Nayara Rivero

Nayara Rivero

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Public Relations

She likes the wide range of different career pathways her degree can lead to, says Nayara Rivero who is studying a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Public Relations.

“I chose to study a Bachelor of Business because I want to have my own business one day, and having a business degree will set me up to achieve this goal. I personally think that the business industry is fast developing in this generation, especially on social media. I’d love to be involved in either marketing or public relations in social media or fashion one day.”

The Bachelor of Business has so many majors and minors that there's something everyone will enjoy, she says.

“I chose marketing because there are many career pathways I can do when I graduate, and it enables me to be creative and open minded in the business world. I also major in public relations because I think this will help me develop the professional knowledge to help any organisation or brand I’m working for build lasting connections with its key audiences. I like how AUT gave me the option to include a subject from communications without having to complete a conjoint programme or adding extra time.”

A great learning environment
Nayara says she initially chose to study at AUT because of its great learning environment.

“Many of my friends suggested the business school at AUT because you complete workplace experience as part of your studies. I also appreciate that I can pick class times that suit me and allow time to do co-curricular activities like gaining experience by doing internships.”

Making friends at AUT has been easy, she adds.

“I wanted to create friendships in my degree, and AUT has many group-based assignments and community groups to join. That makes it easy to make friends that study the same as you or who have similar interests. I’ve loved being at AUT because there are so many community events you can attend. The university really cares about its students by providing them with extra support for their studies and wellbeing.”

Advice for other students
Nayara’s advice for other students is simple: enjoy your time at university.

“University is a great time to meet new friends and try different career pathways. Take every opportunity you get from the emails AUT sends students about work experience or community groups.”

She herself has certainly made the most of the opportunities on offer to her.

“By getting involved with the university, I’ve participated in the Shadow a Leader programme, have gained a casual job in public relations and have become a student representative for marketing research and consumer behaviour. I’m also working towards the AUT Edge Award. By getting involved, I’ve gained new skills and knowledge for the ‘real world’, which makes it less scary when I graduate.”