Andrea Stone

Andrea Stone

4th-year student, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations conjoint programmes

She has always loved working alongside people and wanted to be able to understand them better, says Andrea Stone who came to AUT to study Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations conjoint programmes.

“I thought that psychology would help me achieve this goal, and I also wanted a career in business, so I decided to study human resource management and employment relations as I know that this job position is heavily involved with working with people. Once I graduate, I’d love to have a career in human resources and be able to create a working environment where employees feel safe and valued.”

Andrea says she decided to come to AUT for her studies after attending AUT LIVE, AUT’s open day.

“I absolutely fell in love with AUT at the open day. I knew of AUT’s incredible credentials, but it was the welcoming environment and the people that made me choose AUT. Their kindness, friendliness, and willingness to always help and be there for their students made me choose AUT. It was a decision that I’ve never regretted.

“What I’ve enjoyed most about my studies at AUT is the wide variety of course options. I was able to choose courses that sparked my interest, thus making studying much more enjoyable. I also like that the lecturers and staff understand that being a university student is difficult, and will offer students various support services to ensure that they can succeed.”

Making valuable connections
Another thing Andrea has particularly enjoyed about her time at university was the Shadow a Leader programme where students spend a day with a senior leader in their chosen profession.

“I first heard of Shadow a Leader back in Year 12 in high school as it was a programme that was offered to us in my business class. I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to see what a career in business would be like. I signed up and was matched with a business leader and an AUT business student.

“I thought it was amazing – the programme opened my eyes to what a day in an HR company was like and I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in HR. The business student talked highly of AUT and how the university is extremely student-focused. I greatly appreciated her personal experience.”

But this wasn’t her only experience with Shadow a Leader, and Andrea once again participated in the programme when she was an AUT business student herself.

“I was extremely fortunate to shadow Mel Hay, a people and culture partner at Spark. I was able to meet numerous people working at Spark, including the CEO of Spark, Jolie Hodson. People across various levels of the company welcomed us and told us stories of their personal experiences. It was utterly inspiring. Mel also introduced us to her colleagues who allowed us to ask them questions and provided us with great advice. I gained such valuable information about what working at Spark is like but also general guidance on how to enter the sector and build my career. I’d highly recommend Shadow a Leader.”

Advice for other students
Make the most of university life, Andrea advises other students.

“Remember that there’s more beyond books and hours of studying. Yes, university is about studying and working towards your chosen degree. However, AUT has so much to offer beyond just your studies. AUT has plenty of clubs to be involved in, social events that will help you make new friendships and activities you might find a new passion for.

“You will only be at university for a couple years – enjoy it, make lifelong friendships and try new things. In doing so, you’ll not only receive a degree at the end of your time at university but will also have amazing memories you can happily look back on.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend studying at AUT.

“AUT has a supportive and friendly environment. It also offers a more practical approach rather than theoretical, thus preparing students to enter the workforce by giving them opportunities to not only build on the knowledge for their chosen career but also the crucial life skills needed to flourish in the outside world.”