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What’s your money personality?

19 Jun, 2023
Are you a big spender or an anxious saver? New research finds five distinct money personalities that drive how we manage and make decisions about money.
Ranjana Gupta

How to beat obesity? Leave GST in place

19 Jun, 2023
Despite calls to ditch GST from fruit and veg, there are more targeted options that can be used to help struggling families afford healthier foods.

Accounting degree adds to career choices

24 May, 2023
A recent event hosted by AUT Business School brought together students, parents, and professionals to discuss the value of an Accounting degree.
Low-paying workers

Low-pay jobs: dead end or steppingstone?

01 May, 2023
New AUT research explores whether low-wage workers can easily transition to better-paying opportunities.
Kate-Managing for a better World

Allyship and making a difference

19 Apr, 2023
Allyship is about acknowledging and understanding inequities and taking action to help level the playing field, explains Professor Kate Kearins.
Professor Helena Cooper-Thomas

Optimal recovery: why, and how, to do it

18 Apr, 2023
Professor Helena Cooper-Thomas explains how you can actively restore your energies after work and enhance your on-the-job performance.
A dad and child juggling work and school holidays

How to C.O.P.E. during “8 for April”

03 Apr, 2023
Kiwi kids will be in school for just eight days this month. But for working parents, it doesn’t have to be all bad. Professor Candice Harris explains.
Messy desk with credit cards

Don't let financial shame be your ruin

29 Mar, 2023
The cost of living and putting food on the table are worries for many Kiwis. But the shame of financial stress stops some from seeking help.
Woman standing in front of a white board

"Gender lens” investing supports women

08 Mar, 2023
Here’s how to support companies that have made the change towards greater gender equity – and encourage others to do the same: invest with a “gender lens”.
Professor Kate Kearins

How to manage upwards

20 Feb, 2023
Managing up is not about blindsiding or sidestepping your manager. Nor is it about doing the work of a poorly performing manager. So, what is it about?
Robot and computer by Getty Images

What if your colleague is a bot?

13 Feb, 2023
New AUT research examines how employees really feel about sharing the workplace – and workloads – with robots.

2023 NZ sustainability survey launches

07 Feb, 2023
The annual Insights on NZ’s Sustainability Professionals survey opens today and as a survey partner, AUT is inviting eligible participants to take part.
lightbulbs in a row, one is lit up

AUT wins trans-Tasman Sustainathon event

17 Jan, 2023
Xanthe Moore and Gemma Moore, two third-year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business Conjoint students who have taken the top prize at the recent @ TCS S
Chris Van Staden_Sabrina Chong_Mahmood Momin

The power of emotion in tweets

09 Dec, 2022
Crocodile tweets or genuine empathy? New AUT research examines the authenticity of emotive tweets made by Kiwi companies during the global pandemic.
Dr Syrus Islam

The ESG backlash – what's it all about?

22 Nov, 2022
Dr Syrus Islam unpacks the ESG backlash and discusses how financial advisers might address Environmental, Social, and Governance as an investment rating.

New professors and associate professors

17 Nov, 2022
AUT is delighted to announce the promotion of 15 of its academics to the position of Professor and 30 to Associate Professor.
Ella Henry

Ella Henry: myth buster

15 Nov, 2022
Ella Henry rebuts recent claims that mātaraunga Māori | Māori knowledge is myth, not science.
For Richer, for poorer

For richer, for poorer, for less risk

10 Nov, 2022
Married CEOs seem to take fewer risks with their investment decisions and are less likely to bend the rules than their unmarried counterparts.
Professor Kate Kearins

Making sustainable practices work

03 Nov, 2022
The challenge of decarbonising requires concerted action and new approaches from governments, businesses, and individuals alike.
Headshot of Professor Gail Pacheco

Study highlights dads’ role in childcare

31 Oct, 2022
New AUT research offers surprising insights into how fathers are involved in childcare, and why their involvement matters.

Record ranking for AUT

12 Oct, 2022
AUT has claimed its highest-ever place among New Zealand universities in the latest global rankings.

Zoom kōrero connects our global alumni

11 Oct, 2022
Connecting our globally based alumni with students has never been made this easy.
Policy uncertainty and your investments

Policy uncertainty and your investments

10 Oct, 2022
AUT researchers have developed an index that highlights just how sensitive our investments are to domestic policy concerns.

Hospitality work: A map for change

02 Sep, 2022
Almost three years after COVID-19 hit New Zealand, the hospitality sector is slowly rebuilding.
Amber Nicholson_Katherine Ravenswood_Fiona Hurd

Challenges for Māori support workers

02 Sep, 2022
A new report lays bare the challenges faced by Māori community support workers, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Son helping young criminal dads

How a son can help young criminal dads

31 Aug, 2022
For both mums and dads, the arrival of a child decreases criminal behaviour. We now find the child’s gender plays a particular role for some fathers.
Costco by Getty Images

Costco will change how Kiwis shop

17 Aug, 2022
Costco will change the way New Zealanders shop. Marketing expert Megan Phillips shares tips for getting the most out of a bulk buy.
Prof Kate Kearins

Making Work From Home workable

15 Aug, 2022
WFH - dream or nightmare? Whatever you think, working from home – at least some of the time – is the new norm for many of us. How best to manage it?
AUT city campus with people walking between buildings

AUT Pay Gaps Report released

03 Aug, 2022
AUT’s latest report shows its gender and ethnicity pay gaps, the first university in Aotearoa New Zealand to do so.
Left to right: Linda Tran, Alex Plum, Professor Gail Pacheco.

Covid's impact on Pacific workers

25 Jul, 2022
COVID-19 exacerbated existing disparities between NZ European and Pacific workers - particularly for Pacific women under 30 in Auckland.
Digital transformation

Does going digital deliver or divide?

21 Jul, 2022
New AUT research examines whether digital transformation delivers on its promises or reinforces social inequities and divides.
Four people in high vis vests

Accolades for Shadow A Leader 2022

08 Jul, 2022
Shadow A Leader is one of AUT’s flagship partnership programmes, giving thousands of students an invaluable day shadowing top leaders in Auckland.
Anil Narayan and Alexander Plum

High quality business translation awards

07 Jul, 2022
The 2022 New Zealand Business Research Translation Awards were notable for the high standard of entries.

$400-a-week retirement shortfall

29 Jun, 2022
Is our KiwiSaver balance building up fast enough to provide for our retirement? For the average New Zealander, the short answer is no.
Antonio Diaz Andrade

Five Questions: Antonio Díaz Andrade

28 Jun, 2022
We asked Professor Antonio Díaz Andrade five questions ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Ayesha Scott

Online toolkit reduces money conflict

27 Jun, 2022
Bespoke to New Zealand, the toolkit has been developed based on the findings from joint research by AUT and Good Shepherd NZ.
Professor Jarrod Haar

Covid cautious or Covid cavalier?

20 Jun, 2022
New AUT research shows half of Kiwi employees have at least a moderate level of “office anxiety” - concerns about returning to the workplace.
Glasses of beer on a table

Does a lower drinking age reduce crime?

08 Jun, 2022
The study compared criminal outcomes of youths who had just turned 18 and could buy alcohol to those who were not quite 18 and unable to legally buy it.
Olga and Adrian

A glimmer of certainty for the NZ dollar

19 May, 2022
Uncertainty in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has wreaked havoc with the international commodity markets. What does the future hold?
Katherine Ravenswood

Women workers still less valued than men

17 May, 2022
The latest Budget priorities and failed negotiations with care workers show that little has changed for women workers since the 2017 pay equity settlement.
Edwina Pio BW

Weaving work and worship on the job

10 May, 2022
How do organisations consider the role of religion in the workplace, and the relationship between faith, diversity, and operations and management?
Brand activism

Risks, rewards for brands taking a stand

05 May, 2022
Many consumers want brands to take a stand, but it’s not always clear what that stand should be. So, is there a “second mover advantage” in brand activism?

How can NZ prepare its supply chains?

27 Apr, 2022
Dr Bill Wang shares his expertise on a just-released issues paper looking at the opportunities and challenges NZ faces in its supply chain management.
AUT Business School

Global endorsement for new AUT masters

26 Apr, 2022
CIPS, the professional body for the procurement and supply profession, has accredited the new AUT Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM).
Prof Jarrod Haar

Kiwis don't realise they're burnt out

11 Apr, 2022
The latest data from AUT’s Wellbeing@Work study show most people who are suffering from burnout either don’t realise it or can’t assess how serious it is.
Dr David Williamson standing in a commercial kitchens with chefs busy making food behind him.

