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Gail Pacheco at Productivity Commission

Business and economics
19 Jun, 2019

updated pay equity

Scrutiny of largest pay rise for women

Business and economics
28 Mar, 2019


Social impact for competitive edge

Business and economics
26 Mar, 2019
 Marsden re-appointment for professor

Marsden re-appointment for professor

Business and economics
08 Mar, 2019

Dr Clare Tedestedt George at graduation

Running on empty

Business and economics
14 Feb, 2019

Candice Harris and Jarrod Haar

Juggling school holidays and work

Business and economics
07 Dec, 2018


Improving diversity outcomes

Business and economics
04 Dec, 2018

AUT’s Policy Observatory recently launched a report exploring what government can do to improve diversity and inclusion.

Professor Candice Harris

Five questions: Professor Candice Harris

Business and economics
26 Sep, 2018

Award recipients group photo

Diversity Awards celebrate commitment

Business and economics
20 Aug, 2018

Gender differences at work

Relishing competence or seeking a challenge?

Business and economics
13 Aug, 2018

People who love their jobs get different things out of it - and there’s a difference between women and men when it comes to job satisfaction.

New Master of Business for AUT students

Postgrad degree boosts career prospects

Business and economics
07 Aug, 2018

AUT Business School’s new one-year Master of Business Management opens up options for graduates wanting to move into a rewarding career in management.


Working 4-day weeks for 5 days' pay?

Business and economics
30 Jul, 2018

A four-day week trial showed that if workers have more control over their job, they feel and perform better.


Four-day work week gets the tick

Business and economics
19 Jul, 2018

AUT researcher runs the research ruler over a company’s trial of a four-day working week and finds it measures up.


Develop a career with purpose

Business and economics
11 Jul, 2018

A rewarding career can grow from finding an employer who matches your own personal values, says AUT Business School’s Dr Margie Elley-Brown.


How office design can isolate women

Business and economics
03 Jul, 2018

Open plan offices are thought to promote teamwork and discussion but women are finding them hard places to work.


Changing names to boost job prospects

Business and economics
03 Jul, 2018

Migrants are using "more Kiwi-sounding" names to increase their chance of finding employment, says Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio.


What makes graduates employable?

Business and economics
22 Jun, 2018

Dr Margie Elley-Brown talks to careers hub about how university graduates can give themselves the edge when they hit the job market.

Helena Cooper-Thomas

5 questions: Prof Helena Cooper-Thomas

Business and economics
25 May, 2018

We asked Professor of Organisational Behaviour Helena Cooper-Thomas five questions about her research at the time of her Inaugural Professorial Address.

Dr Michael Fletcher

Post-split parents’ finances studied

Business and economics
19 Apr, 2018

Research from AUT has revealed the economic impact when parents separate, in a study that is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

OSH expert accepts key government advisory role

OSH expert accepts key government advisory role

Business and economics
20 Mar, 2018

Associate Professor of Employment Relations, Dr Felicity Lamm has accepted the role of Government Chief Advisor, Health and Safety.


International Women’s Day celebrated

Business and economics
16 Mar, 2018

Professor Edwina Pio encourages everyone to make a daily commitment to #pressforchange on International Women’s Day

Give nothing to racism

Powerful stories at Give Nothing to Racism

Business and economics
16 Mar, 2018

Creating positive change through storytelling was the focus of a recent Diversity at AUT event.


Older Women Have More Fun

Business and economics
13 Mar, 2018

Prof Jarrod Haar's research into work/life satisfaction.

Marjolein Wiersma

Creating meaning in the workplace

Business and economics
13 Dec, 2017

Marjolein Lips-Wiersma, Professor of Ethics and Sustainability Leadership at AUT’s Business School, is a leading expert in developing and supporting meaning in the workplace. Professor Lips-Wiersma has just released the second edition of the book she co-authored with Lani Morris, The Map of Meaningful Work: A Practical Guide to Sustaining Our Humanity.