Mathematical Modelling and Computation Major - Bachelor of Science

The Mathematical Modelling and Computation major in the Bachelor of Science will give you the skills to carry out modelling research and the analysis of problems in many industries and organisations.

Mathematical modelling tells us about our world and helps predict what will happen next. Whether you want to look at global warming patterns, figure out the structural integrity of a building or forecast economic trends – it all relies on mathematical modelling. With skills in mathematical modelling and computation you can be part of the solution to a vast array of complex issues facing the world.

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This is part of the Bachelor of Science.

In the Mathematical Modelling and Computation major you’ll develop the ability to extract information from real-life phenomena to create mathematical models describing the phenomena. You’ll also be able to use data to validate the models you’ve created.

You'll develop the statistical skills and mathematical techniques required for mathematical modelling. In your third year, you can choose from courses that focus on mathematical modelling in science, or on business and financial applications. You'll have to opportunity to practise your skills in a final-year project.

Apart from the courses below you also need to complete courses from your second major, your chosen minor(s) or electives.

Core courses

All Bachelor of Science students need to complete core courses that help you develop transferable skills and support your work in all other courses in the degree.

Choose one of:

And choose one natural sciences course

And one mathematical and computer sciences course

*Only available to students in the Analytics and Mathematical Modelling and Computation majors

And one course from either the natural sciences or mathematical and computer science courses above.

Complete the following course:

And one of:

In Year 3, you complete a project in an area related to your major. This project gives you an important competitive edge for your career, and is good preparation for postgraduate study.

Courses you complete for this project:

Mathematical modelling and computation courses

If you're majoring in mathematical modelling and computation, this is the main subject area you specialise in. It makes up one third of your degree and consists of eight mathematics-related courses you study throughout your degree.

Year 1 courses

Year 2 courses

Year 3 courses

And one of:

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  • Actuary
  • Control buyer/purchasing agent
  • Environmental modeller
  • Health modeller
  • Industrial/engineering scientist/consultant
  • Market and financial analyst
  • Mathematician
  • Research analyst and associate
  • Secondary teacher*

*After completing an additional year of teacher training

Mathematical Modelling and computation PDF

Find out more about industry trends, job descriptions and what employers may be looking for.

Mathematical Modelling and Computation

Key features
  • Demand for skills in mathematical modelling and computation
  • Tools to be a proactive problem-solver
  • Can lead to a wide range of rewarding careers
  • Flexibility: tailor your degree with a second major, minor or electives of your choice
  • Complete an industry-related project in your final year
See yourself as
  • Logical
  • Good at calculations
  • Interested in real-world analysis
  • A problem-solver

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