Social sciences and public policy

Studying social sciences and public policy can open up a wide range of careers that involve understanding and working with people and organisations. At AUT you’ll study society at many levels – from individuals, families and communities, governments and cultures through to our global system.

You will become familiar with disciplines including conflict resolution, criminology and criminal justice, economics, psychology and social sciences.

Undergraduate study in social sciences and public policy will give you a solid grounding in your chosen area.

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Add a Social Data Analytics minor

You can add a minor in Social Data Analytics to your AUT bachelor’s degree.

Social Data Analytics

A certificate or diploma will give you an introduction to your chosen subject and can prepare you for further study.

Research in social sciences and public policy

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across social sciences and public policy.

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International student exchange

Immerse yourself in another culture while you study and have the adventure of your life. Check out where you can go on exchange – and read some stories from returned AUT students.

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Air of compromise
Treat public health like transport
IPCC Report
Cartoon image of happy graduates holding up degrees.
Climate chagne_RM
News pattern
Air of compromise
Emissions reduction plan lacks strategy
18 May, 2022
The newly released Emissions Reduction Plan was supposed to get real about urgent climate action – and it partially achieves this, but only partially.
Treat public health like transport
Treat public health like transport
16 May, 2022
The pandemic might have revealed the importance of robust public health infrastructure, but we still have trouble grasping the vital need to invest in it.
IPCC Report
How NZ can reduce emissions faster
08 Apr, 2022
This week’s IPCC follow-up report on climate mitigation confirms the transition to net zero is underway, however inadequately.
Cartoon image of happy graduates holding up degrees.
Thesis Survivor Stories
01 Mar, 2022
An updated book reveals the deeply personal struggles of PhD candidates – and their practical advice for those who follow in their footsteps.
Climate chagne_RM
Can big oil help save the planet?
17 Feb, 2022
Culpability for past actions aside, there might be a way we can use the fossil fuel industry to combat climate change.

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