Pacific language videos: Tuvalu

28 Sep, 2020
Pacific language videos: Tuvalu

The Tuvalu instalment in AUT’s Pacific language video series – ‘Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures’ is out now.

Narrated through the viewpoint of a 17-year-old boy speaking to her grandparents in Tuvaluan (with English subtitles) the video takes a look at findings from the Pacific Islands Families Study (PIFS) on the smoking behaviour of parents with children born in the year 2000, over two decades.

PIFS Director, Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo says reducing smoking rates within our Pacific families in Aotearoa is so critical to growing fit, healthy and resilient communities.

“While we have seen some decline in smoking rates among our Pacific communities here in Aotearoa, this decline has plateaued in recent years, so we need a lot more targeted support in order for our people to achieve the Government’s goal of a ‘smokefree Aotearoa’ by 2025.”

Key study findings:

  • Almost one third of mothers who took part in the Study were smokers
  • More than 40% of fathers who took part were also smokers
  • Children whose parents smoke were at higher risk of becoming smokers

Watch the video here:

Future release dates:

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  • Fiji – Sunday 4 October
  • Niue – Sunday 18 October
  • Tokelau – Sunday 25 October

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