Amelia Hooper

Amelia Hooper

Head of Marketing, CardWorks
Bachelor of Business in Marketing, Advertising, Retail and Sales & Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations conjoint programmes

The field of finance and technology is constantly evolving and it’s exciting to be a part of an industry that is shaping the future of finance, says Amelia Hooper who studied business and communication studies and now works across multiple innovative brands for an established fin-tech group.

“What I enjoy most about my career is the challenge of staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry. As head of marketing, I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our target audience and promote our products and services. This requires a lot of creativity, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of both the finance industry and the technology landscape.

“I also enjoy the fast-paced nature of my job and the opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated team of marketers and product specialists. Together, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry and delivering solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Working for a Kiwi company also gives me a sense of pride knowing that I’m contributing to the growth and success of a New Zealand-based business.”

Amelia says she has enjoyed sharing her passion for her work with current AUT and high school students by mentoring students through the Shadow a Leader programme.

“When I was a student, I found participating in a programme that connected me with organisational leaders to be a valuable experience. Working alongside organisational leaders provided me with practical experience, networking opportunities and a deeper understanding of how organisations operate. This experience was invaluable when seeking job opportunities or looking to advance my career.

“I believe that programmes like Shadow a Leader that bring together students and organisational leaders are beneficial for all involved. As an organisational leader, we as a company were able to identify potential talent, gain fresh perspectives and contribute to the development of the wider workforce.”

An investment in the future
Her time studying business at AUT was a great investment in her future, says Amelia who graduated at the end of 2017.

“I feel that the university provided me with a high-quality education, practical skills and experience, and a supportive and diverse community. I think that AUT is a great choice because it has a reputation for being innovative and practical in its approach to university education. One thing that really caught my attention is AUT's strong connections to industry, which could give me the chance to get work experience and build networks that could be valuable for my future career.

“I gained my first permanent full-time role off the back of my final-year workplace experience at a young technology design agency in Auckland. I felt confident in the quality of my education and the skills I had developed, which I believe gave me an advantage in the job market.”

The range of options within her business degree and the inclusive learning environment were other highlights of her time at AUT.

“I was able to choose a programme that aligned with my interests and career goals, which meant that I was studying something I was passionate about. I also appreciated that I had plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience through real-world projects and industry placements. In terms of the student community, I loved the diversity and inclusivity of AUT. It was inspiring to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and I believe that this helped me develop my intercultural competence and become a more well-rounded business professional.”

Advice for other students
Amelia’s advice for other students is simple: seek out new experiences and opportunities.

“Whether through internships, research projects or extracurricular activities, I believe that remaining curious and open to new opportunities can broaden your perspective and enhance your university experience. By taking on new challenges and exploring your interests, you gain valuable experience and make meaningful connections in your field of study. Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things – you never know what you might discover about yourself and your future career path.”

It's important to remember that university is a time for growth and self-discovery, she adds.

“Don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance when you need it, and be open to feedback and constructive criticism that can help you improve and grow. There are also many resources and support systems available to help you along the way.”