Voices from hospitality's front line

08 Apr, 2022
New AUT research looks at workplace practices in the hospitality industry and gives recommendations to improve working conditions.
Nhut Nguyen

LGBT policies impact investor behaviour

17 Mar, 2022
New research shows companies that adopted LGBT-supportive policies for the first time can affect the attitudes and activities of investors.
Ella Henry

Did protesters breach tikanga?

14 Mar, 2022
Tikanga is a noun, glossed as custom, practice, and protocol. Yet the debate over tikanga at the Parliament protest is not clear cut, writes Ella Henry.
Katherine Ravenswood_Web

Lessons from the pay equity settlement

07 Mar, 2022
AUT research shows the impact of the soon-to-expire Pay Equity Settlement Act – for good and not so good.
Pandemic and NZ supply chain

Pandemic shows supply chain weaknesses

04 Mar, 2022
The pandemic is hiking the costs of goods and services we import either for our own use or as components in our manufacturing and exporting processes.

Ukraine invasion will hurt Kiwi pockets

28 Feb, 2022
New Zealand might geographically far from the crisis in Ukraine, but we can expect to feel the fallout of what's become known as “Europe’s darkest hour”.
Headshot of Dr Tago Mharapara

AUT scholar wins Fulbright

23 Feb, 2022
Congratulations to the Business School's Tago Mharapara, who will head to Brown University in the USA as a 2022 Fulbright New Zealand scholar.
Jarrod Haar_marae

Happy workers are hybrid workers

22 Feb, 2022
New data show that hybrid workers – those who combine working from home and the office – are the happiest and most innovative employees.
Professor Jarrod Haar

Wellbeing at work expert wins top award

10 Feb, 2022
AUT has awarded its preeminent academic award, the AUT University Medal, to the Business School’s Professor Jarrod Haar (Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Mahuta).
Researchers as pictured Top row, Left to Right: Dr Tago Mharapara, Dr Janine Clemons, Assoc. Prof. Katherine Ravenswood, Dr Lesley Dixon. Bottom row, Left to Right: Dr Nimbus Staniland, Mrs Stacey Gillard-Tito, Ms Talei Jackson, Prof. Gill Kirton.

Interdisciplinary team wins health grant

26 Jan, 2022
An interdisciplinary team of AUT researchers has won a major grant from the Health Research Council.
Professor Kate Kearins

Speak up, listen up, and give feedback

20 Jan, 2022
When a workplace culture supports open and reciprocal communication, its people will more likely contribute to the company’s mission, writes Kate Kearins.
The trouble with chatbots

The trouble with chatbots

19 Jan, 2022
New AUT research shows that, just as it takes two hands to clap, it takes both chatbot and customer to create a satisfactory interaction.
Supreme Winner Delta Waterways Team - Judges Q&A

AUT X Challenge 2021 – The Final Pitch

09 Dec, 2021
Eight teams pitched to win at X Challenge – The Final, competing for a share of the $20,000 cash prize pool and over $10,000 of goods and services.
How to harness the great recruitment

How to harness ‘the great recruitment’

06 Dec, 2021
“The great resignation” means talented job seekers in the marketplace, which makes “the great recruitment” an employment opportunity to be seized.
Jarrod Haar

Can summer tame the flames of burnout?

02 Dec, 2021
One in nine. One in five. Now, one in three. It's not a tally of growing COVID cases. Instead, new AUT research shows the risk of burnout is soaring.
Monique Cooper

AUT’s first Rhodes Scholar

23 Nov, 2021
Product development engineer Monique Cooper is the first ever AUT graduate to be awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.
Daysha Tonumaipe'a (left) and Dr Dianne Wepa (right)

Funding for emerging researchers

23 Nov, 2021
Three AUT researchers have been acknowledged at the Health Research Council’s annual Career Development Awards.
Business school

Award extended for Business School

18 Nov, 2021
The prestigious AACSB International (AACSB) has extended its accreditation of AUT Business School for five years.
Jarrod Haar

Fair and transparent pay at work

17 Nov, 2021
Organisations that build fair and transparent salaries and pay scales, and share that information across the business, are more likely to succeed.

The “great resignation”, NZ-style

11 Nov, 2021
New research from the Business School shows more and more Kiwi workers are thinking about either changing or throwing in the job towel.
Alex Turcu

Lockdown shows “digital user divide”

05 Nov, 2021
AUT’s NZ Work Research Institute (NZWRI), in collaboration with InternetNZ, has released the latest New Zealand World Internet Project (WIP) report.
Jacinda Ardern and Tracy Han

Voices of the Future to be livestreamed

05 Nov, 2021
Participants will hear from international speakers at Voices of the Future. AUT alumna Tracy Han describes her experience with the AUT-hosted global event.
A composite image showing the four AUT Marsden grant recipients.

Four Marsden fund grants for AUT

03 Nov, 2021
Four AUT research projects have been granted more than $2.8 million in the 2021 Marsden Fund round.
Transformative branding

Should we be wary of brand activism?

28 Oct, 2021
Through “transformative branding”, companies can work with customers, communities and competitors to create brands that lead on market and social fronts.

Avoid an Auckland business bonfire

26 Oct, 2021
Deep into a delta lockdown, businesses in New Zealand’s biggest city urgently need a new form of support, writes Richard Meade.
Kate-Managing for a better World

Worst of times bring out the best in us

22 Oct, 2021
Maybe – just maybe – our perspectives and priorities around what really matters have fundamentally changed, writes Business School Dean, Kate Kearins.
Innovation promotion

Our economy is not promoting innovation

18 Oct, 2021
NZ must move from "closed" to "open" innovation approaches to better promote collaboration and grow our economy, writes Omid Aliasghar.
work and parenting during the lockdown

Zigzag working: new reality for parents

06 Oct, 2021
Forget “work-life conflict” or “work-life balance”. The pandemic has ushered in a new way of working and two AUT researchers have coined a new term for it.
Jarrod Haar

Anxiety rising in the Kiwi workforce

30 Sep, 2021
Kiwi employees are worried about job security – and new findings reflect their anxiety levels.
Uni students online learning

Uni students and online learning

24 Sep, 2021
A new, multi-university study examines how online learning impacts those who are, arguably, at the heart of the COVID-19 education crisis: our students.
invisible NZ caregivers

Community carers feel “invisible”

17 Sep, 2021
Front-line essential workers are rightly recognised for their service - but many community workers, who care for our most vulnerable, feel ignored.
Tax forgiveness

Covid spurs call for “tax forgiveness”

06 Sep, 2021
Research shows a voluntary disclosure program for overseas income could help protect NZ’s pandemic-impacted businesses and promote honesty in tax matters.
WF WG sky tower

AUT climbs up the global rankings

02 Sep, 2021
AUT continues to climb up the global university rankings joining the University of Otago in second place in NZ and the top 250 universities in the world.
Integrating sustainability

Integrating sustainability into business

31 Aug, 2021
New research examines an accounting system that aims to help managers embed sustainability into organisations and evaluate the success of their efforts.

Mood, music, money and financial markets

31 Aug, 2021
New research shows emotions affect the stock market - suggesting that investors should be wary of their own emotions when making investment decisions.
NZ toxic work culture

Can HR fix NZ’s toxic workplaces?

10 Aug, 2021
New research shows HR people themselves are working within a wider culture that can inhibit meaningful change, writes Fiona Hurd.
1. Lydia Cheung

Time to intervene in supermarket duopoly

05 Aug, 2021
The NZ Commerce Commission must do all it can to promote new entries into our competition landscape, writes Lydia Cheung from the School of Economics.
Is any job better than no job

Is any job better than no job – really?

22 Jun, 2021
New research from AUT’s NZ Work Research Institute suggests past studies may have overstated the “stepping stone” effect of moving from low to higher pay.
Chain over water by Karine Avetisy

Who pays to improve supply chains?

