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Human Rights is part of social sciences and public policy at AUT.

Human rights at AUT involves research, advocacy and practice. Taught by academic staff with extensive experience in the field of human rights, it draws on a range of disciplines to equip you with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in human rights and related subjects.

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We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across social sciences and public policy.

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climate change
Covid stimulus
News pattern
Avoid an Auckland business bonfire
26 Oct, 2021
Deep into a delta lockdown, businesses in New Zealand’s biggest city urgently need a new form of support, writes Richard Meade.
Consider the costs of long COVID
28 Jul, 2021
Governments easing pandemic restrictions need to consider the cost of long COVID, writes Richard Meade.
climate change
Finance is critical for low-emissions
28 Apr, 2021
All the plans and strategies in the world to lower our emissions are of no practical worth unless someone invests in the outcomes.
Covid stimulus
COVID-19 stimulus a ‘lost opportunity’
25 Feb, 2021
Did the NZ government embrace the call to "build back better" by directing COVID-19 stimulus towards a low-emission economy?
Calls to protect against modern slavery
11 May, 2020
NZ Government must protect most vulnerable workers during COVID-19.
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