Dhruti Kumar

Dhruti Kumar

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies in Advertising and Brand Creativity, with minors in Digital Communication and Marketing

She chose to study communications because she wanted to put her creative skills into practice and produce work with a purpose for the world around her, says Dhruti Kumar who is studying a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Advertising and Brand Creativity, with minors in Digital Communication and Marketing.

“If you know you’re interested in learning and working in the media industry but don’t know exactly where you'd fit into the broad industry, communication studies is exactly where you’d like to be. You get to be creatively challenged throughout your degree, and it pushes you to deliver high-quality industry standard work. Even if you don’t know what area of communication studies you want to specialise in, after the first year you’ll start to know what areas of the industry excite you.”

Dhruti says she has appreciated the flexibility the Bachelor of Communication Studies offers because it enables her to develop skills in a range of different subjects.

“Communications is such a broad area of study and is relevant to the current global demands. You don’t feel constricted to study something you won’t enjoy – there are so many options ranging from screen production to journalism.

“I chose digital communication and marketing as my two minors. They’ve proved to be good extensions to my advertising major and gave me a chance to learn more about some business aspects that could be relevant within the advertising world.”

Unleashing her potential
The focus on practical experience is one of the things Dhruti has enjoyed most about her studies so far.

“I like how AUT offers a more practical degree framework and has lecturers who have worked in the industry themselves. They take extra care to make sure their students are progressing towards achieving success at university and after they graduate.

“I chose AUT because I knew that it was going to provide practical experience and offer opportunities to help me succeed, no matter which area of study I chose. Throughout my studies, I’ve been able to unleash my potential and skills, and being challenged on my creativity has empowered me.”

Expecting to graduate later this year, she is already considering a few different pathways for life after university.

“I have a keen interest in working within an advertising agency and I aspire to work as an art director one day. Recently I’ve also started working with a political candidate on their social media. I have a wide work field to choose from.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final year of her communications degree, Dhruti has some great advice for other students.

“My advice to other students would be to consider the vast options offered at AUT and to understand that AUT makes you ready for the work environment.”

Don’t worry if you face a creative block at some stage during your studies, she adds.

“When it comes to all the creative assignments you’ll do, you might come across a creative block at least once. If this happens, take it as a reminder to zoom out and look at the big picture of what you're doing. Take the time to nourish your mind and body with activities that make you happy and relaxed, and you’ll find the creative ideas start flowing again.”