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New professors and associate professors

17 Nov, 2022
AUT is delighted to announce the promotion of 15 of its academics to the position of Professor and 30 to Associate Professor.
A screenshot of the cartoon video showing waves encroaching on Tokelau.

Tokelau Language Week 2022

25 Oct, 2022
The final episode of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability — has been released.

Record ranking for AUT

12 Oct, 2022
AUT has claimed its highest-ever place among New Zealand universities in the latest global rankings.
David Hall standing hands in pockets amongst the trees in Albert Park.

Can cities plant away climate emissions?

28 Sep, 2022
In the real world, David Hall argues, this is not feasible, fair or future-proofed for cities to just plant their way out of climate change.
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan standing smiling with arms crossed.

Machine learning to help the homeless

16 Aug, 2022
Plenty of interest is being shown in AUT’s use of machine learning that reduces issues of systemic racism when housing the homeless.
A cartoon graphic showing green technologies and a hand holding a coin.

Was Covid-19 good for climate spending?

18 Jul, 2022
The global Covid-19 pandemic gave an opportunity to spend on New Zealand’s response to the climate crises, but did it?
Dame Judy McGregor standing arms crossed and smiling in front of a Pacific tapestry

Judy McGregor made a Dame Companion

10 Jun, 2022
Dame Judy McGregor has “lifted the voices and improved the lives of women, children and older people around the world”.
Air of compromise

Emissions reduction plan lacks strategy

18 May, 2022
The newly released Emissions Reduction Plan was supposed to get real about urgent climate action – and it partially achieves this, but only partially.
Treat public health like transport

Treat public health like transport

16 May, 2022
The pandemic might have revealed the importance of robust public health infrastructure, but we still have trouble grasping the vital need to invest in it.
IPCC Report

How NZ can reduce emissions faster

08 Apr, 2022
This week’s IPCC follow-up report on climate mitigation confirms the transition to net zero is underway, however inadequately.
Cartoon image of happy graduates holding up degrees.

Thesis Survivor Stories

01 Mar, 2022
An updated book reveals the deeply personal struggles of PhD candidates – and their practical advice for those who follow in their footsteps.
Climate chagne_RM

Can big oil help save the planet?

17 Feb, 2022
Culpability for past actions aside, there might be a way we can use the fossil fuel industry to combat climate change.

AUT to teach Climate Action

09 Dec, 2021
How to change society in order to combat climate change can now be studied at AUT.
Two hands reaching for each other, or are they drifting apart?

The pandemic's effect on social lives

17 Nov, 2021
As COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifted, people should plan to reconnect as soon as it is safe to do so, researchers say.

Avoid an Auckland business bonfire

26 Oct, 2021
Deep into a delta lockdown, businesses in New Zealand’s biggest city urgently need a new form of support, writes Richard Meade.
David Hall sitting on a bench.

Choosing to avoid the terrorists' trap

07 Sep, 2021
The point of terrorism is provocation.If I hit you, you’ll hit back. If you hit back, I’ll be justified to hit again, writes David Hall.
WF WG sky tower

AUT climbs up the global rankings

02 Sep, 2021
AUT continues to climb up the global university rankings joining the University of Otago in second place in NZ and the top 250 universities in the world.
Dr Antje Deckert standing arms folded and smiling at the camera.

Research backs iwi checkpoints

16 Aug, 2021
New research supports the use of community checkpoints, as implemented by Māori during the pandemic.

Consider the costs of long COVID

28 Jul, 2021
Governments easing pandemic restrictions need to consider the cost of long COVID, writes Richard Meade.
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan sitting arms crossed and looking at the camera.

CSDA screening tool in the spotlight

22 Jul, 2021
The work of AUT's Centre for Social Data Analytics in using computer algorithms for social good has been getting a lot of international news attention.
A child being studying with a parent.

Homeschooling with limited English

19 May, 2021
Parents scrambled to homeschool their children during the Covid-19 lockdowns, but those who speak English as a second language found it particularly tough.
Marilyn Waring standing in a library.

