Gender & Diversity Research Group

We build innovative quality research and lead discussions addressing gender and diversity issues within the community, at a national and international level. The Gender and Diversity Research Group was formed in 2007 with the aim of establishing a network of researchers within (and beyond) AUT University who share an interest in gender and diversity.


We initiate socially relevant research and engage in high quality consultancy and research for organisations. We bring together a range of interdisciplinary researchers to investigate and support research in the following areas:

  • Significance of the body in the workplace
  • Gender equity and diversity issues in organisations and society
  • Critical analysis of heteronormativity in organisational cultures and practices
  • Workplace access issues
  • Effects of the intersections of identities including ethnicity, migration experiences, religion, gender, disability and class in the workplace and society
  • Exploration and impact of men and masculinities in specific settings, such as sport
  • Mapping workforce inequality for youth and those classified as older workers
  • How diverse worldviews inform methodologies
  • New ways of thinking about careers
  • Leadership and leader(ship) development
  • Teaching pedagogies and practices

Our research publications and contributions

Postgraduate research

Our members are available to supervise postgraduate students and we aim to encourage student research into related topics.

Collaboration and engagement

Individual members of the Gender and Diversity Research Group are engaged in numerous collaborations and events, both across AUT and beyond. Read about the events proposed for 2019, specifically organised by group members and funded by the grant received from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.

Group members and leadership

Find out about our leadership and group members.

Leadership and group members

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Fighting the Same Fight

Dr Barbara Myers, a Senior Research Lecturer in Management, at Auckland University of Technology features in the final episode of the Radio NZ podcast series, discussing women in the workplace. Barbara says that after taking time out to have children women often feel like they are behind and can’t meet promotional measures.

“If a woman can have children, she has to create a whole lot of resources and structures around herself to be able to be on a level playing ground at work,” says Myers.

Many women also opt to return to part-time work, and this creates another barrier for women in the workforce. According to Myers, it disadvantages a woman’s ability to accumulate brownie points and climb the career ladder.

Listen to the radio podcast

Research report on role of middle managers in progressing gender equity

September 2018: This research report focuses on the challenges that middle managers in New Zealand’s public service encounter in progressing gender equity.

Download report: The Role of Middle Managers in Progressing Gender Equity in the Public Service

Is the OE just for the young?

Dr Barbara Myers was interviewed by Radio New Zealand, Nine to Noon programme about her research on older women in their 50s and 60s, who've opted to take a career break and travel or work overseas, and the experience they've had upon returning home.

Listen to the interview

'Afraid to Ask' podcast: The gender wage gap

Dr Katherine Ravenswood and Dr Julie Douglas were interviewed recently for AUT’s podcast series Afraid to Ask. The podcast takes the thorny questions submitted by listeners and poses them to AUT experts. This episode, titled ‘Why are women worth less?’, asks about the gender wage gap and why it exists.

Afraid to Ask podcast episodes

Shelagh Mooney: NZ Herald, Your Views: Readers’ letters 'Double Whammy'

A letter in the NZ Herald about the intersectionality of age and gender that Jacinda Adhern has experienced simultaneously when she became leader of the Labour party.

Read the article on the NZ Herald website

Katherine Ravenswood speaks on 95bFM about Labour’s Jacinda Ardern

Recently Jacinda Ardern was announced as the new Labour Party leader. Immediately after this announcement, she faced multiple questions from media focusing on whether she plans to have children. Arden has hit back saying that it is completely inappropriate to ask such questions in 2017. 95bFM speaks to Katherine Ravenswood from AUT’s Gender & Diversity Research Group about how prevalent this issue is in women’s experiences of the workplace.

Listen to the interview

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