15 Jun, 2021
Amid disruptions to connections and markets, Professor Peter Enderwick asks if consumers will, or will not, pay for more resilient global supply chains.
Ayesha Scott

AUT funding helps Kiwis talk about money

15 Jun, 2021
Newly funded research from AUT aims to tackle financial abuse by helping Kiwis feel comfortable and talk constructively about money with their loved ones.
Auckland most liveable

Auckland "most liveable"? Not for Māori

14 Jun, 2021
Many Māori whānau in Auckland do not enjoy the benefits of this supposed “liveability”, writes the Business School’s Ella Henry.
Peter Skilling

Support for action on inequality in NZ

09 Jun, 2021
In the last decade, public attitudes have swung sharply against NZ’s high levels of economic inequality, writes Peter Skilling in The Guardian.
Professor Jarrod Haar

Flames in the NZ workforce

01 Jun, 2021
New AUT research, conducted in December 2020, shows Kiwi workers are at higher risk of being burnt-out than previously thought.
Dr Radilaite Cammock and Daysha Tonumaipe’a

Using ‘food havens’ to reduce obesity

13 May, 2021
A new concept in food environments, the food haven, aims to reduce high obesity rates among Māori and Pacific peoples.
Dr Nimbus Staniland, Dr Lydia Cheung and Dr Jessica Vredenburg

Business School wins translation awards

13 May, 2021
AUT Business School has won the NZ Business Research Translation Competition, highlighting the impact of sharing research with non-academic audiences.
Lightbulb in soil

Five questions with Professor Ricky Chan

10 May, 2021
We asked Professor Ricky Chan five questions about his research following his appointment to Professor.
The fatherhood penalty

Parental leave policies widen gender gap

07 May, 2021
When it comes to parental equality, universities are not the progressive institutions many of us expect them to be, writes Patrick Van Esch.
GCOP founder and Chief Possibility Officer Minnie Baragwanath

New Access Entrepreneurship Programme

06 May, 2021
13 entrepreneurs will be leading 11 projects to advance accessibility in a new programme launched by the Global Centre of Possibility @ AUT.
Professor Ben Wooliscroft

Five questions: Prof. Ben Wooliscroft

28 Apr, 2021
We asked Professor Ben Wooliscroft five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Professor Jarrod Haar

Kiwi workers risk becoming burnt out

28 Apr, 2021
New AUT research shows that, compared to international employees, Kiwi workers risk becoming burnt out – they’ve got nothing left to give to the job.
Kate-Managing for a better World

What got us here won’t get us there

21 Apr, 2021
When the script gets scrapped, we must contend with a ‘What got us here won’t get you there’ moment, writes Professor Kate Kearins.
Professor Jarrod Haar

Māori scientists face double challenge

15 Apr, 2021
Māori scientists undertake innovative research while also being expected to raise the cultural capacity of their organisations and the science system.

Local policies can reduce gambling loss

13 Apr, 2021
When local authorities tighten gambling regulations, player losses at the pokie machines are reduced, an AUT report has found.
Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood

NZ support workers need more support

12 Apr, 2021
Most support workers in New Zealand feel overworked, underpaid and undervalued, a new AUT study has found.
Geoff Perry and Richard Hall

AUT’s newest Reeves Honorary Fellows

01 Apr, 2021
Dr Geoff Perry and Richard Hall have been made AUT’s newest Reeves Honorary Fellows in recognition of their significant contributions to the University.
Auckland Businesses

NZ is facing a fragmented global economy

26 Mar, 2021
NZ businesses must ask themselves some tough questions in order to adapt and succeed in the new global economy, writes Peter Enderwick.
Art funding

Time to rethink arts funding in NZ

26 Mar, 2021
After a horror year for the performing arts, we need to apply some fresh thinking to the arts landscape of the future, writes Jonathan Baker.
Cheerleaders are athletes

Cheerleaders are athletes

17 Mar, 2021
Rather than remove cheerleaders from sport fields, we should celebrate their athleticism and embrace cheerleading as a sport, writes Patrick Van Esch.
Professor Jarrod Haar, Professor Patria Hume, Professor Denise Wilson

New Royal Society Te Apārangi Fellows

16 Mar, 2021
Three AUT academics have been elected as Fellows to the Academy of the Royal Society Te Apārangi.
Dr Lena Waizenegger

Do you dare ditch your phone for a day?

16 Mar, 2021
A Business School researcher wants you to take the Phone Free Day Global Challenge and find out what happens when people use tech in a purposeful way.
Pele gets the vaccine

Star power may help vaccine hesitancy

16 Mar, 2021
From Elvis to Dolly, celebrity endorsements might be the key to countering vaccine hesitancy, writes Patrick Van Esch and his co-authors.
Period poverty must end

Period poverty must end

10 Mar, 2021
It’s time to rethink menstrual education in schools and put access to period products for all Australians on the agenda, writes Patrick Van Esch.
AUT Business School

Coveted EQUIS award for Business School

10 Mar, 2021
In gaining EQUIS accreditation, AUT Business School joins an elite group of business schools around the world.
Women academics at AUT

Celebrating AUT's women academics

08 Mar, 2021
Today is International Women’s Day. Read a sample of the research from AUT’s women academics who are working to improve the lives of women in our society.
Dr Betty Ofe-Grant

Sacred concept of the vā underpins study

18 Feb, 2021
New research puts the sacred concept of the vā at the heart of its study, examining low literacy and numeracy skills among Pacific peoples.
Covid loans

Would 'COVID loans' be more affordable?

16 Feb, 2021
Faced with a COVID-19 pandemic of unknown severity and duration, governments are looking for effective and sustainable ways to maintain their economies.
Jarrod Haar

Business lessons from the Māori tie

11 Feb, 2021
The tie vs taonga stoush gives the opportunity for businesses to move from diversity to inclusion, writes Professor Jarrod Haar.
Kate-Managing for a better World

A 20th century adage gets a COVID twist

09 Feb, 2021
It’s rare that I find comfort in cliches, but one 20th century adage has 21st century sticking power, writes Kate Kearins.
It's just not cricket

Brands back away from Australia Day

29 Jan, 2021
For increasing numbers of Aussie brands, waving the flag around Australia Day is losing its appeal. Marketing expert Patrick Van Esch explains.
Kabir Dasgupta, Gail Pacheco, Alexander Plum

Relationships matter in health choices

26 Jan, 2021
New research finds personal and professional interactions can determine how, how much, and how satisfyingly people use child healthcare services.
Photo of Professor Marjo Lips-Wiersma

2021 NZ Sustainability survey launches

18 Jan, 2021
Eligible participants are invited to complete the second annual survey on NZ's sustainability profession.
Multiple brands of different companies

Brand activism moves up the supply chain

14 Dec, 2020
Brand activism and supply chains raise questions about corporate accountability and commercial censorship, write Sommer Kapitan and Jessica Vredenburg.
New AUT Professors

New Professors and Associate Professors

30 Nov, 2020
Nine academics have been appointed to the position of Professor, effective from 1 January 2021. 19 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
Seasonal workers in the field

Saving our seasonal growers and workers

26 Nov, 2020
It’s time to find a new approach to managed isolation – one that allows migrant workers to help save our seasonal crops industry, writes Swati Nagar.
Kate-Managing for a better World

Masking a good thing

23 Nov, 2020
Whether we’re in the throes of, or at the tail-end of this (or any other) pandemic, the lessons from lockdowns are applicable, writes Kate Kearins.
photo of credit card and computer

Get ready for new data privacy rules

16 Nov, 2020
It’s time for New Zealand to prepare for new legislation that will affect the way businesses and consumers use online data.
Jonah Lomu and Kieran Read in action

Business scholarships for rugby stars

27 Oct, 2020
A new partnership between AUT and Counties Manukau Rugby will support outstanding young rugby players in their academic careers.
Professor Niven Winchester

5 questions: Professor Niven Winchester

23 Oct, 2020
We asked Professor Niven Winchester five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Professor Jarrod Haar

Evidence crucial in uncertain times

08 Oct, 2020
For Professor Jarrod Haar, COVID-19 has provided a chance to learn and share valuable findings about how the pandemic impacts Kiwi workplaces.
Mobile phone filled with a variety of social media apps

How social media shapes NZ's election

05 Oct, 2020
If social media engagement rates determined who’s in charge, NZ’s next government might surprise you, write Sommer Kapitan and Patrick van Esch.
Aspen Awards

AUT wins "Ideas Worth Teaching" prize

01 Oct, 2020
Four scholars who teach an AUT Business School course have been acknowledged for their innovative teaching during global crises.
Jarrod Haar

Good leadership can boost te reo Māori

17 Sep, 2020
A “servant” style of leadership can enhance the way employees understand and use te reo Māori, according to new research by Professor Jarrod Haar.
Research funding story