Dame Marilyn Waring on new WHO Council

12 May, 2021
The World Health Organisation has asked Dame Marilyn Waring to help come up with new strategies to build healthy societies.
Professor Tim Maloney smiling and looking at the camera

Timely unemployment data now available

07 May, 2021
New Zealand decision makers now have access to more frequent unemployment statistics thanks to a new tool.
climate change

Finance is critical for low-emissions

28 Apr, 2021
All the plans and strategies in the world to lower our emissions are of no practical worth unless someone invests in the outcomes.
Generic photo of a child with a schoolbag holding his mother's hand, shot from behind with faces not visible.

New research on school readiness

20 Apr, 2021
The children of teen mothers in New Zealand have lower baseline school readiness levels than other children and should be prioritised for support.
Women academics at AUT

Celebrating AUT's women academics

08 Mar, 2021
Today is International Women’s Day. Read a sample of the research from AUT’s women academics who are working to improve the lives of women in our society.
Covid stimulus

COVID-19 stimulus a ‘lost opportunity’

25 Feb, 2021
Did the NZ government embrace the call to "build back better" by directing COVID-19 stimulus towards a low-emission economy?
Covid loans

Would 'COVID loans' be more affordable?

16 Feb, 2021
Faced with a COVID-19 pandemic of unknown severity and duration, governments are looking for effective and sustainable ways to maintain their economies.
A climate protest march with protesters hold up a giant globe.

Climate emergency: Inspire hope not fear

01 Dec, 2020
A declaration of a climate emergency is not the same as action.
A misty forest.

A roadmap for action on climate finance

10 Nov, 2020
AUT academics have helped put together a comprehensive new report on how we can reform our financial system to help fight the climate crisis.
Picture of a laptop and stethoscope

Increasing wellbeing of trainee doctors

22 Oct, 2020
New research establishes an association between the daily mood of trainee doctors and their intention to quit.
Illustration of a tree in a field with one half affected by climate change and the other healthy and green.

Do we follow or lead on climate change?

06 Oct, 2020
When the Zero Carbon Act was passed, back in pre-Covid times, the Prime Minister insisted “New Zealand will not be a slow follower” on climate change.
A homeless man sitting crossed legs with a cup in front.

New tool to help the homeless

21 Sep, 2020
A world-first machine learning tool developed at AUT for a county in the United States, accurately prioritises requests for housing help.
Matilda billboard

AUT launches new advertising campaign

04 Sep, 2020
AUT graduates are telling the story in their own words of how their AUT experience inspired them and shaped their lives and futures.
A head and shoulders picture of Guled Mire looking into the distance.

Former refugee now Ivy League student

05 Aug, 2020
AUT alumnus Guled Mire says his new Fulbright NZ scholarship to study at an Ivy League university sends a strong message to other refugee kids.
A health practitioner examines a child that has a cast on her arm.

Algorithm sensitive to child injury risk

04 Aug, 2020
New AUT research confirms the value of predictive risk modelling technology to support child maltreatment decisions.
Marilyn Waring

The economics during lockdown

08 Jul, 2020
One of the most entrenched existing biases in economic practice was highlighted and magnified by the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown in Aotearoa.
3D Rendering of coronavirus

Digital contact tracing for COVID-19

03 Jun, 2020
Digital contact tracing solutions for COVID-19 must offer exceptional speed and achieve high take-up rates to be useful, a working paper has found.
Sharyn Graham Davies smiling at the camera.

Lessons from NZ’s bubbles for the world

02 Jun, 2020
Initial findings into how New Zealanders did under lockdown can now help inform policy makers around the globe fighting COVID-19.
covid and budget change

NZ’s COVID-19 budget and climate change

18 May, 2020
New Zealand's COVID-19 budget delivers on one crisis, but largely leaves climate change for another day, writes Dr David Hall.
A few dozen bubbles on a blue background.

Bursting the bubble fallacy

29 Apr, 2020
We can’t always conflate the occupants of a single residence into one neat group.
Professor Judy McGregor, smiling and standing in front of a Pacific Island artwork.

