Chloe Vos

Chloe Vos

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Management and Leadership with minors in Economic and Social Policy & Sustainable Enterprise

She is passionate about changing the way we do business in Aotearoa, says Chloe Vos who is studying a Bachelor of Business in Management and Leadership with minors in Economic and Social Policy & Sustainable Enterprise.

“I’m really interested in anything to do with business sustainability and all things social justice. One of my dream roles would be working for the government as a policy advisor. I want to help create positive change and hope the work I do will help protect our beautiful whēnua and people.

“I chose the AUT business degree as it has a strong focus on intertwining sustainability into all aspects of the programme. It takes into consideration the changing landscapes for business as climate change becomes a more pressing issue. Learning things that will help me create change is just so cool. I’ve particularly loved having guest lecturers who shared their success stories and failures. Many of my lecturers are also highly involved in public and private sector sustainability work. I love hearing from people who are enacting positive change. It’s encouraging and inspiring, and helps you visualise where you could one day be.”

Because she is juggling her studies around part-time work and extracurricular commitments, Chloe says she appreciated that the AUT Business School staff helped her work out her options.

“Making my university classes work with my timetable has often been a challenge, but the AUT staff have been super helpful in explaining my options and fitting me into classes. I also remember in the first year feeling really confused about all the different subjects I could study as a major or a minor. All it took was one sit-down session with someone, and I left feeling super confident about how it all worked and the different options available to me.”

Choosing AUT
Chloe says she initially chose to come to AUT after chatting to her friends and family about which university offered the best student experience.

“Unlike with other universities, my peers expressed their love for the community vibe of AUT, the diversity, the collaborative learning style and the supportive lecturers. I’m now in my third year and can say all of the above is true.

“People in my classes are so willing to go out of their way to help each other succeed. Everyone also comes from diverse backgrounds; providing a wide range of perspectives and rich conversations. I also like the practical aspect of completing workplace experience in your final year. This gives you a foot in the door and valuable experience as you begin your career. Lastly, AUT makes you feel valued. Through a range of support services, dedicated staff and amazing opportunities, there’s a whole community behind you who want to see you succeed.”

Receiving an AUT Find your Greatness Scholarship has also made studying much easier for her.

“I was lucky enough to receive the AUT Find your Greatness Scholarship, which took a lot of the financial strain away from attending university and means I won’t be leaving university with a huge student loan weighing on my shoulders. For many, financials are a huge barrier to attending university and for students that’s a constant stress. I’d highly recommend to anyone wanting to attend university to apply for as many scholarships as possible because you never know, you may get it!”

Advice for other students
You get as much out of uni as you give it, Chloe reminds other students.

“Chat to people in class, ask questions and be open to discussions. Even now in my third year, I’m trying to interact more in class, and I wish I had started asking and answering questions more in the first two years of university. I get it, tall poppy syndrome is real, but trust me when I say you’ll be way more engaged in what you’re learning.”

It helps if you study something you’re interested in, she adds.

“The final piece of advice I’d give is to study what you’re passionate about. University will be so much easier when you’re interested in what you’re learning!”