Applying for scholarships

Ready to apply for a university scholarship to study at AUT? Find out more about the scholarship application process – from how to apply and what to include in your application, to what to expect after you’ve submitted your scholarship application.

Application process for AUT scholarships

Select a scholarship

Use AUT's scholarships database to find a scholarship that is relevant to you.

Read the scholarship regulations carefully to make sure:

  • You’re eligible to apply; and
  • The closing date has not passed

You can apply for as many scholarships as you like.

If you’re offered more than one scholarship, you need to check the regulations for the scholarships you’ve been awarded to see if you can hold these scholarships at the same time.


Current AUT students applying for AUT scholarships

You may need to calculate your grade point average (GPA) to apply for some scholarships. If you're a current AUT student applying for an AUT scholarship, use our calculator to work out your GPA.


Apply for scholarships

Selected a relevant scholarship? Now it’s time to apply.

You can apply by completing a scholarship application form or through our online scholarship application portal.

Applications forms or links to the online application portal are available for all AUT scholarships from the AUT scholarships database.

The scholarships database also shows where to get application forms for external scholarships.

Application forms vary, so make sure you’ve included all the information required. If you’re applying online, you’ll need to complete all sections and upload all supporting documents before you can submit your application.

As part of your application, you’ll also be asked to sign a declaration stating that the information you’ve provided is correct.

Additional documents

You may need to supply additional documents as part of your scholarship application, for example your birth certificate.

Certifying additional documents

  • Don’t provide original documents
  • If a hard copy is requested (this is rare) submit certified copies instead
  • To certify a document, bring the original document and a photocopy to AUT and show it to Student Hub staff, faculty administration staff or staff at the Scholarships Office
  • The AUT staff member will stamp and sign the copy as being a true and accurate copy
  • Transcripts: if you’ve completed all your study at AUT, the Scholarships Office will attach a copy of your AUT transcript. Transcripts from other universities must be provided by you


Many scholarship applications will ask you for a reference report, with your referee testifying to your abilities as a student or your personal attributes. Reference reports are confidential to the referee.

How to provide your referee reports:

  • Online portal applications: nominate your referee in the portal. They will receive an email asking them to upload a statement or complete a free form template
  • Other application forms: your referees should send their statement to AUT’s Scholarships Office with your name, student ID number and name of the scholarship

Your referee can view a copy of the scholarship regulations in the online application portal so that they can see what scholarship you’re applying for. If you’re not applying online, provide them with a copy of the regulations.

Personal statements

Scholarships often ask for a personal statement where you can talk about:

  • Your future career plans
  • What makes you passionate about your course
  • Any research you’ve been involved in
  • Any community involvement (for example church, voluntary work or any organisations you’re involved with outside of your studies)
  • Other information to support your application.

Since many people may apply for the same scholarship, your statement needs to stand out. Read the eligibility criteria for your chosen scholarship to understand what the reviewers are looking for.

Tips for creating a strong personal statement

Submit your application

Make sure you submit your scholarship application by the closing date for your chosen scholarship. You can find this date in the scholarship database.

Check that your application is complete – incomplete applications won’t be accepted or forwarded to the scholarship selection panel for consideration.

Applications can be submitted through the online scholarship application portal or by email. The regulations for your chosen scholarship will tell you how to submit your application.

What happens next

Your scholarship application will be submitted to a panel who will consider all the applications submitted for this particular scholarship.

AUT’s Scholarships Office will be notified of the panel’s final decisions, and all applicants will be notified of the outcome. This process may take up to six weeks after the closing date of the scholarship.

Ensure you log in and check your email account for information on how your scholarship application is progressing.

If you’re offered more than one scholarship, check the regulations for the scholarships you’ve been awarded to see if you can hold these scholarships at the same time. If one scholarship covers your tuition fees and the other your living costs or travel, you can often hold these together.

Paying your fees

If your scholarship pays towards your AUT tuition fees and this isn’t reflected on your AUT invoice, forward your fees statement/tax invoice to AUT’s Scholarships Office immediately so that your fees can be paid.

Most scholarships don’t cover your full fees – there may be some fees related to your course that you need to pay. Have a look at your scholarship's regulations to find out what it covers. If you need pay for any fees not covered by your scholarship, check out how to pay your fees.

Deferring your AUT scholarship

It’s expected that you take up the scholarship for the period it was awarded.

If you need to defer your scholarship and studies because of illness or other circumstances, you’ll need to apply to the AUT Scholarships Office. It’s important to send your request to the Scholarships Office as soon as possible.

Deferring your scholarship will only be approved under exceptional circumstances.

Important things to note about deferring your scholarship

  • You can only defer a scholarship once and for up to one year
  • Approval to defer your scholarship is not approval to defer your studies at AUT – you’ll need approval from your faculty to defer your studies
  • You must provide supporting documentation, for example:
    • Medical certificate
    • Letter of support from an organisation
    • Confirmation of what you’re going to be doing in your semester or year of deferment
    • Confirmation from your faculty that your leave of absence has been approved
  • Your application for deferment and supporting documents will be forwarded for approval to the Scholarship Office

Tips for applying for AUT scholarships

Thinking about applying for an AUT scholarship but note sure how to get started? Read our tips for applying for university scholarships – from how to stay organised to how to write strong personal statements for your scholarship essay.


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Contact the AUT Scholarships Office

Get in touch with AUT’s Scholarship Office if you have a general scholarship enquiry or want to ask specific questions about your scholarship application.

Phone +64 9 921 9837


Financial support for AUT students

Already studying at AUT? If you can’t find a suitable scholarship and need urgent financial assistance, we may be able to help you.