Call for better oversight of aged care

28 Apr, 2020
Covid-19 has critically exposed the frailties of our current regulatory and oversight systems surrounding aged care, Professor Judy McGregor writes.
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan

Screening tool in Netflix documentary

28 Feb, 2020
A new Netflix documentary series features a predictive risk modelling tool that was built and implemented by a team led by Professor Rhema Vaithianathan.
A combination photograph of the insignia for the Dames Companion of The New Zealand Order of Merit and a picture of Professor Marilyn Waring holding her book The Political Years.

New Year Honours for AUT academic

08 Jan, 2020
Professor Marilyn Waring is appointed a Dames Companion of The New Zealand Order of Merit.
Silhoutte drawings of trees making a forest.

Call for a diverse national forest

06 Dec, 2019
Perhaps, when it comes to forests and climate change, we've got the wrong end of the stick, writes Dr David Hall.
Black and white cartoon picture of many people protesting.

MPs failing to lead on human rights

05 Dec, 2019
Democracy in New Zealand is suffering from a Parliament which under-performs in its scrutiny of human rights, a new report has found.
Generic and slightly blurred photo of three businessmen

Diversity stalls on boards

15 Nov, 2019
Progress towards gender and ethnic diversity amongst the leadership of the country’s top companies has stalled, research has found.
QS stars 2019

AUT gets 5 QS stars in all categories

13 Nov, 2019
AUT has received the maximum five stars for the first time in every category according to the global education analysts QS in their recent results.
Paris Peace Forum building

Ten ways to tackle hate

13 Nov, 2019
A Helen Clark Foundation project to reduce online harm will be presented today in competition at the Paris Peace Forum. 
Generic photo of a woman in a prison

Māori women who commit crime demonised

23 Oct, 2019
Newspapers often depict Māori women as intrinsically bad and unworthy of readers’ sympathy while being empathic with Pākehā women, Dr Antje Deckert says.
Marilyn Waring

An inspiring and influential woman

21 Oct, 2019
The BBC has revealed its list of the top 100 inspiring and influential women of 2019 - and Professor Marilyn Waring is among them.

Online voting won’t engage more youth

09 Oct, 2019
While the convenience would no doubt be popular with many, online voting would not solve the historical low turnout rates, says Dr Julienne Molineaux.
Dr David Hall

Universities shouldn't host untruths

08 Oct, 2019
Free speech absolutism is threatening to storm our universities. But like other bad ideas, this is where it should be snuffed out, writes Dr David Hall.
 Dr Chamari Kithulgoda

CSDA presents at Bloomberg D4GX

01 Oct, 2019
AUT's Centre for Social Data Analytics has presented at an event that aims to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.
Students protest with sign

My generation has failed young Kiwis

27 Sep, 2019
Some things though give me hope. The schools climate strike is one of them, writes Professor Marilyn Waring.
Wind generation

How to limit climate change push back

26 Sep, 2019
As a new sense of urgency to act on climate change rises, it is vital that we limit pushback while encouraging action, writes Dr David Hall.
Dr David Hall

Most Kiwis know climate change is here

17 Sep, 2019
Most New Zealanders say climate change is affecting their day-to-day lives. It's now up to decision makers to turn this into action writes Dr David Hall.
Julienne Molineaux

Politicians must do more to earn trust

13 Sep, 2019
Surveys like Stuff's Your Place 2019 always find the public have low trust in politicians. Dr Julienne Molineaux looks at why.
THE Rankings Sep 2019

AUT moves up 50 places in world rankings

12 Sep, 2019
AUT is now in the top 1% of world universities and in the top 50 for research citations.
Marilyn Waring

Unpaid work should be counted

10 Sep, 2019
The unpaid work often done by women is the single largest sector of New Zealand's economy, writes Professor Marilyn Waring.
Woolf Fisher AUT scholarship Awards ceremony

19 first in family scholarships awarded

05 Sep, 2019
19 AUT students were awarded Woolf Fisher First-in-Family AUT Scholarships at a celebration event at the AUT South Campus on Thursday 29 August.
Photo of Dr Karen Webster

Party politics in local elections

16 Aug, 2019
AUT research shows that candidates affiliated to a central political party are more likely to win seats in Auckland local government.
Professor Denise Wilson

Ethnic disparities in child protection

19 Jul, 2019
AUT research shows that Māori children are almost four times more likely to be placed out of home by child protection services.

