’s election announcement of funding to establish a new school of rural medicine is well intended but misplaced, according to Auckland University of Technology Dean of Health and Environmental Sciences Professor Max Abbott.


United Nations to review the state of NZ racism

14 Aug, 2017

A New Zealand collective will today present to the United Nations in Geneva, drawing attention to the existence, prevalence and entrenchment of institutional racism targeting Māori in Aotearoa.


Pacific mental health expert scoops national leadership award

14 Aug, 2017

Dr Monique Faleafa was last week named winner of the 2017 eHealth Innovation Leadership Award by AUT’s Centre for eHealth.


Third med school a “shag on a rock” says professor

10 Aug, 2017

Professor Max Abbott, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), says a third medical school at Waikato University would be a “shag on a rock” and will not address urgent, longer-term rural health needs.


Big result for Pacific health research at AUT

20 Jun, 2017

AUT’s Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study has been awarded three research grants, each worth $1.2 million over three years, by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.


Working together for healthy communities

09 Jun, 2017

Professor Elaine Rush is calling for the food industry and healthy eating campaigners to work together to create a healthier South Auckland.


International Day of the Midwife

04 May, 2017

AUT celebrates 10 years of educating student midwives at Middlemore Hospital as part of a unique collaboration with Counties Manukau Health.


AUT Professor appointed Chief Education Health & Nutrition Advisor

20 Apr, 2017

AUT’s Professor Grant Schofield has been announced the Ministry of Education’s new Chief Education Health and Nutrition Advisor, an appointment aimed at helping New Zealand learners reach their full potential.

AUT receives funding for Pacific health study on ageing

05 Dec, 2016

The Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study at AUT South Campus has been awarded almost $1 million for innovative research as part of the ‘Ageing Well’ National Science Challenge.

Top paramedics compete in Ferno Sim Challenge

24 Nov, 2016

Australasia’s top paramedics assembled at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to compete in the annual Ferno Sim Challenge – a world-class, high-fidelity, emergency response simulation designed to test their mettle and clinical skills.

AUT academic awarded Young Psychologist of the Year

02 Nov, 2016

Dr Alice Theadom, Deputy Director of AUT’s National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences (NISAN), has been honoured by the New Zealand Psychological Society for her research accomplishments. The senior psychology lecturer was awarded the G.V. Goddard Early Career Award, in recognition of her scholarly contributions to the field of applied professional psychology.

AUT scholars receive prestigious HRC awards

01 Nov, 2016

Five AUT scholars were yesterday announced as recipients of the Health Research Council’s 2017 career development awards.

Young Nurse of the Year goes to AUT lecturer

18 Oct, 2016

AUT nursing lecturer Dr Jed Montayre has been named Young Nurse of the Year by the New Zealand Nurses Association (NZNO).

The award recognises outstanding practice, contribution to nursing and entrepreneurship in young nurses.

World Mental Health Day event explores psychological first-aid

14 Oct, 2016

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) was celebrated on Monday 10 October with a thought-provoking event at AUT’s North Campus.

The event focussed on the WMHD 2016 theme of psychological and mental health first-aid, highlighting the fact that we each have a role to play in the health of our social networks. A panel of industry-leading speakers talked about how to provide effective psychological first-aid, and the current climate of mental health in New Zealand.

Paramedicine students visit trauma capital

05 Oct, 2016

Three paramedicine students from AUT South Campus recently returned from clinical placement in Cape Town – ‘the trauma capital of the world’.

Zoe Farmer, Brody Mangos and Sam Rabone are completing the second year of a Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine.

New groups to tackle loneliness in older people

30 Sep, 2016

Two new groups launched yesterday, with the shared objective of promoting active ageing and advancing the health and wellbeing of older people. Ensuring communities are inclusive and encourage social engagement is key to achieving this goal.

Research scholarship to shed light on racism in NZ health system

08 Sep, 2016

AUT Masters student Emma Rawson has been awarded the inaugural Whakauae Pae Tawhiti Scholarship for Māori Health Research, to further her work investigating institutional racism in public health units’ human resources practices

Ending institutional racism in public health organisations

06 Sep, 2016

Academics and public health practitioners have come together to host New Zealand’s first ever symposium on ending institutional racism in the public health sector.

AUT crash simulation stops traffic

05 Sep, 2016

Paramedicine students from AUT South Campus were put through their paces during a lifelike crash simulation in Auckland Central on August 27.

AUT academics receive Health Research Council honours

30 Aug, 2016

The Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) has honoured AUT health researchers Professor Valery Feigin and Dr Alice Theadom for their contributions to health research excellence.

AUT ‘Nothing Else’ snack bar to take on commercial market

11 Aug, 2016

A healthier muesli bar developed by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is set to take on the commercial snack bar market this month.

