Charlotte Newman

Charlotte Newman

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies in Screen Production, with minors in Professional Performance Communication and Creative Writing

Communication studies has an impressive range of creative avenues for students to explore, says Charlotte Newman who is studying a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Screen Production, with minors in Professional Performance Communication and Creative Writing.

“I like that the academic staff have successfully intertwined the different creative avenues to benefit and aid learnings across the board. Each course supports another course, which has allowed me to ease into the workload comfortably.

“I’ve always possessed a love for storytelling in written forms that provoke strong imagery, and this has eventually evolved into a drive to create visual narratives, including films. I like that as part of my degree I could include some creative writing courses as well as courses on professional performance communication, which have helped me relax when public speaking in a formal manner and not get caught-up in overthinking my audience’s possible perceptions. Despite being a people person and a drama studies student in secondary school, I’ve always lacked some confidence in this area.”

Choosing AUT
Deciding to come to AUT for university study was easy for Charlotte.

“AUT has always appeared inviting and progressive. I was sold on the prospect of getting my hands on real screen production equipment to learn and improve, rather than a theory-based approach. This is an invaluable privilege as gaining access to such tools before entering the professional industry can otherwise be difficult.”

Now in her final year of her studies, she is already preparing herself for life after university.

“This year, I’ve found myself in a studio crew position at a television company here in Auckland. I hope to work my way up to the likes of producer or director to challenge myself and explore new dynamics. I’m also aiming to pursue independent work with some of my screen production peers, with the goal to establish our own production portfolios.”

Advice for other students
Charlotte’s advice for other students is simple: create a semester plan.

“Get ahead before the semester has begun, so that falling behind is far less likely. Break down assignment outlines and highlight the relevant due dates. It can be a tedious task but if you work through the semester knowing exactly what is expected of you and when, each task will come easier to you.”

She would recommend the Bachelor of Communication Studies to other students interested in a career in this field.

“The communications degree has a welcoming and open-minded team of staff who want to see you succeed. The consistent need for collaboration makes it easy for students to socialise and build connections founded on their interests and opinions. Ultimately, the degree encourages industry networking, which will no doubt play a large role in your career path after graduation.”