Climate emergency? Try revolution

18 Jul, 2019
New Zealand's climate emergencies don't look, sound or quack much like an emergency, writes Dr David Hall of The Policy Observatory at AUT.

More transitional than transformational

11 Jun, 2019
Is the Government's well-being budget transformational? Dr David Hall from The Policy Observatory weighs in.
the fertility scene in NZ

Unequal access to fertility treatment

23 May, 2019
The disadvantaged are being forced to the DIY fertility scene because of the high-cost of New Zealand's regulated industry, writes Sharyn Graham Davies.
190517_Tim Maloney

New head of social sciences

17 May, 2019
The new Head of School for AUT's School of Social Sciences and Public Policy is to be Professor Tim Maloney.
62% increase in AUT researchers

62% increase in AUT researchers

30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world
They Are Us image - illustration by Ruby Jones

Christchurch tragedy

15 Mar, 2019
The tragic event in Christchurch today devastates us. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their friends and families.
Emeritus Professor Ian Shirley

Farewell to Professor Ian Shirley

23 Jan, 2019
Emeritus Professor Ian Shirley was a friend and colleague to many as a researcher, leader, mentor, supervisor and notable person about the University.
AUT Edge Award winners

Gaining skills for the workplace

14 Dec, 2018
Auckland Council are proud to sponsor the overall achievement prize for the AUT Edge Award, an extra-curricular employability award at AUT.
Synchrotron to be used in research

Five AUT Marsden Fund grants

08 Nov, 2018
Five projects led by AUT researchers have been granted funding totalling $3.58 million in new research for the university, in this Marsden Fund round.
AUT's new Professors

New Professors and Associate Professors

01 Nov, 2018
AUT has announced the promotion to Professor of seven senior academics. A further 16 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
Emeritus Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

AUT awards Emeritus Professor

26 Oct, 2018
AUT has awarded Tagaloatele Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop the title of Emeritus Professor in recognition of her contributions to Pacific development iss
The Sustainability Taskforce at the Roadmap launch

Minister launches sustainable blueprint

24 Oct, 2018
The Minister for Climate Change, the Hon James Shaw officially launched AUT’s Sustainability Roadmap on Friday 19 October.
WF WG sky tower

THE rankings place AUT in NZ top three

27 Sep, 2018
AUT has significantly improved in global university rankings published today by the Times Higher Education.
AUT students sit in the WG lecture hall

AUT 2019 domestic and international fees

13 Sep, 2018
Tuition fees for new domestic students, and for domestic and international students currently enrolled in a programme will increase in 2019.
Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

First national inquiry breaks the silence around family violence in the Pacific

14 Nov, 2017

Tagaloatele Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop at AUT is one of four commissioners appointed to oversee Samoa’s national inquiry into family violence.


Auckland: Unsafe, polluted, discriminatory

25 Sep, 2017

Aucklanders are significantly more likely than other New Zealanders to be the victims of burglary and vehicle offences and although Auckland’s overall crime rate is decreasing, too many Aucklanders continue to feel unsafe.


Musician Tommy Nee releases single to raise awareness of youth homelessness

29 Jun, 2017

Vodafone Pacific Music Award’s most promising artist of 2017 Tommy Nee has written a song for the Lifewise Big Sleepout campaign with all the funds raised from downloads going towards ending youth homelessness.


Preventing Tongan youth suicide

23 May, 2017

AUT research students launch New Zealand’s first evidence-based resource for Pacific suicide prevention.


Professor Judy McGregor: More progress on women's rights needed

08 Mar, 2017

Women’s discontent with gender inequality is on the rise. Today (March 8th) thousands of women will celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). It will be a bitter sweet celebration. We will welcome women’s increasing advancement in education, health, and the workplace. But we will also lament stalled progress on gender equality in New Zealand at a time when women globally are knitting pink “pussy hats” and have taken protest back to the streets.

Book highlights growing gaps in New Zealand’s human rights record

22 Jul, 2016

A new book from Professor Judy McGregor describes New Zealand as “worryingly self-satisfied about its human rights record” despite some major shortcomings.

