Vivian Zhao

Vivian Zhao

Master of Supply Chain Management student

She wanted to learn how to optimise the supply chain, says Vivian Zhao who came to AUT as an international student from China and will graduate with her Master of Supply Chain Management later this year.

“I’ve worked in the supply chain field for several years and am deeply interested in it. I've observed the importance of supply chains, and certain trends and issues but was unsure how to best address those. I decided to study the Master of Supply Chain Management to acquire specialised knowledge in this field and make the most of the opportunities.”

She already has a good idea how she sees her future after graduating.

“I want to leverage my learning and apply it in a New Zealand company. The supply chain in New Zealand has its own characteristics, and there is space for people to apply their expertise and optimise the supply chain. Because an optimised supply chain can save costs and time, it would benefit all people in New Zealand.”

Relevant business skills
She particularly appreciated that her learnings relate to real-life business practice, says Vivian who was drawn to study at AUT because of its central location and easy access to vibrant city life, networking events and potential job opportunities post-graduation.

“I liked that AUT has an up-to-date curriculum and strong links with industry partners, providing students with real-world exposure and opportunities for internships or projects that can be beneficial for future employment. The programme is practical, and consists of both basic business knowledge as well as an applied project, giving students opportunities to apply their learning and access relevant software to address an enterprise’s supply chain issues.”

While she admits that the programme can be quite intense and balancing her studies with part-time work and the rest of her life had its challenges, she is proud of what she achieved during her studies.

“One of the achievements I’m especially proud of was being nominated to contribute a poster for a CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) event taking place at AUT. My poster focused on an organisation’s supplier management systems, and my data analysis, risk identification and mitigation plans, and actionable recommendations drew great interests from CIPS professionals.”

Advice for other students
Vivian has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice is to attend every class because it’s always a combination of lectures and workshops, and the ideas and opinions that arise in the classes will benefit you a lot.”

Make the most of the opportunities your studies offer, she adds.

“Try to attend events and gatherings, learn from professionals and enlarge your network.”