Key New Zealand health target must change, says Professor

29 Jul, 2016

One of New Zealand’s top six priority health targets needs revision, according to the lead author of a study published in Nature Reviews Neurology.

Widespread support for cannabis law reform

15 Jul, 2016

A recent assembly at the Auckland Town Hall has put the spotlight on New Zealand’s cannabis laws. The public event, Start the Conversation, addressed the impact of current cannabis laws on New Zealanders, and called for legislative reform to curb the harm caused by the country’s current approach to drug use.

Public forum to unlock debate on cannabis

22 Jun, 2016

AUT Professor Max Abbott is set to speak at a public event on Monday evening, addressing growing community concern about cannabis use and legislation.

Air pollution a major contributor to stroke burden, finds new study

14 Jun, 2016

New research has uncovered that air pollution contributes to around one third of strokes worldwide. The startling findings, published last week in The Lancet Neurology, are the result of work led by Professor Valery Feigin - Director of AUT's National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences.

AUT inspires Seychelles’ response to childhood obesity

02 Jun, 2016

AUT South Campus recently played host to Director of Family Health and Nutrition Programmes for the Seychelles Islands, Rosie Bistoquet.

Mentor initiative drive Pacific midwives numbers up

17 May, 2016

Pacific midwife numbers are on the rise in South Auckland, thanks to a mentoring initiative led by Pasifika Midwives Aotearoa, supported by AUT midwifery department.

AUT Centre for eHealth signs formal relationship agreement with the Health Promotion Agency

06 May, 2016
AUT and the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) have signed a relationship agreement, establishing a formal partnership between the HPA and AUT Centre for eHealth.
Established in 2012, the HPA is a Crown entity that exists to empower communities and develop self-help tools in the area of public health. Their main activities consist of the promotion of health and wellbeing, and encouraging healthy lifestyles – making them the perfect partner for the AUT Centre for eHealth

Professor of Psychology & Public Health receives national honour

02 May, 2016

Professor Max Abbott, Dean of AUT’s Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, was appointed a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM) at an investiture ceremony in Auckland last week.

NZ a world leader in island conservation, says new research

22 Apr, 2016

An international study has shown that mammal eradication on islands has delivered great conservation gains for New Zealand’s native species and island biodiversity.

The research was part of a global effort across eight countries to assess the value of removing invasive mammals, such as rats, goats and cats, as a conservation measure. The results were published earlier this month in prestigious journal PNAS, and point to clear benefits for endangered fauna.

AUT Pacific Islands Families study: Findings to be translated into international context

18 Apr, 2016

Researchers at Auckland University of Technology’s South Campus in Manukau will join forces with four other leading research groups in the field of child development studies, thanks to Government funding of $429,017 from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Catalyst Fund.

Eye on health and well-being of Pacific youth: research symposium at AUT South Campus

11 Apr, 2016

The latest round of findings from the 14 year measurement wave of the Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study will be examined at a research symposium being held at the AUT South Campus in Manukau this week.

Project Energize celebrates 10 years in action

06 Jan, 2016

Project Energize, New Zealand’s innovative child health initiative, celebrates 10 years in action this year.

The programme sees a team of 26 ‘Energizers’ working with their local schools and communities to increase children's physical activity, improve nutrition and enhance their overall health. The Waikato project is funded by the Waikato District Health Board and grew out of a desire from parents, educators, community groups and Sport Waikato to support children’s health.


Tackling Pacific health issues through better nutrition

18 Dec, 2015

A group of passionate Pacific workers will soon be taking their messages of healthy eating to communities ranging from Northland to Waikato.


AUT team wins prestigious Marsden grant

13 Nov, 2015

Auckland University of Technology has been awarded a sought-after research grant from the Marsden Fund.


Prestigious research honour goes to AUT stroke expert

13 Nov, 2015

The Royal Society of New Zealand has awarded Professor Valery Feigin the MacDiarmid Medal for outstanding scientific research.


Government plan to tackle obesity addresses only half the problem – AUT nutrition expert

21 Oct, 2015

Auckland University of Technology Professor of Nutrition Elaine Rush says the plan unveiled by government on Monday to tackle obesity in New Zealand does not take into consideration the importance of school-based physical education and issues of food security.


30 new graduates from AUT-SIT Applied Chemistry programme

20 Oct, 2015

Newly graduated Chinese student Nova Yang, who works for a top 500 international company in Shanghai, says her Auckland University of Technology study taught her the benefits of cross-cultural communication and jump-started her career.


Focus on breaking the cycle of violence pays off for research team

07 Oct, 2015

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment has awarded an AUT research team $2.4 million in funding, for a pioneering project aimed at curbing family violence. The four year study will culminate in the release of a Healthy Relationships App for young people.


