Tokelau Language Week 2022

25 Oct, 2022
Tokelau Language Week 2022

The final episode of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability — has been released.

The video is narrated in Tokelauan (with English subtitles) in acknowledgement of Tokelau Language Week which is being celebrated in Aotearoa from 23 to 29 October.

It highlights some of the devastating impacts of climate change — including on low-lying atolls like Tokelau — and the importance of working together to tackle it, through climate action.

“Climate change is a grand challenge for the next few decades,” says Senior Lecturer David Hall, who is leading the AUT’s own Climate Action course.

“We know a lot about the science of climate change, but how do we motivate people? What are the political and economic barriers to driving action, even when people agree that we need to do the right thing? Climate Action will address these issues.”

AUT’s Climate Action course aligns with Goal 13 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of the same name. Find out more about AUT’s Climate Action course below in the useful links.

Watch our Tokelau Language Week video here:

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You can watch all our Pacific language week videos on the Pacific at AUT Facebook page, on YouTube, or with the links below. The AUT Pacific Language Weeks project is supported by the Centre for Pacific Languages.

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