Matt Baskett

Matt Baskett

Graduate Coordinator, Deloitte
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Studies

For Matt Baskett, helping university students realise they could have a career at Deloitte is one of highlights of his role as the firm’s graduate coordinator.

“One of the great parts of my job is seeing students become more aware of the work Deloitte does and seeing their excitement when they realise there is a place for them within our organisation.”

It’s a busy role for the AUT business alumnus but one he thoroughly enjoys.

“I’m part of the team that coordinates various aspects of our graduate campaign, which includes helping with career expos, pop-ups and other events that bridge the gap between students and Deloitte. As part of my role, I’m scheduling interviews, facilitating events, and answering any queries students might have about their application or about working at Deloitte.”

A path into the business world
Matt has always had an interest in business, and he decided to enrol in postgraduate study in business after previously working as a youth pastor.

“I felt the Postgraduate Certificate in Business Studies offered a good level of exposure to a wide range of business courses. This exposure helped me choose what I wanted to specialise in afterwards. The highlight of my time at AUT was definitely the range of lecturers I met through the different courses I took. They were all equally passionate about the subjects they were teaching and about making sure students were engaging with the concepts being taught.”

The biggest lightbulb moment for Matt was in the course on managing organisations and people, he says.

“Throughout the course we were taught different management styles and given various business leaders to examine their management style. I became increasingly aware that all the theory we learn is great, but unless it moves to practical changes in the way we work, it will just be theory. I’ve found that the best kind of knowledge is lived knowledge, not just head knowledge.”

Advice for other students
Matt, who graduated from AUT in 2022, has some great advice for other students.

“Because I came back as an older student, I was more aware that the lecturers genuinely care about you. If you’re struggling with grasping the content or if there are things going on outside of study that are affecting you being your best, then let them know.”

Never be afraid to ask questions, he adds.

“The lecturers are fountains of knowledge, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and engage in conversation with them during or after class as sometimes those ‘unscripted’ moments can have the biggest impact on you, and them.”