Qian (Mimi) Huang

Qian (Mimi) Huang

Sales and Marketing, China Eastern Airlines
Master of Marketing with Merit

She had long been interested in marketing, says Qian (Mimi) Huang who completed her Master of Marketing with Merit.

“I decided to enrol in this programme because I enjoy marketing. I feel that it's a rather versatile field that can offer me broader opportunities for development, and is full of imagination and creativity.”

Deciding to join AUT for her studies was easy for Mimi, and she still has many fond memories of her time at university.

“AUT is a young university, and I remember our slogan being ‘This is a university that changes the world’. I really love this statement because, as long as you're willing to gain valuable experiences and persevere, everyone has the ability to change the world, even if it's in small ways.

“I was studying in 2020 and because of the COVID pandemic, we didn't have that much time on campus but one of the highlights for me was a class on social media influence. One of our tasks was to create a social media account and analyse data by posting content. The TikTok account I created successfully accumulated 10,000 followers. That was my shining moment. I also still remember my accounting lecturer Sue who was able to simplify many complex concepts and helped me regain my confidence in accounting.”

Creating inspiring tourism campaigns
She has since turned that dream of a marketing career into reality.

“After completing my master’s degree, I spent three years working as an assistant destination marketing manager for Trip.com in Shanghai in China. In late 2023, I returned to New Zealand and now work in sales and marketing for China Eastern. I love having a career in the tourism industry!”

She loves the impact she can make through her work.

“One of the achievements I’m particularly proud of was during my time at Trip.com when I orchestrated several projects in collaboration with overseas tourism bureaus to promote more international destinations to Chinese travellers. The livestream event I organised garnered exposure in the tens of millions, and I felt a great sense of accomplishment.”

Advice for other students
Mimi, who graduated from AUT in 2020, has some great advice for other students.

“Don't underestimate your abilities and potential.”

Perseverance is key, she adds.

“On the journey of learning and working, there will always be lows, but small efforts and perseverance can soon turn into a bright light that is illuminating our lives.”