Enhancing urban regeneration

15 Sep, 2020
A research team has secured $7.95m to quantify the societal impact of major urban regeneration projects currently taking place across the country.
Three babies lying together on a blanket

Time to overhaul paid parental leave

14 Sep, 2020
Paid parental leave needs an overhaul if governments want us to have 'one for the country', writes Patrick van Esch and colleagues.
Josh and Olaf

Freemasons Scholarship recipients 2020

09 Sep, 2020
Meet Joshua Iosefo and Olaf Wrieden, the 2020 AUT recipients of the Freemasons Scholarship.
NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

The Facebook PM

07 Sep, 2020
Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook following is four times greater than those of the other seven main party leaders combined, writes Dr Sommer Kapitan.
Matilda billboard

AUT launches new advertising campaign

04 Sep, 2020
AUT graduates are telling the story in their own words of how their AUT experience inspired them and shaped their lives and futures.
Sommer Kapitan

Research matters: from Tik Tok to vaping

14 Aug, 2020
Marketing expert translates valuable research for mainstream audiences
Virtual team meetings

Virtual meetings help team inclusion

13 Aug, 2020
The first empirical study of its kind shows the pros and cons of COVID-enforced work from home – and how we can do it better this time around.
Now hiring-lost job during covid

Lost your job due to COVID? AI can help

13 Aug, 2020
Artificial Intelligence could be a boon for job seekers who need an edge in today’s tight labour market, writes Marketing expert Patrick van Esch.
Professor Kate Kearins

Plussing in a pandemic: “Yes, and…”

05 Aug, 2020
COVID-19 has put “plussing” into action for Professor Kate Kearins, who believes that's because the practice is underpinned by empathy.
New accounting case comp

Big support for new accounting case comp

04 Aug, 2020
Business School supports lockdown-inspired Auckland Accounting Case Competition
International education

International students – an opportunity

23 Jun, 2020
NZ’s reputation as clean, green and relatively safe from COVID will make it even more desirable as a study destination for overseas students.
Jonnathan Baker

What’s the purpose of business, anyway?

15 Jun, 2020
By sacking staff and closing stores, big businesses like The Warehouse could hurt their long-term interests, writes the Business School’s Jonathan Baker.
WHU MBA summer program

MBA students undertake virtual exchange

09 Jun, 2020
In an AUT first, two of our MBA students embarked on a virtual international exchange programme.
Prof Kate Kearins

Good leadership in uncertain times

03 Jun, 2020
Uncertain times require agility and the courage to pivot fast and make bold decisions quickly with imperfect information, writes Kate Kearins.
Man & woman hiking

Four-day work week could boost economy

29 May, 2020
COVID-19 reignites debate about the merits of a four-day work week. Professor Jarrod Haar’s new research suggests it’s time for change.
 New York_April

COVID-19 turns retail therapy to anxiety

22 May, 2020
From retail therapy to retail anxiety: keeping customers calm will be key to carrying on post COVID-19. Our marketing experts examine the issue.
staff levels_rest home

Review staff levels in rest homes

22 May, 2020
Policymakers, funders and aged care providers must admit that quality care in rest homes requires more staff and more time. Katherine Ravenswood explains.
Jarrod Haar_Landscape

Who leads better - women or men?

18 May, 2020
Does gender influence how good a leader you are? Does it matter if you’re a male employee working for a female leader? Professor Jarrod Haar finds out.

Future of work explored at Techtalk

12 May, 2020
Business School lecturer Lena Waizenegger shared findings from her latest research on the first ever virtual international Techtalk.
2. Goodbye to openplan office

Will COVID-19 change the way we work?

30 Apr, 2020
How will organisations adapt to ensure workplaces are collaborative, productive and virus-free?
Jarrod Haar

Kiwis carry on calmly during COVID-19

28 Apr, 2020
Feeling like most people in New Zealand are handling the COVID-19 lockdown well? New research shows we are doing just that.
The big idea_Ella Henry

House Visits: Mates, Whānau and Feijoas

23 Apr, 2020
An insight into a more intense version of bubble life than most, from a leading contributor to the Māori screen industry.
BEL_covid experts

Our experts weigh in on COVID-19

21 Apr, 2020
Business, Economics and Law academics contribute to the global conversation about COVID-19.
Digital platform

Vital to protect human rights online

15 Apr, 2020
As use of digital platforms surges, two AUT academics explain why we’ll need stronger global efforts to protect human rights online.
Headshot of Assoc Prof Rachel Morrison

Research with impact: Rachel Morrison

16 Mar, 2020
How can academics show the real-world value of their research? Translate, translate, translate. Associate Professor Rachel Morrison shows how.
Professor Nick Nguyen

Five questions with Prof. Nick Nguyen

12 Mar, 2020
We asked Professor Nick Nguyen five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Assoc Prof Katherine Ravenswood headshot

AUT expert shares research on aged care

11 Mar, 2020
AUT employment expert delivers key findings on improving work conditions for aged-care workers.
AUT Professor Ben Wooliscroft

What is a road?

04 Mar, 2020
Professor of Macromarketing Ben Wooliscroft looks beneath the bitumen to tackle an issue that looms large in this election year.
Professor Ben Wooliscroft

Professor strives to make world better

12 Feb, 2020
The world’s first Professor of Macromarketing takes a playful approach to answering the lofty question, How can we make the world a better place?
Ella Henry

Māori scholar joins AUT Business School

10 Feb, 2020
Prominent Māori expert Associate Professor Ella Henry, has taken up a new role at AUT's Business School.
Professor Kate Kearins

Older and wiser – but worth the price?

21 Jan, 2020
Short-term gain or long-term pain: What is the price of juniorisation in the workplace? Professor Kate Kearins weighs the pros and cons.
Kate Kearins

Negotiating unconscious bias in the work

27 Nov, 2019
“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”
Gail Pacheco

NZ rates of in-work poverty examined

21 Nov, 2019
Research conducted by AUT’s New Zealand Work Research Institute has found more than 50,000 working households live in poverty across Aotearoa.
Corporate Social Responsibility letters

Websites can influence investment

15 Nov, 2019
Are companies using web-based features to shape the way investors perceive their CSR information?
QS stars 2019

AUT gets 5 QS stars in all categories

13 Nov, 2019
AUT has received the maximum five stars for the first time in every category according to the global education analysts QS in their recent results.
New Professors announced in 2019

New Professors and Associate Professors

07 Nov, 2019
AUT has announced the promotion of 12 leading academics to the position of Professor. A further 15 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
Professor Kate Kearins

Good Leadership by Design

07 Nov, 2019
Read Professor Kate Kearins’ article, Good leadership by Design, which features in Management Magazine.
Ayesha Scott

Legal system perpetrates financial abuse

05 Nov, 2019
New evidence from AUT shows changes to the Family Court are needed to help protect women and children from financial abuse.
Danae Anderson

Economic impact of the Skycity fire

25 Oct, 2019
In the aftermath of the fire at the New Zealand International Convention Centre, negative flow-on effects on the economy can be expected.
Professor Gail Pacheco

Gail Pacheco bestowed AUT’s top award

24 Oct, 2019
Professor Gail Pacheco has been awarded the 2019 AUT University Medal for her research to help inform social policy and wellbeing.
Te Korau programme

Initiative supports Māori entrepreneurs

22 Oct, 2019
AUT and Northland Inc are pooling their resources to launch a business accelerator programme aimed at enhancing Māori entrepreneurship.
Professor Edwina Pio

Prof Pio awarded Te Rangi Hīroa Medal

18 Oct, 2019
Professor Edwina Pio has been awarded the Te Rangi Hīroa Medal by Royal Society Te Apārangi for her pioneering research in diversity.
Associate Professor of Management Katherine Ravenswood

Why does your DHB vote matter?