AUT Professor Judy McGregor named supreme winner at 2016 Women in Governance Awards

01 Jul, 2016

AUT Professor Judy McGregor is the winner of this year’s ‘Supreme Award in Governance’ at the Women in Governance Awards, announced at an awards dinner last night [Thursday, 30 June].

World Refugee Day: Time to debunk myths and welcome refugees to NZ

20 Jun, 2016

Debunking myths about refugees is AUT senior lecturer Maria Hayward’s goal for World Refugee Day [June 20] this year.


Opinion: Devastating refugee photos not telling the full story

24 Sep, 2015

Maria Hayward is a senior lecturer at AUT’s Centre for Refugee Education – part of the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre that helps prepare refugees for life in New Zealand.


International book prize a “career highlight” for AUT Associate Professor

24 Sep, 2015

A prestigious international literary prize has been awarded to AUT Associate Professor Sharyn Graham Davies for her work editing a book which explores sex and sexuality in Indonesia.


Professor of Pacific Studies receives national honour

14 Sep, 2015

Tagaloatele Professor Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop was appointed a companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit at an investiture ceremony at Government House last week.


Three minutes to impress

04 Sep, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Doctoral and Masters Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competitions: PhD candidate Kudakwashe Tuwe and Master of Sport and Exercise student Samuel Paterson.


An agenda for change

28 Aug, 2015

Professor Judy McGregor, Head of School of Social Sciences and Public Policy at AUT University and former Equal Opportunities Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission, says New Zealand is a country in denial. We have a self-image of ourselves as inherently good and a political narrative that positions New Zealand as a global human rights leader – but it’s a narrative that suffers under scrutiny.


NZ welfare model not recommended

05 Jun, 2015

The Australian government is considering social welfare reform but in this opinion piece written for the Australian website The Conversation, AUT social science lecturer Michael Fletcher warns against the adoption of New Zealand’s reform model.


Opinion: Rethink needed for Samoan language survival

22 May, 2015

While New Zealand celebrates Samoan Language Week from 24-30 May, we also need to think about how we can best ensure the survival of the language, says Salainaoloa Wilson, a PhD student in the School Social Sciences and Public Policy at Auckland University of Technology.


Opinion: Hidden dangers of the generic ‘he’

11 May, 2015

The use of the generic ‘he’ can be seen across many levels of New Zealand society, and this impacts on what we expect of our young girls and boys, writes Sharyn Davies, Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy at AUT University.


The humble cuppa - a symbol of diminishing rights?

13 Apr, 2015

By Professor Judy McGregor, head of the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Auckland University of Technology


New Zealand’s human rights reputation at risk

02 Apr, 2015

A report on the status of human rights in New Zealand says serious fault lines are developing and that the country’s reputation as a global leader is at risk.


Women’s rights then and now – are we falling behind?

09 Mar, 2015

New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote and we have always regarded ourselves as a leader in giving equal rights to women. To mark International Women’s Day, AUT’s Professor Marilyn Waring recently spoke at Parliament, comparing women rights in the 1970s to now and asking whether we are falling behind.


New book integral to promoting Pacific research

16 Sep, 2014

A new book edited by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Professor of Pacific Studies Tagaloatele Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop, and University of Auckland Associate Professor Eve Coxon brings together the work of Pacific researchers across New Zealand universities.


AUT academic first Kiwi for Cambridge position

08 Jul, 2014

AUT University anthropology lecturer Sharyn Graham Davies is off to Cambridge University as New Zealand’s first recipient of a Leverhulme visiting professorship.

Putting human rights into social protection

Putting human rights into social protection

06 Jan, 2014

Policy-makers and development practitioners have a new tool to help them devise dynamic social protection programmes - a book co-authored by AUT’s Professor Marilyn Waring.

Inspirational scholar recognised with Prime Minister’s Award

20 Dec, 2013

Edmond Fehoko believes in the transformative power of education – he has seen it in his own life and now helps other students to experience it too.

