Kayne Bell

Kayne Bell

Relationship Manager, CPA Australia
Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Event Management

Kayne Bell loves his role as a relationship manager at CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, supporting over 170,000 members working in more than 100 countries and regions.

“My main responsibility is to maintain and strengthen the organisation's relationship with its members, partners and sponsors. I act as the primary point of contact for these stakeholders, and communicate with them about relevant news and events related to the organisation and the accounting profession. One of the key accounts I manage is the universities of New Zealand. It's an exciting part of my job to travel around the country and inspire the new generation of accountants to become CPAs.

“I’ve discovered how much I enjoy public speaking and presenting to stakeholders. Another aspect that has made my journey so enjoyable is the opportunity to travel to Australia, Fiji and all over New Zealand to visit members, build relationships with stakeholders and attend events.”

He has had many proud achievements in his career so far, says Kayne whose CPA Australia career has progressed from working in the company’s member service to becoming the event manager and now the relationship manager.

“I’m proud of running numerous successful events for CPA Australia, including the opportunity to work on the flagship conference CPA Congress, featuring high-profile speakers like Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and Sir Richard Branson. Furthermore, I was able to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 in the event industry and adapt my strategies accordingly, which has been a great learning experience.

“Another achievement, which is a combination of career and personal goals, is becoming a founding member of PRISM, CPA Australia’s LGBTQ+ employee network. This year I was also nominated to lead and be chair of the committee, which has been a great acknowledgement for the work I’ve done to drive change within the organisation for greater equality and diversity.”

Fond memories of AUT
He is grateful for the opportunities and experiences his time at AUT gave him, says Kayne who first discovered his passion for business and entrepreneurship in high school while participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme.

“I’m confident that my AUT degree has set me up for a successful career in the business world. When considering my options for tertiary education, I was drawn to AUT due to its reputation for providing a personalised and collaborative learning experience. The smaller class sizes at AUT allowed for more individual attention from lecturers, and facilitated a more engaging and interactive classroom environment.”

He had a number of highlights that shaped his university experience and prepared him well for his career.

“One of my biggest highlights was living on campus and serving as a resident assistant at the AUT student accommodation. I found so much joy in organising and creating unique events and experiences for students, not to mention all the friends I made along the way.

“Another big highlight was my final-year workplace experience, which was a game-changer for me. As a marketing and event assistant for CPA Australia, working on their flagship conference CPA Congress at the SKYCITY conference centre, I learned invaluable skills and gained amazing opportunities that I would never have had without AUT. This experience solidified my passion for marketing and event management. Eight years later I’m still working for CPA Australia, and even had two AUT interns doing their workplace experience with me, just like I did in my days.”

Advice for other students
Kayne, who graduated from AUT in 2015, has some great advice for other students.

“If you have a passion for something, don't be afraid to explore it. Whether it's in your degree or extracurricular activities, following your interests can lead to exciting opportunities and career paths.

“The world is constantly evolving, and it's important to be adaptable. Learn to embrace change and be open to new experiences. This can help you develop resilience and agility, which are important skills in any career. Remember to trust in yourself and your potential, and don't be afraid to take risks and chase your dreams.”

University is a time of exploration and growth, he adds.

“Make the most of the opportunities available to you. Join clubs, attend events, and participate in the workplace experience programme or internship opportunities. These experiences can help you build skills, network, and discover what you enjoy. Building relationships can also be invaluable, whether it's with fellow students, lecturers, or industry professionals. These relationships can help you learn, grow and succeed in your career.”