07 Oct, 2019
Your District Health Board vote can have a big influence on the work conditions of those caring for our most vulnerable.
The perils of promoting vaping

The perils of promoting vaping

25 Sep, 2019
Dr Patrick Van Esch and Dr Sommer Kapitan wrote an op-ed for Stuff on promoting vaping. Read the article now.
Gail Pacheco

Westpac’s first Gender Pay Gap report

24 Sep, 2019
Gail Pacheco, Professor of Economics and Director of AUT’s New Zealand Work Research Institute, provided oversight for the report.
Andrew Lowe & Gail Pacheco

AUT secures $13M in MBIE Endeavour Fund

18 Sep, 2019
AUT researchers have secured $13m in funding through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Endeavour Fund.
THE Rankings Sep 2019

AUT moves up 50 places in world rankings

12 Sep, 2019
AUT is now in the top 1% of world universities and in the top 50 for research citations.
Woolf Fisher AUT scholarship Awards ceremony

19 first in family scholarships awarded

05 Sep, 2019
19 AUT students were awarded Woolf Fisher First-in-Family AUT Scholarships at a celebration event at the AUT South Campus on Thursday 29 August.
Students taking part in Hackathon

Student hackathon works to reduce waste

14 Aug, 2019
AUT students recently collaborated with industry to tackle environmental issues producing potential solutions in just eight hours.
Professor Matthew Ryan

Five questions with Prof. Matthew Ryan

13 Aug, 2019
We asked Professor Matthew Ryan five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Annah Stretton and Fiona Bongartz

The business of prison and fashion

23 Jul, 2019
Business and fashion student Fiona Bongartz worked with fashion icon Annah Stretton as part of the AUT Business School’s Shadow a Leader programme.

Challenging thinking at SAL

09 Jul, 2019
AUT and high school students got an inside look at the work days of top New Zealand’s business people recently at the 2019 Shadow a Leader event.
62% increase in AUT researchers

62% increase in AUT researchers

30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world
They Are Us image - illustration by Ruby Jones

Christchurch tragedy

15 Mar, 2019
The tragic event in Christchurch today devastates us. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their friends and families.
Sommer Kapitan and Jessica Vredenburg

Taking a stand: brands and activism

04 Feb, 2019
Dr Sommer Kapitan and Dr Jessica Vredenburg from the AUT Business School have co-authored an article for the Conversation about brand activism.
AUT Edge Award winners

Gaining skills for the workplace

14 Dec, 2018
Auckland Council are proud to sponsor the overall achievement prize for the AUT Edge Award, an extra-curricular employability award at AUT.
Candice Harris and Jarrod Haar

Juggling school holidays and work

07 Dec, 2018
Professor Candice Harris and Professor Jarrod Haar from the Business School have co-authored an article for the Conversation about the double juggle.
Sommer Kapitan and Jessica Vredenburg

When marketing doesn’t match practice

06 Dec, 2018
Dr Sommer Kapitan and Dr Jessica Vredenburg from the AUT Business School have co-authored an article for the Conversation about brand activism.

Improving diversity outcomes

04 Dec, 2018
AUT’s Policy Observatory recently launched a report exploring what government can do to improve diversity and inclusion.
Dr Fiona Hurd

Shattering the glass ceiling

20 Nov, 2018
AUT's Dr Fiona Hurd and Dr Suzette Dyer from the University of Waikato have found it is still necessary to prove there is a gender pay gap.
AUT's new Professors

New Professors and Associate Professors

01 Nov, 2018
AUT has announced the promotion to Professor of seven senior academics. A further 16 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
The Sustainability Taskforce at the Roadmap launch

Minister launches sustainable blueprint

24 Oct, 2018
The Minister for Climate Change, the Hon James Shaw officially launched AUT’s Sustainability Roadmap on Friday 19 October.
A patient lying down in an ambulance

Health innovation cuts ED admissions

05 Oct, 2018
Early evidence suggests that a team-based primary health care practice model can reduce emergency department admissions to hospitals.
WF WG sky tower

THE rankings place AUT in NZ top three

27 Sep, 2018
AUT has significantly improved in global university rankings published today by the Times Higher Education.
Professor Candice Harris

Five questions: Professor Candice Harris

26 Sep, 2018
We asked Professor Candice Harris five questions about her research at the time of her Inaugural Professorial Address.

Women in sports (The Conversation)

20 Sep, 2018
Naomi Osaka has made history as the first Japanese woman to claim a Grand Slam singles title after defeating Serena Williams in the final of the US Open.
AUT students sit in the WG lecture hall

AUT 2019 domestic and international fees

13 Sep, 2018
Tuition fees for new domestic students, and for domestic and international students currently enrolled in a programme will increase in 2019.
A family plants trees

Sustainability – reality or illusion?

03 Sep, 2018
Companies are turning to feel good images in annual reports, but these photos may be masking the truth in the numbers, say AUT Business School researchers.
Professor Gail Pacheco with award

Professor takes out economics prize

29 Aug, 2018
AUT economics professor, Gail Pacheco, has been awarded the 2018 NZIER Economics Award, recognising the impact of her research work.
Award recipients group photo

Diversity Awards celebrate commitment

20 Aug, 2018
AUT staff recently acknowledged diversity initiatives of eight awardees at the Auckland Art Gallery.
Gender differences at work

Relish competence or seek a challenge?

13 Aug, 2018
People who love their jobs get different things out of it - and there’s a difference between women and men when it comes to job satisfaction.
New Master of Business for AUT students

Postgrad degree boosts career prospects

07 Aug, 2018
AUT Business School’s new one-year Master of Business Management opens up options for graduates wanting to move into a rewarding career in management.
Kate Kearins

Bachelor of Business undergoes refresh

01 Aug, 2018
AUT’s reshaped Bachelor of Business lets students build an engaging, multidisciplinary programme of study focused on future capabilities and social impact.

Working 4-day weeks for 5 days' pay?

30 Jul, 2018
A four-day week trial showed that if workers have more control over their job, they feel and perform better.

Four-day work week gets the tick

19 Jul, 2018
AUT researcher runs the research ruler over a company’s trial of a four-day working week and finds it measures up.

Develop a career with purpose

11 Jul, 2018
A rewarding career can grow from finding an employer who matches your own personal values, says AUT Business School’s Dr Margie Elley-Brown.

Leading the next generation

05 Jul, 2018
Mixing the generations for leadership lessons during AUT’s Shadow a Leader day.

Striving to make algorithms fair

04 Jul, 2018
AUT Centre for Social Data Analytics co-director Rhema Vaithianathan spoke to science journal Nature about algorithms, bias and fairness.

Changing names to boost job prospects

03 Jul, 2018
Migrants are using "more Kiwi-sounding" names to increase their chance of finding employment, says Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio.

How office design can isolate women

03 Jul, 2018
Open plan offices are thought to promote teamwork and discussion but women are finding them hard places to work.
Dr Saten Kumar

Plain English boosts policy outcomes

25 Jun, 2018
Research points to benefits of using plain language and social media to connect central bank policies with the public.
Income hit for mums

Income hit for mums

30 May, 2018
Parenthood increases the gender pay gap with mothers facing a wage penalty.
Helena Cooper-Thomas

5 questions: Prof Helena Cooper-Thomas

25 May, 2018
We asked Professor of Organisational Behaviour Helena Cooper-Thomas five questions about her research at the time of her Inaugural Professorial Address.
aaron and ayesha

Financial confusion costing Kiwis

07 May, 2018
KiwiSavers are struggling to understand the information needed to make good choices about their financial future.
Accounting for good

Accounting for good

27 Apr, 2018
AUT Business School introduces Accounting for Social Impact Research Group, aimed at supporting the achievement, evaluation and reporting of social impact.
Hazel Umaga and Taylor McDonald are winners of the 2018 Pacific Youth Awards.

Prime Minister recognises AUT students

23 Apr, 2018
Hazel Umaga and Taylor McDonald are winners of the 2018 Pacific Youth Awards.
Dr Michael Fletcher

Post-split parents’ finances studied

19 Apr, 2018
Research from AUT has revealed the economic impact when parents separate, in a study that is the first of its kind in New Zealand.
AUT student links with US-NZ leaders

AUT student links with US-NZ leaders

17 Apr, 2018
AUT business and law student Charle Megala is appointed to the US Embassy’s New Zealand Youth Council for 2018.
AUT first in NZ to use Xero Lifelong Learning Platform

AUT first in NZ to use Xero Lifelong Learning Platform

06 Apr, 2018

Accounting students at AUT Business School developing skills via Xero’s purpose-built teaching and learning platform.

Marketing a bad attitude

Marketing a bad attitude

27 Mar, 2018

How can brands win when sports stars are losing their reputation?

Online brand-power and kids

Online brand-power and kids

27 Mar, 2018

Who has more influence – musician, vlogger or sportsperson?

Stepping into the unknown drives success, says top scholar.

Feel the fear

26 Mar, 2018

Stepping into the unknown drives success, says top scholar.

OSH expert accepts key government advisory role

20 Mar, 2018

Associate Professor of Employment Relations, Dr Felicity Lamm has accepted the role of Government Chief Advisor, Health and Safety.