Mock disaster simulation gives high school students a taste of health sciences

11 Sep, 2015

A mock disaster simulation involving a mock multi-car pileup, mock injuries and emergency scenarios was part of a showcase event called HealthSim at AUT South Campus.


Three minutes to impress

04 Sep, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Doctoral and Masters Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competitions: PhD candidate Kudakwashe Tuwe and Master of Sport and Exercise student Samuel Paterson.


Southern hemisphere science goes on show in new science series

21 Aug, 2015

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has unveiled a new science webcast series today. The online Sci21 talks are the brainchild of Professor Steve Pointing, and put the spotlight on life-changing science developments of the 21st Century.


New AUT paper recognises Pacific approaches to health

28 Jul, 2015

Health Promotion students studying at the Auckland University of Technology’s South Campus will gain in-depth knowledge of Pacific health following the introduction of a new pacific-focused health paper as of this semester.


What the fat?

26 Jun, 2015

AUT researchers Professor Grant Schofield and Dr Caryn Zinn have teamed up with Michelin-trained chef Craig Rodger to release a guide to ‘low carb, healthy fat’ eating.


Sport as a tool for social change - South Campus sport development ‘Think Tank’

23 Jun, 2015

Local Manukau sport industry influencers gathered at the AUT South campus in Manukau recently to discuss how sports can be used as a tool for social change and development in South Auckland.


AUT scientists launch major global health study

22 Jun, 2015

An AUT neuroscience team has embarked on what could become the world’s largest health study, in a bid to tackle the mounting toll of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


Professor Andrea Alfaro: Aquanaut, Mussel Lady and inspiring teacher

19 May, 2015

“My life has been one adventure after another and most of them have to do with the sea,” Professor Andrea Alfaro told the audience at her inaugural professorial address on Friday. She went on to regale her experiences of living under the sea, encountering purple sea urchins, winning the nickname ‘the mussel lady’, and carrying out vital aquaculture research.


AUT University academics to speak at this year’s TEDx Auckland event

29 Apr, 2015

AUT University academics Professor Grant Schofield and Professor Steve Pointing are set to speak at TEDx Auckland this Saturday.


Study reveals what makes Kiwis awesome

24 Apr, 2015

The 2015 Sovereign Wellbeing Index has revealed new insights into New Zealanders’ wellbeing.


Lifelike trauma simulations give AUT paramedics the edge

17 Mar, 2015

Lifelike trauma and medical situations will allow AUT University Paramedicine students to apply their skills and gain vital practical experience before entering the workforce.


New Year surprise for AUT Research fellow

09 Feb, 2015

AUT University Research Fellow Dr Huhana Hickey (Ngāti Tahinga, Tainui, Ngai Tai) has been named a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her contribution to people with disabilities, in particular Māori.


Mentoring programme helps boost Hato Petera students’ academic success

10 Dec, 2014

A unique mentoring programme run by AUT University students and Hato Petera College on Auckland’s North Shore is helping raise the achievement levels of the College’s NCEA cohort.


AUT PhD candidate to represent NZ at prestigious Commonwealth Science Conference

25 Nov, 2014

AUT University PhD candidate Gardette Valmonte will represent New Zealand at the Royal Society’s Commonwealth Science Conference in Bangalore this week.


AUT University Professor receives prestigious World Stroke Organisation award

30 Oct, 2014

The World Stroke Organization (WSO) has awarded AUT University’s Professor Valery Feigin with the prestigious WSO President’s Award.


What smokers really want – Smokefree Nurses campaign launches

24 Oct, 2014

Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa has launched a new campaign to aid nurses in helping patients quit smoking for good.


AUT University Paramedicine team shows expertise on world stage

20 Oct, 2014

A team of AUT University Paramedicine lecturers, based at AUT’s South Campus, have returned from the Paramedics Australasia International Conference (PAIC).


AUT Food Network develops new healthy snack bar

08 Oct, 2014

The AUT Food Network has developed a healthy new snack bar under the University’s Nothing Else brand.


AUT Professor named a finalist in NZ Innovators Awards 2014

16 Sep, 2014

AUT University Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology Valery Feigin has been announced as a finalist in two categories of the New Zealand Innovators Awards.


Giant squid dissection held at AUT University

29 Aug, 2014

AUT researchers got up close and personal with not one, but three giant squids yesterday.


AUT University partners with Roche Diagnostics

26 Jun, 2014

AUT University is proud to announce the opening of the AUT Roche Diagnostics Laboratory.

Lord Robert Winston

AUT hosts Lord Robert Winston on the South Campus

18 Mar, 2014

Thanks to a new relationship with Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development, AUT University hosted a round-table discussion at the AUT South Campus with Lord Robert Winston last week.