AUT awarded by exercise professionals

04 Dec, 2013

AUT has been awarded for its significant contribution to the exercise profession and for being the largest provider of graduates to the fitness industry at the 2013 New Zealand Fitness Awards.

AUT leads largest Trans-Tasman teleworking survey

30 Oct, 2013

Employees who telework one to three days per week – so-called ‘hybrid teleworkers’ - are more productive than workers who do little or no telework, according to a new study jointly undertaken between AUT University’s NZ Work Research Institute and the University of Melbourne’s Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society, and commissioned by Cisco.

AUT women of influence

02 Oct, 2013

AUT University’s Professor Marilyn Waring from the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy, and Director of Business Relations – International and Engagement, Sarah Trotman have been named as finalists in the inaugural New Zealand Women of Influence Awards.  Winners are due to be announced on 23 October.

Fulbright Award a lifetime honour for AUT anthropologist

01 Oct, 2013

AUT anthropologist Associate Professor Sharyn Graham Davies says the Fulbright New Zealand Travel Award she received this month, will be an honour for life.

Davies combines lecturing in the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy with an active programme of research currently focusing on procedural justice in Indonesia.

Pacific focus for new gambling research

02 Sep, 2013

The most detailed study to date of Pacific people’s gambling and the impacts of problem gambling in New Zealand has been carried out by AUT University researchers.

The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Health to improve understanding of the impact of gambling on Pacific people, inform risk factors and better understand causes of problem gambling.

New book gives an insider's view of Asian and Pacific cities

27 Jun, 2013

A deeper understanding of Asian and Pacific cities and the economic development of countries in the region will only come from understanding the social foundations of development, says AUT’s Professor Ian Shirley.

Facial recognition technology: evaluation will be crucial

26 Jun, 2013

Professor Max Abbott, director of AUT University’s Gambling and Addictions Research Centre, has commended Mayor Len Brown and SkyCity on the decision to trial facial recognition technology to identify banned problem gamblers.

“No other casino in the world has introduced facial recognition technology, electronic monitoring and ‘pre-commitment’ to time and/or expenditure limits together.  It is ground-breaking and could raise the bar across all gambling settings and forms,” Professor Abbott said.

Domestic violence online tool

11 Jun, 2013

AUT researchers are looking for women to participate in the isafe study, a new online research study to assist women living with partner violence to make good safety planning decisions for themselves and their children.

New Pacific Journalism Review challenges Pacific censorship, political 'shackles'

28 May, 2013

Fiji’s brand of post-coup media censorship and other Pacific political curbs have been challenged in the latest Pacific Journalism Review.

“Even if the Fiji media are shackled, conferences in 2010 and 2012 provided opportunity and space to engage in some open dialogue, including criticism of the regime authorities,” the AUT-published international journal says.


Students get first experience of NZ camp

22 Dec, 2012

When an experience is described as “the best weekend of my life” you know it was success.


36,000 new brain injuries in NZ each year, incidence at “epidemic proportions”

22 Nov, 2012

The number of people with traumatic brain injuries in New Zealand is at “epidemic proportions” according to the lead investigator of a study published today in the international medical journal The Lancet.


Sistema Aotearoa making a difference in the lives of children- AUT report

21 Nov, 2012

An AUT University report evaluating the Sistema Aotearoa programme has discovered that the programme has not only enjoyed a successful initial year, it is also having a marked effect on the participating children, their families and the Otara community.


Tension in the inner city

26 Jun, 2012

Our Auckland inner city residents love and respect the area they live in, and wish visitors to their ‘space’ did too.


AUT student chosen to represent New Zealand at APEC

20 Oct, 2011

Melody Cooper has a desire to shape what the future of the world will look like; so it’s appropriate then that come November she has the opportunity to start that journey.


New book about surviving a thesis by those who know best

21 Sep, 2011

A fresh and real experience of students’ journeys through their PhD or Masters thesis forms the basis of a new book by Professor Marilyn Waring and Professor Kate Kearins from AUT University.


Professor awarded with Honorary Degree from Scotland

24 May, 2011

AUT University’s Professor Marilyn Waring has been awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from an international university.


