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At the AUT Business School we believe in high-quality research that addresses important societal challenges. Our world-class researchers work in all major disciplines in business, and in our multidisciplinary research centres.

At the heart of our research is collaborative engagement with our external stakeholders in business, the professions, government and the community.

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AUT's academic supervisors are recognised world-class researchers who have the expert knowledge in their fields to guide you throughout your studies.

If you’re interested in applying to a doctoral degree or a Master of Philosophy, email first to assess your eligibility for the programme.

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Gail Pacheco
Asheq Rahman
Helena Cooper-Thomas
Ayesha Scott
Dr Nimbus Staniland, Dr Lydia Cheung and Dr Jessica Vredenburg
Dr Radilaite Cammock and Daysha Tonumaipe’a
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Ayesha Scott
AUT funding helps Kiwis talk about money
15 Jun, 2021
Newly funded research from AUT aims to tackle financial abuse by helping Kiwis feel comfortable and talk constructively about money with their loved ones.
Dr Nimbus Staniland, Dr Lydia Cheung and Dr Jessica Vredenburg
Business School wins translation awards
13 May, 2021
AUT Business School has won the NZ Business Research Translation Competition, highlighting the impact of sharing research with non-academic audiences.
Dr Radilaite Cammock and Daysha Tonumaipe’a
Using ‘food havens’ to reduce obesity
13 May, 2021
A new concept in food environments, the food haven, aims to reduce high obesity rates among Māori and Pacific peoples.
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Five questions with Professor Ricky Chan
10 May, 2021
We asked Professor Ricky Chan five questions about his research following his appointment to Professor.
Techweek playlist
Techweek 21: Tech for Good
07 May, 2021
Techweek 2021 is almost upon us, and this year again offers a huge variety of interesting and insightful events and talks on AUT City Campus.
Meghana Lama
Ajantha Velayutham
Kai Schaedlich
Nafiz Ul Fahad
Sanghyub (John) Lee

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