AUT secures $5.8m in research funding

14 Feb, 2024
AUT secures $5.8m in research funding
Associate Dean of Research for HES, Nicola Kayes

The Health Research Council (HRC) funding announced in December has proven to be a boon for AUT’s academics.

AUT academics had 12 of their 14 proposals funded, which amounts to approximately $5.87 million in total.

Particularly impressive were the results in the Health Delivery Research Project Grant applications, where four out of five were funded, an 80 percent success rate and more than any other institution in Aotearoa. Only 11 were awarded in total.

“It is great to see our increasing success in the HRC Health delivery funding stream,” says Associate Dean of Research for the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences (HES), Nicola Kayes.

“I think our success in highlights what AUT health research has to offer the health sector in Aotearoa and the potential for our research to have a meaningful impact on health service delivery and outcome.”

Kayes says it is important to acknowledge the significant collective effort that goes into these submissions, often over many years and with multiple submissions.

“This makes it even more satisfying that these teams now have the opportunity to bring their ideas to fruition.”

That includes Kayes herself, who was awarded $1,399,403 for Building psychosocial and cultural resources for recovery and adaptation.

Professor Mark Orams, Vice-Chancellor Research, says he was delighted with the success of the latest HRC proposals.

“They represent an enormous amount of work by a large team which including the researchers, but also our research support staff who provide assistance in preparing these grant applications. I want to acknowledge and thank all involved.

“What is especially pleasing are the diverse range of important research projects these grants will support.

“These projects address important contemporary health challenges and the outcomes from this research will have beneficial impacts for a wide range of communities.”

Senior Research Fellow Dr Claire Gear was awarded $1,399,999 for What matters to whānau? Optimising health in integrated family violence services, a study grounded in Te Ao Māori.

“Our team is pleased to be able to continue to build on a significant body of work and community support within the Bay of Plenty to strengthen health system responsiveness to family violence,” says Gear.

“This study will create space for whānau and families to be seen and heard on what matters to them when accessing integrated family violence services.

Gear says the team aims to generate mutual understanding of the context of care between health professionals and whānau and families, improving health care service delivery and preventing further trauma.

“This research will create safe spaces for support, connection and healing as well as an education and advocacy platform from which whānau and families can communicate change.”

The successful applicants were:

Health Delivery Research Project Grant

  • Professor Nicola Kayes (HES) - $1,399,403
    Building psychosocial and cultural resources for recovery and adaptation
  • Associate Professor Bridget Dicker (HES) - $1,309,940
    Implementing Te Manawaroa First Responders
  • Dr Claire Gear (HES) - $1,399,999
    What matters to whānau? Optimising health in integrated family violence services
  • Professor Alice Theadom (HES) - $1,398,567
    Improving screening and management of mild TBI in the ED

Health Delivery Research Activation Grant 2

  • Associate Professor Crystal Yap (Business, Economics and Law) - $29,821.26
    Gamifying rehabilitation care for patient health and wellness
  • Dr Farkhondeh Hassandoust (Business, Economics and Law) - $29,772
    AI chatbots interventions in healthcare: From Pacific People’s Perspective
  • Dr Nadia Charania (HES) - $30,000
    Equitable preventive maternal and early childhood health services among migrants
  • Associate Professor Richard Ellis, Daniel O’Brien (HES) - $28,925
    Community of practice co-creation of a life-span approach to managing ACL injury
  • Professor Rita Krishnamurthi (HES) - $29,944
    Adapting Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for NZ Indians and Chinese with dementia
  • Associate Professor Caryn Zinn, Professor Grant Schofield (HES) - $30,000
    Advancing Food Quality Measurement in Mobile Apps with AI Technology
  • Associate Professor Simon Walters (HES) - $30,000
    Connecting rangatahi with concussion management

Health Delivery Research Career Development Award 2

  • Dr Kay Shannon (HES) - $153,845
    Resident outcomes in homelike models of care in Aged Residential Care