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We believe in high-quality research that addresses important societal challenges. Our world-class researchers work in all major disciplines in business and economics, and in our multidisciplinary research centres.

At the heart of our research is collaborative engagement with our external stakeholders in business, the professions, government and the community.

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Asheq Rahman
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Professor Nick Nguyen
Empty supermarket trolleys
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Headshot of Assoc Prof Rachel Morrison
Research with impact: Rachel Morrison
16 Mar, 2020
How can academics show the real-world value of their research? Translate, translate, translate. Associate Professor Rachel Morrison shows how.
Professor Nick Nguyen
Five questions with Prof. Nick Nguyen
12 Mar, 2020
We asked Professor Nick Nguyen five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Empty supermarket trolleys
Marketing researcher makes media impact
12 Mar, 2020
From mouldy burgers to panic buying at the supermarket – what can we learn about the impact of marketing on our thoughts and actions as consumers?
Assoc Prof Katherine Ravenswood headshot
AUT expert shares research on aged care
11 Mar, 2020
AUT employment expert delivers key findings on improving work conditions for aged-care workers.
AUT Professor Ben Wooliscroft
What is a road?
04 Mar, 2020
Professor of Macromarketing Ben Wooliscroft looks beneath the bitumen to tackle an issue that looms large in this election year.
Roshen Kulwant
Michael James Kirkwood
Meghana Lama
De Wet van der Westhuizen

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