Justine Vincent

Justine Vincent

Associate People Specialist, People and Capabilities Team, Mastercard
Master of Business in Management 
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Exercise Science and Nutrition

She loves contributing to the success and wellbeing of her organisation’s employees, says Justine Vincent who studied both sport and business at AUT, and now works in the People and Capabilities team at Mastercard.

“Embarking on a career in human resources has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and the dynamic nature of my work ensures that no two days are ever the same.

“My role is part of an 18-month rotational graduate programme that offers recent graduates a unique opportunity to gain extensive experience across various areas within our chosen field. I’ve just finished my first rotation in talent acquisition, which involved end-to-end recruitment of early career talent. My next rotation is within wellbeing and benefits, which particularly excites me as I can leverage the expertise I acquired from both of my AUT degrees.”

A desire to shape people’s wellbeing
For Justine, her AUT journey initially started with a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation; a degree she chose because of her passion for health and wellness.

“I aspired to turn this passion into a career that would enable me to help others through the promotion of physical activity and nutrition. AUT had an extremely supportive environment and I enjoyed a practical, industry relevant education. During my undergraduate studies, I was also fortunate to receive exceptional mentorship and support from my dedicated teachers and peers.

“However, upon completing my degree, I realised that I desired a professional path where I could shape the wellbeing and happiness of individuals within their work environments. This realisation prompted me to pursue a Master of Business degree and embark on a career in human resources.”

For her master’s degree research she decided to focus on authentic self-expression at work, supervised by Associate Professor Rachel Morrison and Professor Helena Cooper Thomas.

“Aligned with my passion for positively impacting people's work experiences, my research investigated the relationship between authentic self-expression at work and its influence on wellbeing outcomes, including job satisfaction, work engagement and mental health. Moreover, I applied a cultural lens to my research project, analysing the differences in authenticity between majority and minority ethnicities. Through this research project, I aimed to contribute to a deeper understanding of how individuals' ability to express their true selves in the workplace can impact their overall wellbeing and organisational outcomes.”

Advice for other students
Justine – who received a number of scholarships to support her studies and is proud of being recognised as a top scholar in the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation – has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“I’d encourage you to pursue your passion and interests wholeheartedly, even if the path ahead seems uncertain. I myself embarked on a university journey that led me to unexpected places, but the incredible personal and intellectual growth I experienced along the way was truly invaluable. Embracing diverse educational experiences can equip you with a unique perspective that will benefit you in both personal and professional endeavours.”

Her other piece of advice is simple: seize opportunities for continuous learning and self-improvement.

“Embracing a mindset of lifelong learning will empower you to adapt to new challenges and excel in your chosen field, so take up the opportunities offered to you through additional courses, a student exchange or a skill development programme.

“For me the student exchange semester I spent in Cologne, Germany, was undeniably the highlight of my studies at AUT. It proved to be an invaluable experience that not only enhanced my knowledge but also provided profound personal growth. Immersed in a foreign country where a different language was spoken, I was able to further develop my soft skills; something that can’t be attained through formal education alone.”