AUT National Creative Writing Competition winners announced

06 Apr, 2011

Two of New Zealand’s most well known writers have judged the AUT New Zealand Creative Writing Competition and say they’ve unearthed some brilliant talent.

David Wilson

The impact of privatisation

10 Feb, 2011

If you're worried about privatisation and the government selling off assets then David Hall's free presentation at AUT's Institute of Public Policy (IPP) is for you.

Hall, from Greenwich University in the UK, has focused his research on the impact of privatisation and public-private-partnerships and he'll talk about his expereince of liberalisation in the UK, Europe and other OECD countries.

Minister impressed with Maori Social Science agenda

08 Dec, 2010

A speech from Maori Party Co-Leader, the Hon Tariana Turia, to open the Maori Association of Social Science (MASS) conference, suggested there was a fascinating array of topics close to the hearts of Maori social scientists.

Still in first Gair

06 Aug, 2010

In his early 80s the Hon George Gair could have happily sat back and reflected on his years.As a former member of Parliament, North Shore City mayor, high commissioner to London and once upon a time a journalist, he has much to reflect on.

Why we sound like Americans when we sing

30 Jul, 2010

We do it without thinking about it; in fact it’s more of an effort not to do it. We might be New Zealanders but we nearly all sing pop songs with an American-influenced accent.


How to stay safe from scams

20 Jul, 2010

The busty blonde Russian woman you met online who needs to borrow money for emergency surgery could well be a West African man trying to dupe you out of your life savings.

New Zealand's number 1 child advocate

08 Jun, 2010

He was the first ever appointed Children’s Commissioner in New Zealand, played a major part in a world-first cot death study and has just received a reward from the UN for his work with children. If ever there was a child advocate who walked the talk, Dr Ian Hassall is him.

From pastimes to profits

24 May, 2010

She may be small in size but she certainly packs a punch for women's rights and equality.

Editors, journalists face challenge of ‘price of freedom’ in latest PJR

21 May, 2010

Editors, journalists and media researchers face the challenge of the “price of freedom” and the cost of reporting global conflict in the latest edition of Pacific Journalism Review.

IPP Director, David Wilson

Auckland economy yet to bounce back

19 Mar, 2010

The recovery of the Auckland economy is by no means a foregone conclusion.

That’s the message from Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL) and the AUT Institute of Public Policy’s (IPP) latest economic forecast for Auckland.

The second report in the quarterly series was launched today and forecast some improvements in various sectors but continued slow growth or the status quo in others.


Stories of outstanding Solomon Islands women

08 Mar, 2010

A book launched in the Solomon Islands this week marks International Women’s Day by celebrating leadership and achievement amongst Solomon Islands women.

Being the First tells the stories of 14 women who have broken barriers to rise to high positions within the Solomon Islands public service, and encourages young Solomon Islands women to follow their lead.

IPP Director, David Wilson

Auckland export economy- one of NZ's weakest

17 Nov, 2009

Auckland can never be the growth engine people expect – or that the country requires – as long as its export economy remains as one of the lowest in New Zealand, a senior economist warns.

Professor Allan Bell, Director of AUT's Institute for Culture, Discourse & Communication

Brits love the way we say 'fush n chups'

14 Oct, 2009

The New Zealand accent has been rated the most attractive and prestigious non-British form of English, according to a BBC survey.

New Zealand English came in first ahead of Australian, American and most regional British accents in the study published in the international Journal of Sociolinguistics, edited by Professor Allan Bell, Director of AUT’s Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication.

Vietnam official Nguyen Ban Quang

Vietnam looks to AUT for training

12 Oct, 2009

When Vietnam’s government was looking to up-skill its public servants and give them a taste of the world outside Vietnam, it looked to New Zealand and AUT University.

This month, 20 Vietnam government officials took part in a short course focusing on urban planning and tourism development.

Half of disabled Aucklanders living on poverty line

09 Aug, 2009

There are 77,000 disabled people living in Auckland, the majority of whom earn far less than their non-disabled counterparts, even when they have a tertiary qualification.

This is one of the key findings from a new report titled, Step Up: Decision-makers getting it right for disabled Aucklanders, which provides evidence about the issues, needs and aspirations of disabled Aucklanders.