Research in social sciences and public policy

We have an active research community, with staff and postgraduate research in areas like psychology, sociology and public policy.

Marsden funded research: Accessing assisted reproduction

Funded through Marsden, this research explores the experiences of those unable to access state-funded assisted reproductive technologies.

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3D Rendering of coronavirus
Sharyn Graham Davies smiling at the camera.
covid and budget change
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan
Black and white cartoon picture of many people protesting.
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3D Rendering of coronavirus
Digital contact tracing for COVID-19
03 Jun, 2020
Digital contact tracing solutions for COVID-19 must offer exceptional speed and achieve high take-up rates to be useful, a working paper has found.
Sharyn Graham Davies smiling at the camera.
Lessons from NZ’s bubbles for the world
02 Jun, 2020
Initial findings into how New Zealanders did under lockdown can now help inform policy makers around the globe fighting COVID-19.
covid and budget change
NZ’s COVID-19 budget and climate change
18 May, 2020
New Zealand's COVID-19 budget delivers on one crisis, but largely leaves climate change for another day, writes Dr David Hall.
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan
Screening tool in Netflix documentary
28 Feb, 2020
A new Netflix documentary series features a predictive risk modelling tool that was built and implemented by a team led by Professor Rhema Vaithianathan.
Black and white cartoon picture of many people protesting.
MPs failing to lead on human rights
05 Dec, 2019
Democracy in New Zealand is suffering from a Parliament which under-performs in its scrutiny of human rights, a new report has found.

Centre for Social Data Analytics

The Centre for Social Data Analytics designs data analytic tools for social impact, working with various public sector clients in New Zealand and overseas. Many of our postgraduate students get involved with the work of the CSDA.

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