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We’re proud of our strong partnerships with businesses and the wider community, and frequently collaborate with industry organisations on research or other projects.

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Find out about Creative Technologies' transdisciplinary research projects and interests.

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62% increase in AUT researchers
Professor Frances Joseph
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62% increase in AUT researchers
62% increase in AUT researchers
30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world
Professor Frances Joseph
Five questions: Professor Frances Joseph
21 Mar, 2019
We asked Professor Frances Joseph five questions about her research ahead of her Inaugural Professorial Address.
Five questions: Professor Charles Walker
07 Aug, 2018
We asked Professor Charles Walker five questions about his research at the time of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Alejandro Davila
Antonio Esparza
Niko Meredith
Sana Alyaseri
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