Culinary Arts Major - Bachelor of Arts

Passionate about food? Study the Culinary Arts major in the Bachelor of Arts and prepare yourself for a career in culinary arts.

This culinary arts degree brings together key culinary techniques and advanced theoretical concepts in food science, technology and ethics. It’s designed to develop your creativity and provide the springboard for your career in culinary arts. It's suitable for a wide range of students - from students who are coming directly from secondary school to industry professionals wanting to further their skills.

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This is part of the Bachelor of Arts.

In your first year, you become familiar with culinary arts as a discipline. You collaborate with your classmates to discuss culinary arts culture and explore concepts of sensory appreciation. In Year 2 and 3 you take more advanced culinary arts courses. There’s an emphasis on the cultural and social aspects of food preparation.

Apart from the courses below you also need to complete courses from your second major, your chosen minor(s) or electives. You can tailor the degree to your interests and include courses from related disciplines like food science, hospitality, tourism, event management, human resource management or marketing.

Core courses

All Bachelor of Arts students need to complete core courses that help you develop transferable skills and support your work in all other courses in the degree.

Academic Communication

Choose one of:

Culture and Society

Complete one course from each of the following clusters. Each cluster aligns with one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Culinary Arts courses

Level 5 courses

Complete the following course:

Level 6 courses

Complete the following courses:

Level 7 courses

Complete the following courses:

Practical industry experience

The Advanced Culinary Showcase course is at the heart of your final semester, giving you the opportunity to create an event. This practical experience helps you build further skills for the workplace and consolidate your decision on your professional career after graduation.

Final-year Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts students hosted Hope, Strength & Love; a charity fundraising dinner for Breast Cancer Cure. The dinner, a 5-course degustation, was designed with the support of celebrity chefs Ray McVinnie, Ben Baley and Des Harris. The event raised over $3,000 for the charity.

Skills you will develop

The outcomes for graduates of this major are outlined in the Graduate Profile below.

Graduate Profile

Other requirements for this major

The practical side of this programme involves using commercial kitchen tools and equipment and requires you to demonstrate a level of skill that doesn’t compromise any health and safety standards for yourself and others.

Skills needed for culinary arts courses

  • Artisan food producer
  • Consultant
  • Owner/operator small business
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Food stylist
  • Product developer
  • Professional chef
  • Teacher

Find out more about industry trends, job descriptions and what employers may be looking for.

Culinary Arts Careers

Key features
  • The only culinary arts degree in the New Zealand university sector
  • Skills to establish your own culinary business
  • Emphasis on practical and professional skills in culinary arts
  • First-hand experience in event development
  • Flexibility to include courses of your interest
See yourself as
  • Having a passion for preparing and cooking food
  • Creative, imaginative and innovative
  • A team player and good communicator
  • Able to pay attention to detail
Elizabeth Na’asipa Toloke
Karen Coleman
Regina Kabweaa Teem

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