Older Women Have More Fun

13 Mar, 2018

Prof Jarrod Haar's research into work/life satisfaction.

Vulnerable transient population - Gail Pacheco

Vulnerable transient population size equal to the city of Tauranga

06 Mar, 2018

A study by the New Zealand Work Research Institute at AUT has quantified the scale of transience in New Zealand, with a particular focus on those considered to be ‘vulnerable transient’.


AUT increases presence in QS subject rankings

01 Mar, 2018

New global rankings show AUT now has 13 subjects ranked, with two of them featuring in the top 50 in the world.

Triplets Chloe, Roselle and Chanel Samaratunga

AUT welcomes our new scholars

28 Feb, 2018

180 undergraduate students who are recipients of various AUT scholarships were welcomed at a special event this week.

Marjolein Wiersma

Creating meaning in the workplace

13 Dec, 2017

Marjolein Lips-Wiersma, Professor of Ethics and Sustainability Leadership at AUT’s Business School, is a leading expert in developing and supporting meaning in the workplace. Professor Lips-Wiersma has just released the second edition of the book she co-authored with Lani Morris, The Map of Meaningful Work: A Practical Guide to Sustaining Our Humanity.

Langi Latu

Langi Latu wins case competition at Beta Gamma Sigma Global Leadership Summit

13 Dec, 2017

Langi Latu, an AUT Business School graduate, and fellow team members won their case category during the Team Case Competition, sponsored by KPMG, at Beta Gamma Sigma’s 2017 Global Leadership Summit. The team was selected as a winner based on their innovative and creative solution for their assigned business case, as well as the effectiveness of their presentation.

New tool measures Corporate Governance Effectiveness

New tool measures Corporate Governance Effectiveness

04 Dec, 2017

A new corporate governance index aims to quantify the voice of the shareholder at the boardroom table.

x challenge

Budding student entrepreneurs prepare for AUT’s “Dragon’s Den”

21 Nov, 2017

X-Challenge, a new university-wide competition that gives every AUT student an opportunity to develop an idea for a business, cause or project will culminate with a Dragons Den style pitch night on Thursday 23 November.

Alex Medland Slater

New Zealand market sentiment index launches

20 Nov, 2017

Bull or bear? For the first time New Zealand investors can quantify of how sentiment is shaping local financial markets.

 Tim Maloney

Professor Tim Maloney steps into chief economist role

03 Nov, 2017

Head of AUT’s School of Economics and co-director of the Centre for Social Data Analytics, Professor Tim Maloney, has been appointed to the role of Chief Economist at the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).


AUT alumna to attend world-class conference

01 Nov, 2017

AUT business graduate, Langi Latu, is heading to the U.S to attend the Beta Gamma Sigma Global Leadership Summit later this week.

 CIRC NZ Winners 2017

AUT Finance team wins the 2017 CFA Institute Research Challenge

19 Oct, 2017

AUT Business School finance students took out top honours and a chance to represent New Zealand in this year’s CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Excellence in economics brings home the Sir Frank Holmes prize

16 Oct, 2017

Congratulations to Livvy Mitchell, who is the 2017 recipient of a special prize established in honour of former New Zealand economist Sir Frank Holmes. Livvy is the first AUT recipient of this prize since its establishment in 2011.

Awards winner keeps exports on track

09 Oct, 2017

KiwiRail has taken out the supreme award at the AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards.

Now in its 12th year, the Excellence in Business Support Awards is the only national performance measure for business support organisations.

Radilaite Cammock

Māori and Pacific Early Career Academic Programme

02 Sep, 2017

A new generation of Māori and Pacific lecturers is taking up residence at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

The 2018 Early Career Academic Programme offers up to six Māori and Pacific scholars their first, full-time, permanent appointments as research-active lecturers.


Brothers graduate to achieve dream of higher education

21 Aug, 2017

Usually students graduating are lucky enough to witness performances from The Oceanian Voices choir during their graduation ceremonies, but at the most recent Business School graduation, two brothers got to pick up their degrees and entertain their fellow graduates.

Business support stars feature as finalists in annual awards

14 Jun, 2017

Smart operators contributing to the business success of New Zealand companies have been recognised as finalists in the AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards.


Hidden factors fuelling the 12 per cent gender pay gap

08 Mar, 2017

Women are lagging men in the pay stakes but it’s more likely to be down to hidden biases than a lack of skills for the job, according to AUT research.

AUT stays connected with MBA Alumni event

12 Dec, 2016

The alumni department and the MBA office hosted an exclusive networking event this month for over 50 prominent MBA and MPA alumni at the Auckland Art Gallery. The event also saw the launch of a digital alumni platform for this group.

Prime Minister’s Pacific Youth Awards recognise AUT business graduate

07 Dec, 2016

AUT business graduate, Manako Nemaia, was named the winner of the BNZ Commercial & Corporate Category at the Prime Minister’s Pacific Youth Awards, held at Parliament in Wellington this week.

AUT student lends her voice to the future of the Asia Pacific

17 Nov, 2016

Business student, Izzy Stangl is one of four young people representing New Zealand at the APEC Voices of the Future summit this month in Lima, Peru.

Big Data, Smaller Bureaucracy

21 Oct, 2016

By 2040 Big Data should have shrunk the public sector beyond recognition.

The age of Big Data has come to consumers rapidly, reinventing how we shop, socialise, bank and get from A to B.  And a Big Data revolution is slowly rolling through the public sector too.

Cutting edge food science company scoops AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards Supreme Award

06 Oct, 2016

New Zealand business has been celebrated in style as more than 600 guests from the government, academic and business sectors came together to honour the winners of the 2016 AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards at a gala dinner at the Langham Hotel.

An education in diversity

03 Aug, 2016

Sini Tagiloa was toiling on the factory floor, working hard and wondering why he was going nowhere. Wishing he knew what his manager was looking for. And, contemplating what he might do differently if their roles were reversed. He decided to study HR.


Paving the way for Auckland’s aspiring tertiary entrepreneurs

11 Jul, 2016

Aspiring AUT entrepreneurs are receiving a welcome boost to turn their ideas into a commercial reality through a new student entrepreneurship programme.

Inspirational business: Auckland CEOs open their doors to host promising young leaders

08 Jul, 2016

More than 70 businesses and organisations across Auckland have today hosted two promising young leaders as part of the Auckland University of Technology’s Annual Shadow a Leader Day.

AUT research leads to muti-million boost for home visiting programme

14 Jun, 2016

An annual $7 million  funding boost for the Government’s ‘Family Start’ home visiting programme was prompted by empirical research commissioned from AUT’s Centre for Social Data Analytics (CSDA).

Impressive cohort of business support organisations feature in annual awards

09 Jun, 2016

Behind every business success story is a support network of organisations that make their achievements possible.

AUT supports Pacific Language Weeks

31 May, 2016

The Ministry for Pacific People’s Pacific Language Weeks are celebrated at AUT each year as an opportunity to acknowledge the diverse Pacific cultures at the University.

New research centre focused on data for decision-making

07 Apr, 2016

AUT’s new Centre for Social Data Analytics was launched in March. The Centre is focused on “data analytics for social impact”. 

Centre researchers take on work with the potential to address and inform social issues or challenges in core policy areas including health, education, justice and social services.

MBA a momentous first qualification, after leaving school at 16

12 Jan, 2016

A childhood bout of rheumatic fever changed the course of Andrew Fiu’s life in almost every way.   But one very positive spinoff has just happened:  35 years on Fiu has graduated with his first formal qualification, a Master of Business Administration from the AUT Business School.


Erasing Christmas not the answer to workplace diversity

18 Dec, 2015

Steering clear of Christmas is an inappropriate response to diversity, says Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio.


Visual impairment at work – IT only part of the answer

26 Nov, 2015

Researchers from AUT’s Business School have shared the results of their research into the experiences of visually impaired professionals in the workplace and how those experiences are affected by information technology.


Time to say 'Je Suis Diversity'

16 Nov, 2015

A thought piece by AUT Professor of Diversity Edwino Pio, first published in EFMD GlobalFocus Volume 09, Issue 03|2015


Security firm with future focus takes Supreme Business Support Award

03 Nov, 2015

More than 600 guests from the government, academic and business sectors celebrated the winners of the 2015 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards at a gala dinner at the Langham Hotel on 29 October.


