Analytics Major - Bachelor of Science

Want a career in analytics? Study the Analytics major in the Bachelor of Science and develop skills for analytics and data science-focused roles in business and industry.

Analytical skills are essential in today’s business environment. The ability to analyse data using appropriate statistical, mathematical and computational techniques is highly sought after in New Zealand and internationally.

The Analytics major covers mathematical and statistical concepts that underpin statistical analysis techniques. You’ll develop the ability to extract knowledge and meaning from data; a skill that is in high demand in many industries and roles.

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This is part of the Bachelor of Science.

The Analytics major is a statistics-based subject. If you major in analytics, you'll develop an understanding of the mathematical and statistical concepts that underpin statistical analysis techniques. You'll gain the knowledge required to apply statistical analysis techniques and also develop new techniques. You learn about stochastic modelling, which can be used to help business make decisions under uncertainty, and become familiar with computing techniques to extract and analyse data.

Apart from the courses below you also need to complete courses from your second major, your chosen minor(s) or electives.

Core courses

All Bachelor of Science students need to complete core courses that help you develop transferable skills and support your work in all other courses in the degree.

Choose one of:

And choose one natural sciences course

And one mathematical and computer sciences course

*Only available to students in the Analytics and Mathematical Modelling and Computation majors

And one course from either the natural sciences or mathematical and computer science courses above.

Complete the following course:

And one of:

In Year 3, you complete a project in an area related to your major. This project gives you an important competitive edge for your career, and is good preparation for postgraduate study.

Courses you complete for this project:

Analytics courses

If you're majoring in analytics, this is the main subject area you specialise in. It makes up one third of your degree and consists of eight analytics-related courses you study throughout your degree.

Year 1 courses

Year 2 courses

Year 3 courses

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  • Analytics and insights specialist
  • Data analyst
  • Data analytics specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Actuarial analyst
  • Financial and marketing analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Performance analyst
Key features
  • High demand for analytical skills
  • Career options in multiple sectors
  • Close links with organisations like Statistics NZ
  • Flexibility: tailor your degree with a second major, minor or electives of your choice
  • Complete an industry-related project in your final year
See yourself as
  • Precise
  • Curious and analytical
  • Meticulous and a planner
  • Interested in business

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