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Learn to successfully navigate the fast-changing world of business and work, with AUT’s globally ranked business programmes. At the AUT Business School you’ll learn from the best – we’ve been awarded the prestigious EQUIS accreditation and AACSB International accreditation, which puts us among an elite group of business schools around the world.

We understand that business plays an integral role in economic and social wellbeing. That’s why our programmes and extracurricular opportunities help you develop the mindset, knowledge and skills to make a positive social impact.

Your studies reflect local and global contemporary business practices, and our strong connections with businesses make it easy for you to network with industry leaders and meet potential employers. These are reasons why AUT business graduates are enjoying rewarding careers in New Zealand and around the world.

Research postgraduate programmes

These programmes involve advanced learning by conducting research, which will give you specialised knowledge in an area you've previously studied and transferable skills to stand out in the highly competitive employment market.

The Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Business don't include a research project, but can serve as a pathway into the Master of Business research degree.

Professional postgraduate programmes

These programmes are taught in class, and are designed to accelerate your professional career or take it in a new direction entirely.

Applied finance

Business administration (MBA)

Business management


Professional accounting

Supply chain management

Other programmes

A certificate or diploma will give you an introduction to your chosen subject and can prepare you for further study.

Research at the AUT Business School

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across all business disciplines.

More about our research

Partner with the AUT Business School

AUT Business School is dedicated to deepening our links with industry, communities and alumni to enhance the student experience and inform our research and its application.

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Professor at AUT
NFL ball
Workers gossiping
Busy AUT City Campus
News pattern
Professor at AUT
Newbies don’t know what they don’t know
23 Apr, 2024
The first 90 days on the job can be stressful, but there are practical ways for employers to help newcomers thrive, writes Helena Cooper-Thomas.
NFL ball
AUT algorithm predicts unlikely NFL pick
23 Apr, 2024
An algorithm developed by an AUT economics professor is predicting an unlikely pick for the forthcoming National Football League (NFL) draft.
Workers gossiping
Office gossip: more than idle chatter
10 Apr, 2024
Though office gossip is traditionally frowned upon and branded as unproductive or even deviant, new research paints a more complex picture of gossip.
Busy AUT City Campus
Connecting students to future employers
28 Mar, 2024
More than 100 employers visited AUT’s City Campus to connect with around 1500 students as part of a series of career expos employer events.
Brand activism and business success
27 Mar, 2024
Jessica Vredenburg highlights the significance of brand activism, revealing 70% of consumers expect brands to publicly stand for sociopolitical issues.

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