Economics and Finance department

The Economics and Finance department is home to world-class academics with close ties to international universities, research institutes and the world of practice.

Our economics research ranges from mathematical decision theory to economic history but has a focus on applied research that is informed by data. Academics are engaged with many aspects of public policy and have strong links to the New Zealand Policy Research Institute.

Our finance academics have strengths in corporate finance and governance, financial markets and institutions, fund management, investments, market microstructure and international finance. Researchers also work within the Auckland Centre for Financial Research, which bridges the gap between academic and the finance industry.

Economics working paper series

Published to facilitate early debate and discussion, the economics working paper series includes work from economists within the department as well as the Business School’s New Zealand Policy Research Institute.

Working paper series

Applied Finance Letters open access journal

Applied Finance Letters is an open access journal publishing mainly empirical research for industry and academia. It aims to encourage high quality contributions that foster discussion.

Applied Finance Letters on Tuwhera

Use real-time finance data

Get hands-on experience by using the same technology as global finance professionals. Our Business School Trading Room houses real-time databases – helping our finance students better understand economic events and the factors that affect them.

Databases include Thomson Reuters EIKON, Thomson Reuters Datastream, Thomson Reuters Tick History, Morningstar Direct, Standard & Poor’s Compustat Global and Audit Analytics.

Trading room at AUT Business School

William Austin
Tayla Webb
Alex Dam
Lewis Edmond
Kelly Nicholson

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Tracy Skolmen
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QS Subject Ranked

QS Subject Ranked

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News image
Low-paying workers
Woman standing in front of a white board
For Richer, for poorer
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News image
AUT finance research helps us get Sorted
04 Jul, 2023
AUT research has helped Sorted launch a money personality quiz to help us understand how we spend our money and where we need to focus.
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What’s your money personality?
19 Jun, 2023
Are you a big spender or an anxious saver? New research finds five distinct money personalities that drive how we manage and make decisions about money.
Low-paying workers
Low-pay jobs: dead end or steppingstone?
01 May, 2023
New AUT research explores whether low-wage workers can easily transition to better-paying opportunities.
Woman standing in front of a white board
"Gender lens” investing supports women
08 Mar, 2023
Here’s how to support companies that have made the change towards greater gender equity – and encourage others to do the same: invest with a “gender lens”.
For Richer, for poorer
For richer, for poorer, for less risk
10 Nov, 2022
Married CEOs seem to take fewer risks with their investment decisions and are less likely to bend the rules than their unmarried counterparts.