AUT Business professor appointed to Data Futures Working Group

21 Oct, 2015

AUT Professor of Economics Rhema Vaithianathan has been appointed to a working group that will lead work on how New Zealand uses and shares data.


Empathy in the face of diversity - NZ Diversity Forum at AUT

17 Sep, 2015

Professor Edwina Pio and Associate Professor Gail Pacheco found an audience keen to hear about their diversity research at the NZ Diversity forum in September.


New law continues our hazardous approach to safety at work

28 Aug, 2015

By Associate Professor Felicity Lamm, Co-Director - AUT Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research.


Eye on Māori economic development

26 Aug, 2015

Ten years on from Ngāti Awa’s Treaty settlement, it’s time for a reassessment according to AUT Business School graduate Dr Jim Mather.


Localised poverty solutions key for third world, says researcher

11 Aug, 2015

A ‘one size fits all” approach to poverty doesn’t translate into effective solutions for third world nations says researcher and AUT Business School PhD graduate Son Thanh Tung, who has spent four and a half years studying poverty reduction initiatives in Vietnam.


South Auckland high school students get MusicBiz savvy

31 Jul, 2015

More than 30 secondary students from schools around South Auckland, and the wider Auckland region, got to hang out with some top radio personalities and learn about the business side of the music industry at Music Biz – a music-meets-the-business-industry workshop held at the Auckland University of Technology’s South Campus in Manukau.


Hundreds of young leaders on campus for Inspire2015

08 Jul, 2015

Over three hundred secondary school students from across Auckland donned red socks for Fuji Xerox Inspire2015 on 3 July, a Leadership Week initiative supported by AUT Business School and the Sir Peter Blake Trust.


AUT Shadow a Leader - celebrating diverse leadership stories and styles

01 Jul, 2015

Business leaders from more than 75 businesses and organisations each spent a day with two promising young leaders as part of AUT’s Shadow a Leader Day on 1 July.


Finalists named for AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards

09 Jun, 2015

Finalists for the 2015 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards have been announced today.


Budget Briefing: Time to address child poverty in New Zealand

20 May, 2015

n light of the 2016 Budget, experts from across the country are calling on the government to do more about child poverty in New Zealand through the latest series of briefing papers released by The Briefing Papers.


Economics professor disappointed by limited plans for child abuse prediction tool

14 May, 2015

A data tool that can accurately identify children at risk of abuse is unlikely to ever be used in the way envisioned by one of its architects.


AUT Business School postgraduate students share insight on ‘Path Less Travelled’

07 May, 2015

An event organised by the AUT University Business School recently saw Māori and Pacific students across all levels of postgraduate study at AUT share their insight into their individual postgraduate journeys so far.


Love of the job not enough to sustain New Zealand’s aged care workforce, says researcher

28 Apr, 2015

Research released by AUT University’s New Zealand Work Research Institute on the country’s aged care workforce raises important questions about the value we place on caring for the elderly.


Opinion: The cost of youth disengagement

23 Apr, 2015

Young people out of employment or education are likely to have a lifetime of poorer outcomes in terms of unemployment, wages and even happiness and health. Associate Professor Gail Pacheco checks out the situation in New Zealand. This opinion piece was first written for Employment Today.


Opinion: Shrinking world highlights challenges for Kiwi innovators

16 Apr, 2015

Global opportunity for New Zealand innovators is tempered by the challenge of conducting appropriate communications and finding the best distribution solution. Cultural influences play a sizeable role in communicating messages through modern mediums and supply chains can dictate the success or failure of products irrespective of quality.


Entrepreneurship symposium focused on connection between business and research

16 Apr, 2015

Experienced and emerging entrepreneurs, researchers and business leaders gathered to share their entrepreneurship expertise at an AUT University symposium on 15 April 2015.


Muslims at Work in New Zealand summit at AUT University

01 Apr, 2015

AUT University hosted a summit addressing Muslims at work on 1 April.


AUT hosts Future of Work Conference 2015

12 Feb, 2015

AUT University will host workplace experts and practitioners at a day-long Future of Work conference on 9 February 2015.


New Year surprise for AUT Research fellow

09 Feb, 2015

AUT University Research Fellow Dr Huhana Hickey (Ngāti Tahinga, Tainui, Ngai Tai) has been named a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her contribution to people with disabilities, in particular Māori.


Book about British magazine business fills gap in history

25 Dec, 2014

A book co-authored by AUT Associate Professor Simon Mowatt that tells the story of how Britain’s magazine industry has evolved as a business has been commended for filling a gap in British media history.


Many reasons to take a real break from work says AUT expert

22 Dec, 2014

For most New Zealanders summer means a big break from work and the chance to unwind with family and friends.


AUT Finance team wins the 2014 CFA Institute Research Challenge

03 Nov, 2014

AUT University Finance students walked away with the top prize at this year’s Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute Research Challenge.


New Zealand Work Research Institute releases 2014 Workplace Diversity Survey

31 Oct, 2014

AUT University’s New Zealand Work Research Institute (NZWRI) has released a report on diversity in the New Zealand workplace.


AUT Venture Fund gives entrepreneurs a welcome kickstart

28 Oct, 2014

Four startup projects led by entrepreneurial AUT University alumni and students got a boost last week thanks to the AUT Venture Fund.


Religion can be explosive, dynamic and amazingly magnanimous: Professor Edwina Pio

23 Oct, 2014

“Religion can be explosive, dynamic and amazingly magnanimous,” Professor Edwina Pio, told the full capacity audience, of over 200 people, who had come to hear her inaugural professorial address at AUT’s City Campus this week.


A focus on female success and leadership

22 Oct, 2014

Women from the AUT Business School and the Auckland business sector heard from the passionate and award-winning immigrant entrepreneur Zahra Al-Harazi over lunch recently.


Client-centric law firm takes Supreme Business Support Award

03 Oct, 2014

A radical shift designed to put clients at the centre of its business has earned law firm Minter Ellison Rudd Watts the Supreme Award at the 2014 AUT University Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards.


Youthful innovation: Festival for the Future at AUT this weekend

05 Sep, 2014

AUT’s Faculty of Business and Law is partnering with the Inspiring Stories Trust to host 400 young Kiwi innovators at the Festival for the Future 2014 this weekend.


KiwiSaver policy won't help students, says AUT finance expert

14 Aug, 2014

As other commentators have pointed out, New Zealand First’s KiwiSaver Kick Start policy would potentially undermine the true purpose of KiwiSaver (to ensure people have enough to retire on comfortably).


Finalists named for 2014 AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards

13 Jun, 2014

Finalists for the 2014 AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards (EBSA) have been announced today.

Work and Worship

AUT Professor of Diversity’s new book Work & Worship to help businesses respond to minority religions in the workforce

28 May, 2014

A new book written by AUT Professor of Diversity Dr Edwina Pio offers insights and advice to organisations with minority religions in their workforces.

Future of work research initiatives launched

14 Nov, 2013

The nature of work is changing. Progressive organisations recognise that a five-day-a-week commute is a waste of resources.  Work is no longer going to be where the office is; it will be where you are – at home, in the car, at an airport or café, or with a client.

AUT Business School meets the market with new Professional Masters

23 Oct, 2013

The AUT Business School is extending its postgraduate business degree portfolio to meet a growing demand for tertiary qualifications that fast track career enhancement and change, building upon the success and reputation of the long established Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Professional Accounting (MPA).

2013 Business support winners announced

06 Sep, 2013

Kiwibank Business Markets has beaten 41 finalists to the Supreme Award at the AUT Business School’s 2013 Excellence in Business Support Awards, the only national performance measure available to the business support sector.

Economy of enough

27 Aug, 2013

Former Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons will speak about an alternative economy of ‘enough’ at the launch of the AUT Business School’s new Sustainable Enterprise major (Bachelor of Business) on Tuesday 27 August.

This public lecture will challenge concepts of business-as-usual and growth at all costs, and will describe a potential future in which people do less work but share it equally, and where there is less consumption of energy and materials, and more local production and growth in knowledge, science and innovation.

Commercialising bright ideas

19 Jul, 2013

Oren Gershtein from Israel will explain how he has an 80% success rate with start-ups at the AUTEL Innovation Day on Friday 26 July at AUT’s city campus.

Business opens doors for Leadership Week

10 Jul, 2013

AUT Business School’s Shadow a Leader day on Wednesday 10 July will enable students to experience a day in the life of 50 of New Zealand’s top business leaders.