New app to help detect ‘ticking time bomb in your head’

14 Nov, 2013

A new app developed by an AUT researcher aims to reduce the incidences of stroke and save lives all over the world.

Brought to market by AUT Enterprises Ltd – the technology transfer office of AUT University– the Stroke Riskometer assesses the chance of suffering a stroke using a number of health and lifestyle factors.

World Mental Health Day

10 Oct, 2013

Mental disorders among older people often go undetected and there is concern about recent increases in suicides says AUT’s Professor Max Abbott on World Mental Health Day (WMHD).  Mental health and older people is the focus of this year’s WMHD on 10 October.

Workplace bullying- the ripple effects

15 Jan, 2013

It is likely that most working New Zealanders will, at some time, be exposed to workplace bullying, either directly or as observers.

Director of the New Zealand Work Research Institute Professor Tim Bentley says what can sometimes be mistaken for harmless fun can in fact be counterproductive, with the ill-effects often extending way beyond those immediately involved.


36,000 new brain injuries in NZ each year, incidence at “epidemic proportions”

22 Nov, 2012

The number of people with traumatic brain injuries in New Zealand is at “epidemic proportions” according to the lead investigator of a study published today in the international medical journal The Lancet.


Child's play helps combat obesity

09 Nov, 2012

Research published today in the New Zealand Medical Journal suggests children can benefit more from active play compared to structured exercise.


Buck at Human Potential Centre opening

05 Oct, 2012

Iconic All Black captain Buck Shelford was the keynote speaker at the opening of the Human Potential Centre (HPC) at AUT Millennium yesterday. The function, attended by over 160 stakeholders, was also the official book launch of Buck Up, co-authored by Buck and HPC director Professor Grant Schofield.


Generation Excess: prepared to pay the price

21 Aug, 2012

A considerable amount of research has suggested the excessive consumption of alcohol is an accepted social norm in New Zealand and Australia, and that young people deliberately drink to reach a level of intoxication.


Refugee expert warns NZ against immigration law change

29 Jun, 2012

After two asylum-seeker boats capsized in Australian waters within a week an international refugee expert has called for the New Zealand government to reconsider proposed immigration law changes.


Knee deep in osteoarthritis research

17 May, 2012

Physiotherapist and AUT Master’s student Brydie Harris is currently investigating cardiovascular fitness in people with Osteoarthritis of the knee.

Dr Lindsey White with Undaria seaweed

Export windfall for seaweed harvest

13 Jan, 2012

Undaria pinnatifida is known as a highly invasive and unwanted organism under New Zealand biosecurity laws, yet AUT University researchers are touting it as the aquaculture sector’s next big thing.


Importance of sea and coasts needs to be recognised

30 Dec, 2011

As we move into the summer months, our interaction with the sea and coasts will become an even more central part of our lives so it is worthwhile to reflect on the importance of our seas as part of our nation and culture according to an AUT professor.


Treats on display at AUT

23 Dec, 2011

Matariki, Easter and St Patrick’s Day were just a few of the well thought-out themes at the annual showcase for first year pâtisserie students.


14 metre fall survivor graduates

19 Dec, 2011

Breaking her jaw, two cheekbones and fracturing her foot in a recent abseiling fall did not prevent Mikaela Blayney from joining her friends in attending AUT’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday 14 December.


AUT applauds teaching excellence

29 Nov, 2011

Today students at AUT University recognised teaching staff in this year’s AuSM (Auckland Student Movement at AUT) Awesome Awards ceremony.


Cutting edge scientist receives RJ Scott medal

11 Nov, 2011

Professor Stephen Henry has been awarded the Royal Society of New Zealand’s prestigious RJ Scott medal for engineering science and technology in recognition for his novel biotechnology research.


Hockey player and Paralympian take out AUT’s top sport awards

19 Oct, 2011

AUT University’s best sportsmen and women were recognised on Friday 14 October at the annual Blues Awards at the North Shore Campus. A total of 46 Blues Awards were presented on the night with the calibre of recipients reflected in the night’s big winners.

Gambling think tank debating technology’s role in addiction

22 Feb, 2010

Rapid advances in technology are having a significant impact on gambling but international experts are in Auckland today (Feb. 22) debating whether the net impact will be positive or negative for gambling addiction.

Professor Max Abbott

Call for more unified approach to mental health care

13 Oct, 2009

Much more needs to be done in primary health settings to meet the growing need for mental health care. 

AUT University Professor Max Abbott says mental health is becoming an international health priority, with the World Health Organisation determining that by 2020 depression will be second only to cardiovascular disease in contributing to the total global burden of disease.