Ayush Gupta

Ayush Gupta

Master of Supply Chain Management student

The growing demand for skilled professionals in the supply chain field, coupled with diverse career opportunities across industries, makes it a valuable degree choice, says Ayush Gupta who came to AUT as an international student from India to study a Master of Supply Chain Management.

“My passion for supply chain studies arises from a combination of personal interest, intellectual stimulation, the opportunity to make a meaningful impact, and the potential for personal and professional growth.

“AUT’s Master of Supply Chain Management equips students with industry-relevant knowledge, global perspectives, problem-solving skills and collaboration abilities. It also keeps them updated with the latest technological advancements and promotes continuous innovation. Having a Master of Supply Chain Management provides a competitive advantage in the job market, and prepares you for managing complex supply chains and addressing the challenges of today's interconnected world.”

He wouldn’t hesitate to recommend studying at AUT to other students.

“AUT offers a world-class education with innovative teaching methods, a diverse and vibrant campus life, access to modern facilities and resources, opportunities for industry connections, applied and hands-on learning experiences, a supportive learning environment, research opportunities, a prime location in Auckland, comprehensive career development services, and personal growth and development opportunities. I wholeheartedly endorse AUT and will enthusiastically recommend it to others.”

Making the most of uni life
Expecting to complete his studies later this year, Ayush has certainly been making the most of his time at AUT.

“Initially, I lived at my brother's residence, but later I made the decision to relocate to Te Āhuru Mayoral Drive Student Accommodation at the AUT City Campus. One of the aspects I particularly appreciated was the ability to live independently in my own studio apartment. It was a delightful experience to have exclusive access to amenities like a personal fridge and microwave. Spending quality time with my friends in the accommodation also always added a sense of enjoyment to my stay.

“I also like that AUT offers a recreation centre on campus, providing students with access to various fitness and recreational facilities. You can engage in physical activity, improve your fitness levels, and participate in organised sports and recreational programmes. It serves as a hub for students to socialise, de-stress, and maintain a well-rounded lifestyle during their time at AUT.”

He has also made good use of the services provided by AUT’s Employability and Careers team, and says he is grateful for the help in enhancing his CV and becoming proficient in using LinkedIn for job searching purposes in New Zealand.

“The team can offer career guidance, job search support, industry connections, workshops and events, online resources, alumni support, and access to internship and work integrated learning programmes. By using these services, students can enhance their career readiness, expand their networks, and improve their chances of securing employment after graduation.”

Supported to thrive
Ayush admits that life as an international student hasn’t always been easy, but he is grateful for the support he has received to overcome any challenges and thrive on his academic journey.

“As an international student, I’ve faced various challenges including cultural adjustment, language barriers, academic demands, financial pressures, homesickness, social integration difficulties, and navigating visa and immigration regulations. AUT recognises these challenges and the Student Hub team has been an unwavering pillar of support for me. They’ve shown great understanding towards my challenges and consistently provided me with the finest resources available.”

He has some great advice for other international students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“Research and prepare before arriving at AUT. This will help you have a smooth transition and be better prepared for your studies. Make sure you attend the AUT Orientation to familiarise yourself with the university and meet fellow students. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow international students and get to know the university community.

“While you’re at AUT, connect with the support services for your academic, personal and career development. Engage in campus activities and clubs to become part of the university community. Manage your finances by creating a budget, and explore scholarship and job opportunities. Seek financial advice to ensure you can manage your expenses effectively. Finally, embrace cultural exchange and build relationships with both local and international students as this can enrich your experience and broaden your horizons.”