Andy Hogg

Andy Hogg

Global Marketing Director, INTERSPORT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Sales

Creating meaningful work that can change the world is what he is most proud of, says Andy Hogg who now works for INTERSPORT; one of the world’s leading sporting goods retailers with a turnover of over 13.7 billion Euros in 2023 and more than 5,300 specialist sports stores in 42 countries.

"We have an office in Amsterdam – where I’m primarily based – as well as our headquarters in Switzerland, and I commute between both locations regularly.”

In his role Andy is responsible for overseeing the INTERSPORT brand and marketing strategies and initiatives for the company globally.

“Advertising and marketing, and sports and fashion is exactly where my passions lie. I particularly love working with some disruptors in the advertising world, whether it be shining a light on social issues through a documentary film series for the footwear brand TOMS, shooting a film with long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge for Nike or implementing a global sustainability strategy. I consider myself fortunate enough to be able to play in this field every day and call it work.”

Choosing AUT
For Andy, enrolling in AUT’s Bachelor of Business back in 2009 was the very first step towards the career he has today.

“After spending some years at boarding school, I was eager to explore study options in Auckland; the city where I grew up. I went to an AUT information evening and was encouraged to apply for a scholarship, which I was fortunate enough to be awarded. AUT’s business building was an architectural drawcard for me; being the newest business school building in the country at the time. When visiting the campus, the environment really resonated with me and I felt the space offered a great opportunity for learning.”

The friends and the opportunities are what he remembers most about his time at university.

“Education is endless, and AUT helped set a solid foundation for me, however the social aspect of university was the highlight for me. The friendships I’ve maintained to this day with people from a range of different backgrounds brought me some the greatest learnings, laughter and hilarious memories to reflect on.

“In terms of opportunities, I was asked if I’d like to join the student representative body and eventually was encouraged to run for president of the business and law faculty. That wasn’t something I would have considered before university, however AUT unlocked and encouraged new areas of personal and professional growth for me.”

Advice for other students
Andy’s advice for other students is simple: enjoy the university experience and make connections.

“You’ll benefit from these connections later in life, both from a friendship and also a professional point of view. I loved jumping at the opportunities when they presented themselves; like being encouraged to apply for a scholarship or running for the student executive board… The quote ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ springs to mind when reflecting on these moments at AUT.”

He also has a tip for doing assignments.

“I’d also recommend to at least start your essay or assignment before you go to the party – finishing it later will be a lot easier than starting it!”