Katrina Tsoi

Katrina Tsoi

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Event Management

She came to AUT because she wanted to have practical experiences as part of her university degree, says Katrina Tsoi who is studying a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Event Management.

“During my high school years, I heard that AUT is a university that emphasizes practical experiences for its students. Knowing that I wanted such experiences during my university life, I decided to apply to AUT.

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to create and be involved in different kinds of events. For our event planning course, for example, we were able to bring an event to life that impressed the venue owner so much that they asked us to continue it regularly. My entire class is also collaborating to organise the final-year culinary arts showcase, which includes planning and creating a six-course menu. The event also includes an auction, a guest speaker and more.”

A passion for food and events
She has always been passionate about food, Katrina says.

“I decided to study culinary arts because of my passion for cooking. One of my favourite courses was the course on professional wine studies, which included a visit to Maison Vauron, where I had an incredible experience tasting different wines and learning about food pairings.

“In my second year at AUT, I met a graduate from the culinary arts programme who suggested that I take event management as a second major, just to have more opportunities when I graduate. I want to work in the event industry once I finish my studies.”

There is one lecturer who has made a particular impression on her.

“Dr Sandra Goh taught two of my courses in my second and third years, and I had a conversation with her regarding my concerns about graduating and entering the workforce. As an experienced professional in the event industry, she provided valuable advice and encouragement during that conversation.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to graduate at the end of the year, Katrina has some great advice for other students.

“My advice for other students is to actively participate in and attend the various expos and workshops offered by external organisations that are promoted at AUT. I attended a workshop organised by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited at AUT, which ultimately led to my internship with the organisation.”

She would highly recommend studying culinary arts and event management.

“Both my majors are highly practical and encompass a wide range of topics within each field. Culinary arts covers everything from food ethics to wine tasting, while event management includes aspects of event planning and production. I believe this gives me a great base for my future career.”