Leaders include John Dalzell (CEO, Waterfront Auckland), Andrew McKenzie (Chief Financial Officer, Auckland Council), Brett O’Riley (CEO, Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development), Franceska Banga (CEO, New Zealand Venture Leadership Fund), Chris Quin (Head of Telecom Retail) and Sue Watson (CEO, Kea New Zealand).

AUT collaboration with industry wins award

25 Jun, 2013

An AUT team working with an industry partner and AUT Enterprises Limited (AUTEL) have won a major award in recognition of their successful commercial relationship.

Associate Professor Lindsay White and his AUT team have collaborated with the Cloudy Bay Group to take out the Supreme People’s Choice Award at KiwiNet’s award ceremony last week.

Derek Handley appointed to Executive Professor role

05 Jun, 2013

Derek Handley, one of New Zealand’s most well-known entrepreneurs, has taken up an Adjunct Executive Professorship at AUT. As Executive Professor, Derek Handley will work with Dr Geoff Perry, Dean of AUT’s Business School.

AUT bridges gap between academia and industry

30 May, 2013

The Auckland Centre for Financial Research at AUT Business School will host a one-day symposium on 31 May 2013 to bring together industry professionals and academia for the first time to discuss research into New Zealand capital markets.

Awards entries open for 2013

18 Feb, 2013

AUT Business School is now inviting entries for the 2013 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards.

The AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards recognise and celebrate organisations and individuals that deliver quality products and services to help small, medium and large businesses maximise their potential.


Want to save money these holidays? Pay with cash

26 Dec, 2012

Shoppers are more likely to spend extra money when paying by eftpos than when paying in cash, according to research by an AUT Business School academic Dr Jashim Khan.


Four Palmes for AUT Business School

12 Nov, 2012

AUT Business School has been ranked ‘Four Palmes’ in the 2012 Eduniversal ranking – the second highest ranking in New Zealand.

Michael Barnett

Top night for winners at AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards

08 Nov, 2012

Thirteen of New Zealand’s most significant business support organisations stole the limelight at the Langham Hotel last night as winners of the 2012 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards.


AUT Business Dean wins Auckland Central Business Leadership Award

05 Nov, 2012

Dean of AUT Business School, Dr Geoff Perry has won the Excellence in Business Leadership category at the Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards.


Major IT research project announced

25 Oct, 2012

AUT Business School’s Centre for Research on Information Systems Management (CRISM) and the Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand (IITP) have announced a major research project exploring the key factors that drive IT professionals.


Generation Excess: prepared to pay the price

21 Aug, 2012

A considerable amount of research has suggested the excessive consumption of alcohol is an accepted social norm in New Zealand and Australia, and that young people deliberately drink to reach a level of intoxication.


The science of buyology

20 Jul, 2012

Why do we buy what we buy and how can companies use it to their advantage, particularly when a good cause is involved? That’s what AUT University Business School senior lecturer Dr Jae-Eun Kim has been looking at recently: the emotional motivations behind our purchases.

AUT takes on prestigious business awards

26 Mar, 2012

AUT University Business School now owns the prestigious Excellence in Business Support Awards, brainchild of business support specialist Sarah Trotman.

Bottling Line

Increasing cost of alcohol won't stop youth drinking

14 Mar, 2012

Increasing the cost of alcohol won't be enough to combat youth binge-drinking, says AUT Associate Professor of Retailing Andrew Parsons.


Business innovation on show to the world

12 Dec, 2011

Around 30 delegates from the Technopolicy Network were in New Zealand recently for their 10th conference: "Science Based Incubators as International Connectors in High-Tech clusters”.


Voters urged to consider the bigger picture

25 Nov, 2011

With the 2012 General Election taking place tomorrow, New Zealanders are being urged to carefully consider the taxation policies of each party.


AUT Business School recognised among the best in the world

04 Nov, 2011

The AUT Business School has joined an elite group of five percent of business schools worldwide accredited by AACSB International.


Marsden Fund grant to help unearth the ‘male advantage’

19 Oct, 2011

The disadvantage of women in the work place has long been of interest to researchers.  However with support from this year’s Marsden Fund, Dr Irene Ryan of AUT Business School now hopes to turn the lens towards the male advantage.


A picture tells a thousand words

03 Oct, 2011

After four months of submitting business plans, developing concepts and presenting ideas, the finalists of this year’s AUT Venture Fund were finally announced at an award ceremony at the AUT Business School this week.


New book about surviving a thesis by those who know best

21 Sep, 2011

A fresh and real experience of students’ journeys through their PhD or Masters thesis forms the basis of a new book by Professor Marilyn Waring and Professor Kate Kearins from AUT University.


World's finance experts at AUT

14 Sep, 2011

Professor Webb currently holds a number of academic posts, including research professor at the McIntire School of Commerce in USA, visiting professor at the University of Virginia, and professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. His keynote speech will focus on Trading and Fat Tails.

Accounting and Finance ranked top 15 in NZ and Australia

08 Sep, 2011

The Accounting and Finance programmes at AUT University have ranked in the top 15 in Australia and New Zealand, according to a recent article in the AFFANZ (Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and NZ) Journal.


AUT business graduate wins Westpac Auckland West Business Awards

06 Sep, 2011

AUT University business graduate Stephanie Yost is duly celebrating, after scooping an award at the Westpac Auckland West Business Awards.


Authentic leadership of utmost importance

11 Jul, 2011

The importance of being an authentic leader has been highlighted by the director of the AUT Centre for Innovative Leadership on the heels of leadership week last week.

New Business Dean seeks to transform lives and change the face of business

16 Dec, 2010

AUT University has appointed Dr Geoff Perry as the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law.

Dr Perry says he will continue to build the Faculty's New Zealand and international reputation for quality, connectedness, relevance and impact in education and research.

First Manukau graduate companies from the Business Innovation Centre

10 Mar, 2010

Ever gone away on holiday and returned to defrosted and rotten bait, milk and ice cream as a result of your fridge breaking down?

It’s a nightmare no one wants to face but one that may be a thing of the past if one entrepreneurial company continues its growth.

IPP Director, David Wilson

Auckland export economy- one of NZ's weakest

17 Nov, 2009

Auckland can never be the growth engine people expect – or that the country requires – as long as its export economy remains as one of the lowest in New Zealand, a senior economist warns.

Marc Marconini

Sir Don McKinnon: Time to look at Brazil

16 Nov, 2009

Brazil is rapidly on the move and now is the time for New Zealand businesses to know and understand the people in this country, says Chair of the Brazil Business Forum Sir Don McKinnon.

Professor Peter Enderwick

UN World Investment Report 2009

18 Sep, 2009

Today sees the release of the 2009 World Investment Report, an annual publication from the United Nations which offers the most comprehensive and authoritative study of foreign investment trends.

This year’s Report, which focuses on agricultural production and development, reports that global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows have been severely affected by the worldwide economic and financial crisis.

NZWALMI Director, Professor Ray Markey Associate Dean Business Research

Institute applauds 2025 Taskforce, urges open mind

24 Jul, 2009

The new taskforce chiefs examining New Zealand’s productivity issues need to keep “open-minded”, says a research institute head.

Director of the NZ Work & Labour Market Institute (NZWALMI) at AUT University, Professor Ray Markey applauds the establishment of the 2025 Taskforce but advises that any review needs to translate into genuine changes in public policy with the aim to lift productivity.

Professor Erling Rasmussen Professor of Work and Employment

Unemployment figure reporting masks real issues

23 Jul, 2009

An employment relations Professor says the daily reporting of employment statistics masks the real economic issue facing New Zealand.

Professor Erling Rasmussen, author of a new book ‘Employment Relations in New Zealand’ being launched today at AUT, says New Zealand’s low productivity goes back several decades and there are very real barriers to the country lifting its performance.

Broadband users young and urban

15 Jun, 2009

New Zealand broadband users perceive the Internet as more important in their daily life compared with those who use a dialup service according to the latest findings from the World Internet Project.

Researchers at AUT University’s Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication have been conducting further analysis on the New Zealand results within a global survey that studies the social impact of the Internet.

The AUT Business School Award ceremony

15 Jun, 2009

Last night, AUT University Chancellor Sir Paul Reeves presented AUT’s highest undergraduate business award to one of the university’s most outstanding students.

Bachelor of Business graduate Xavier Black collected three awards at the evening’s AUT Business School Award ceremony, held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.