Jaimee Lupton

Jaimee Lupton

Co-founder, MONDAY Haircare, Osana Naturals & Chalon
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Journalism and Public Relations

She has always been passionate about people, business, brands and the beauty industry, says communication studies alumna Jaimee Lupton who is now best known as the co-founder of iconic beauty brands MONDAY Haircare, Osana Naturals and Chalon.

“I’m truly in my dream position. I love creating new brands and products, and doing it with an incredible team of people. Our formula for success is based on identifying trends and the ‘white space’, paired with a business model that allows speed to market.”

It's hard to believe that it has only been four years since Jaime started MONDAY Haircare, and the label has quickly established itself as New Zealand largest beauty brand in history. It’s a success Jaimee is extremely proud of.

“I’m excited about the success of MONDAY – the brand is now available in 37 countries, at more than 100 major retailers and in 65,000 stores. I’m also incredibly proud of my team, which is growing all the time and spans offices in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. I couldn’t do what I do without them – they’re an incredibly talented and passionate group of people, including many young Kiwis!”

Life as a successful entrepreneur
Her job involves a lot of problem solving, Jaimee says.

“I sometimes I call myself the CPO – Chief Problem Officer! They say you never work harder, or longer hours, than when you work for yourself, and I’ve definitely found that to be true. It takes dedication and sacrifice. But I truly love it and would encourage anyone who is interested in working for themselves or having their own business to pursue it. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

With her brands now available in retail outlets around the world, she also gets to do a fair bit travelling for her work.

“I’m based in Auckland but travel a lot between Asia and North America where we have offices, and to meet with retailers and buyers for our brands. I manage a team of around 50 people, and oversee all aspects of the business including product, marketing, sales and innovation.”

Memories of AUT
While she is now known as a successful beauty entrepreneur, Jaimee initially thought her future would be in communications and she went on to complete a Bachelor of Communication Studies at AUT.

“My initial decision was probably not unlike many young people – I had friends who had either attended AUT or were planning to, and I had only heard good things. I came to love it for myself – the students, the staff and the course itself were all incredibly enjoyable. At AUT I made some friendships and connections that have lasted to this day. New Zealand is a small place after all, and those relationships, whether personal, professional or both, are so beneficial.”

Jaimee – who graduated from AUT in 2013 and worked in PR until she launched MONDAY – has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice is to experiment with different subjects and focuses – uni is your time to figure out what you enjoy and where your strengths lie. And have fun along the way!”