Mobile medical clinics a world first

29 Jul, 2019
Mobile medical clinics a world first

Dr Lance O’Sullivan, AUT Māori Entrepreneur in Residence and founder of The MOKO Foundation has revealed his plans to launch 200 mobile drive-through medical clinics across New Zealand by 2021.

Speaking exclusively at a public lecture on the future of public health at AUT, Dr O’Sullivan spoke publicly for the first time about his ambitious plans.

A leading medical innovator pursuing the goal of increasing access to quality health care, Dr O’Sullivan said: “This is a gamechanger for thousands of kiwis who need medical support. Not only is this initiative a first for New Zealand, but a first for the world.”

“I hope New Zealand can lead the way in the delivery of innovative models of care that provides more care to more people of higher quality for less cost resulting in a fairer society,” he added.  

Focussing on communities with high health needs and areas where services are unable to meet demand, the mobile clinics will be run by nurses and community health workers, with access to GPs when required.

The privately funded clinics will be free to visit, with the first clinic opening in Rotorua in September 2019, and a second clinic to open in Kaitaia in November 2019.

Dr O’Sullivan created NZ’s first digital health program, iMOKO™ for children across the country which delivers health services to communities of children.