International Business Specialisation - Bachelor of Business (Honours)

Want to explore issues that cut across economic, political, social and environmental spheres around the world beyond traditional ‘siloed’ disciplines? Research a topic you're passionate about with the International Business specialisation in the Bachelor of Business (Honours).

Help address current global issues with local implications, and expand the knowledge contributing to business success and societal impact across different industries and environments. An international business specialisation will also prepare you to step up as a future business leader and tackle challenges like climate change, global inequality, geopolitical risk and the exploitation of workers in global value chains.

Coming from cross-disciplinary backgrounds, our staff have expertise in traditional international business topics (including internationalisation and firm strategy, international operations management, innovation and entrepreneurship) and non-market strategy areas (including managing political and economic risks, working with the non-profit sector and community stakeholders).

Marketing and International Business department academic staff and their current research

This is part of the Bachelor of Business (Honours).

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To graduate with a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business, you must complete 120 points from:

  • Specialisation courses
  • Research methods courses
  • Dissertation

Specialisation courses - complete the following

Research methods courses - complete the following


You can only enrol in the dissertation if you achieve a B- grade average or higher in your courses, have an approved research proposal, and supervision is available for your research.

The class of honours awarded in the programme depends on your grade.

Key features
  • A strong focus on current issues and trends concerning firms, industry, government and society
  • Linking global issues and trends to local contexts and needs
  • Global stakeholder management and strategic decision-making across environments
  • Research expertise in traditional and contemporary international business
  • Strong industry engagement and experiential learning with innovative assessment

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