Linh Chi Huynh

Linh Chi Huynh

Master of Applied Finance student

She loves that her studies focus on the practical application of finance, says Linh Chi Huynh who came to AUT as an international student from Vietnam to study a Master of Applied Finance, supported by an AUT International Scholarship – Southeast Asia.

“I’m learning how the theory and my knowledge can be applied. All the assignments guide me to use different ways, tools and techniques to approach and solve real-life problems. I’m very happy with that.”

Another thing she really appreciates is the supportive and welcoming study environment.

“The lecturers are always willing to support students; from answering questions in class to providing advice about potential career paths. For me, they’re the experts in this field and I can feel their passion for finance each time they give a lecture.

“I’ve also made some good friends here and they help me a lot in my studies as well as in exploring this beautiful country. I had the chance to go to new places, to try new food and to experience things I had not done before.”

Finding her path
Linh Chi says she discovered her passion for numbers during her undergraduate degree, and since then has wanted to increase her understanding of this field.

“I’m passionate about analysing numbers and telling the stories behind them. I decided to get into a postgraduate programme that matches my interests, and equips me with more in-depth knowledge and practical skills to apply in my future job.

“I’d highly recommended the Master of Applied Finance from AUT because it will provide you with what you need to step into the job market. AUT is also part of the CFA Institute University Affiliation programme, which is a plus if I decide to take the CFA exam.”

She says deciding to come to AUT in New Zealand was easy for her.

“AUT is one of the top universities worldwide, with friendly staff and lecturers. Besides, AUT was very supportive. It was easy for me to liaise with the AUT team as they were proactive in catching up with students and providing support, from the document preparation phase to my first day of university. Because AUT has a high proportion of international students and staff I also have more chances to meet talented people from all over the world.”

Advice for other students
Linh Chi – who is proud of being nominated as a top student and expects to complete her studies at the end of the year – has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to believe in yourself and to believe in your choice.”

Always ask ‘why’, she adds.

“Keep asking ‘why’ for everything you do and for everything that comes to you – you’ll open many doors for yourself and give yourself more chances to explore.”