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The Management, Technology and Organisation department brings together researchers with a shared interest in the positive impact that inclusive and sustainable business practice has on people, organisations and society.

We have researchers with expertise in a range of fields relevant to today’s workplace, including leadership, sustainability, ethics, diversity, human resources and employment relations.

We also investigate the impacts of digital technology on business, with teaching and research expertise in data and analytics, enterprise systems, business process management, and operations and supply chain management.

AUT Business School Dean
Professor at AUT
Workers gossiping
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An older woman working with two younger colleagues.
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AUT Business School Dean
“Difficult” or “difference-making”?
03 May, 2024
AUT Business School Dean, Professor Kate Kearins, explores a central question: How to help turn difficult conversations into difference-making dialogues?
Professor at AUT
Newbies don’t know what they don’t know
23 Apr, 2024
The first 90 days on the job can be stressful, but there are practical ways for employers to help newcomers thrive, writes Helena Cooper-Thomas.
Workers gossiping
Office gossip: more than idle chatter
10 Apr, 2024
Though office gossip is traditionally frowned upon and branded as unproductive or even deviant, new research paints a more complex picture of gossip.
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Making Return to Office (RTO) work
12 Feb, 2024
AUT Business School Professor Helena Cooper Thomas explores how strict return to office (RTO) policies may hinder talent attraction and retention.
An older woman working with two younger colleagues.
Older workers and work-life balance
01 Feb, 2024
There is the temptation to treat all older workers as the same, but new research shows this is a mistake.
April Shwe-Paul
Sheraz Zahid
Ella Agnew
Etienne Tapueluelu
Tanya Messay

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